Kdrama Podcast: MY FIRST FIRST LOVE overview

MY FIRST FIRST LOVE Kdrama Podcast episode by Lee Evie.

First love and the tangled emotion that comes with it! This 2019 Korean drama has it all! Free-loaders in the house? Check. Best friends with hidden romantic feelings? Check. An angsty love triangle? Check. Ji-Soo? Check! Everything a youth coming-of-age Kdrama requires, MY FIRST FIRST LOVE has it! Join Lee Evie as she discusses how this Korean drama made her feel a bunch of things. 

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Lee Evie Korean Drama Podcast Show Notes:

Ok …..these show notes have not yet been edited…. and that means they are INSANE!!!! Everything is spelled wrong and crazy! so I will indeed get in here when I have time and fix these up, but in the meantime, here they are, shitty and raw and misspelled (the system can’t understand my accent when I say Korean names and words ….). Please forgive how rubbish this is, one day I will fix it!!!

My First First Love Kdrama Podcast Discussion:

Welcome to the levy kdrama podcast. My name is Li EV and I’m an author of historical fiction set in Old Korea. Mainly, I’m an obsessive kdrama fan and since I’ve known to talk to you about it in real life. I’m going to talk to you so staff in for my kdrama show. Hello and welcome to episode 8 of the LI EV Korean drama podcast today. I am going to be discussing my thoughts and feelings about the very recently are drama my first first love which is a college age. I used trauma that Ed on Netflix actually. So the first season aired I think at the beginning of 2019 and that was only eight episodes I didn’t realize that it was only actually the first half of basically just a normal, you know romantic. 16 episode drama in the style that you know, so many contemporary kdramas is 16 episodes. So what they’ve done is they’ve obviously filmed the whole thing and then they’ve literally chopped it in half and called the first half the first eight episodes season 1 and the second half season 2, but it’s not like really the traditional kind of Arc that you Kind of come to expect from Seasons, you know, like, you know with a self-contained Arc and a cliffhanger or anything like that. It literally is like the story just cuts off and then you left waiting for months for the rest of the story. So that kind of killed me. I was completely addicted to the show and then I had to wait for so long and I didn’t realize it was just cut in half and I was I thought that was it I thought there was no more show and I was very very very upset. Luckily. There was more show and I have since watched the entire thing. So this drama my first first love stars. Jisu as a character called Terror. So do you Sue is one of those actors? I completely love him. He hasn’t really had Practically any leave roles? He keeps playing the second male lead in a lot of Dramas, even though I feel like popularity wise, he’s quite well-known and I’m not really sure why it’s taken so long to kind of get that lead role. He did star in a short 3 episode series called page-turner, which I really loved and he was a lead in that but, you know three episodes and this one as far as I know This is actually his first. Lead role in a full-length drama. So obviously I was really Keen to check it out even just based on that but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for any kind of use drama. Like if it deals with first love and you know following your dreams and figuring out who you are and all those Tangle of emotions. I am so there I love that stuff in like college age or High School dramas. I just I think it’s absolutely great. So I was pretty there for this drama the second I first heard about it. I really love. Jisoo as an actor. He’s not, you know, one of my total total favorites, but I think that’s only really probably because he hasn’t really had that many lead roles yet, and I haven’t seen him in a huge amount of drama I’ve mentioned before on the podcast that you’re here. Obviously broke out in a major way with his role as a very scary scary teen in angry mum, and he was amazing in that and I think he kind of got Typecast as you know, a bit of you know, the bad rough boy who’s actually misunderstood and is usually very severely bashed up by his dad in a lot of Dramas and Really fucking good at playing that role since then. I think he’s sort of you know, he’s departed from that a little bit and tried to play some different kinds of characters, but it’s hard to sort of get that. You know that initial image of him out of my head I suppose and I think it’s because he’s got such an intense face in a really good way Like I mean, obviously he’s a super good-looking guy, but he looks very Fierce. I suppose like he has a resting angry face and. Yeah, I guess he it’s either that or it’s super super goofy face. It’s like there’s no in-between for jisu. It’s like a switch. He’s either soupy super super goofy or really intense and a little bit scary in a good way So it was interesting seeing him in this drama. Play bit of a goof and really kind of play up that side of the Roll. He’s a real clueless young man. He’s at Uni and he he’s kind of interested in getting a girlfriend at the start of this show. So I guess I’ll give you a little bit of an overview of what this is about Basically Te’o is a pretty rich dude in college who is a little bit estranged from his family and he lives in this. Super nice house. That’s really freaking huge and he his main thing is that he’s decided he needs to get a girlfriend. Through the drama we slowly figure out that he’s best friend He’s whole life who he’s been there for every time she’s had a problem and vice versa. Is this very beautiful young woman called Sunny and I get the impression at the beginning that on and off, you know teos had feelings for her and maybe is held him. Of back from you know having relationships with other women because maybe sort of Holding Out for something with her, but at the same time he’s now made a decision He’s just going to get on with his life and he wants a girl friends through all sorts of crazy circumstances. Basically Te’o ends up with a whole bunch of people living in his. It’s kind of friends of his and randoms and Soggy as well ends up there but song e is going through an intensely difficult time her mum’s gone AWOL She has nowhere to live. She’s kicked out of her house and it takes Taro just a little while to sort of catch on that. There’s something going on with her and that she needs. She’s quite embarrassed of his situation and she doesn’t want to impose. Meanwhile Taro has a friend this other like super cool super good-looking guy from college called though, hon And though he on switches on that song e is in trouble a little bit earlier and those to begin the first shades of what will become, you know, a romantic interest in each other as Dohan sort of turns up and help song in her time of need. So I really liked the setup. I thought it takes a while to get going and it’s a bit of an ensemble cast like it’s definitely not like just jisoo as the main character and everyone else with tiny roles I think it is. Everyone has like a lot of meat to their own backstory and a lot of different things are going on in this drama, which I did really enjoy. I did really really enjoy the first season or the first half of this drama. I found it extremely addictive. I couldn’t stop watching it as I was going through it, but it is very I guess we have jisoo’s character tail Who spends a lot of that earlier section sort of chasing after this other woman or young lady at his college and he spends a lot of time hitting on her and sort of starting this relationship with her and meanwhile saw me and Dohan are getting closer and closer and starting to form their own relationship, which they sort of keeping secret from everyone else in the house and the first season or the first half of this drama finishes with Tire finding out that his friends longi and his other friend Dohan have actually got together. So he sees them kiss but in the lead-up to that there’s sort of an interesting sequence huertero thinks that song Yi has decided that she likes. And he’s you know, he’s pretty notice. He’s not into it but he kind of things Oh, yeah, of course she’s into me but I’m going to let her down but he feels really weird about the whole thing and he feels really awkward and I think it’s actually the point where he realizes that she’s not into him and she’s into his friend Dohan that things really hit home the terror and this is the beginning of a big problem for him, which is he Is that he’s got some sort of feelings for soggy who is his best friend and his person who he’s basically grown up with they’ve been best friends for 20 years. They know everything about each other. They are so close and this obviously really complicates things and I think he’s trying to do the right thing when you realizes that her feelings have not gone in his Direction, but I think he also feels really weird about it Look, I don’t know if I’m some kind of weird or who just loves it when you know things get super romantically angsty and dramas, but even though I loved watching this and I was completely addicted and I was like next episode next episode The. We’re really really got me was when the Love Triangle stuff really kicks in and of course, this is the part where all the characters start getting really really fucking unhappy and I don’t know why I enjoy all this really angsty agonizing romantic stuff, but I do love a good love triangle like when it’s done right it Just is so good. So I really really liked it. But I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this drama in some ways like it’s weird because I loved it and I was addicted to it and I didn’t want to watch anything else while it was on but I found the start like it took a little bit too long for me before Before the love triangle kicked in before jisoo’s character Te’o kind of Switched on to the fact that he had feelings for. And I guess I kind of wanted him to discover that a little bit earlier. I don’t know if I’m just a bit of a sucker for that, you know, his unrequited thing where he’s in love with her, but she doesn’t realize and he’s all agonize because clearly her feelings are going elsewhere and I mean that stuff does happen, but it took literally episodes before he begins to realize that maybe he’d like And by then, you know saw me is openly dating Dohan and they have this very very sweet love, you know, they get together and they’re very happy and they’re very cute and it’s all completely Charming like you can totally imagine that they’d actually do really well together if it wasn’t for song He’s you know, longstanding friendship with Te’o which immediately As soon as they kind of tell everyone about their romance Dohan starts to feel weird about the fact that song he is living in tears. Awesome, and to be honest part of me thinks that things are gonna get weird about it because Dohan sort of makes it into a big deal and suddenly soggy thinks it’s a big deal to spend time with tarot and be alone with him and it almost I think kind of alerts heard of the fact that something might happen between them or you know, that there’s the possibility that it could because Dohan is jealous about it and he’s weird about it and he feels odd about them living together, even though you know, there’s other people in the house So I thought that was kind of interesting I kind of. Like the Rihanna sort of kicked it off in a way, although obviously that wasn’t his intention at all. But the part where I really got just completely addicted to this drama was when those tensions really started to rise and I guess or the jealousy stuff started happening I really love that stuff. Like I know it’s such a Trope to have a love triangle and everyone, you know getting jealous of each other, but I don’t know it works. I totally. Of it. So I guess the kind of seems that really worked for me is soggy is very happily dating Dohan. But by this point Thao has he’s really realized that he loves her basically, but he’s not doing anything and he’s trying very Hard particularly not to do anything because he really likes dough Hannah and their friends and he doesn’t want to you know, fuck everything up and screw up his friendship and cause any problems either as far as he knows song Yi is really really happy with Doha but soggy has this issue with her mom who’s gone AWOL and just basically disappeared and left her high and dry Eyes and Soggy manages to find out where her mom has gone. So she finds out she’s in this other town and she does a bit of sleuthing and she books herself a bus ticket and she calls Dohan and she says, you know, I’m going to find my mom and you can come but I’m. Being in 40 minutes, but 300 has his own ship going on with this family And I think it’s an interesting thing because I know I get why he says no, he’s had his own bombshell. He’s had his own issues going on. But at the same time this is this really really critical point where song Yi, so he needs him. She needs someone to come with her. What she’s about to do is heavily emotional It’s going to be hard for her and she’s. Not you know she’s going to be in a really bad emotional state no matter how this meeting with her mom goes and I think Doha knows that but he’s still you know, he’s busy I guess and it’s not his fault. It’s his family, you know, but he puts his family first instead of putting saw me first, and I guess this The beginning of the end for Dorian although you know, when I was watching all this stuff. I still had no idea which way this love triangle was going to go at the end until of course Netflix. Totally fucking spoiled me my boarding a little thumbnail of Te’o and Soggy making out as their little thumbnail thing on Netflix, so I didn’t mind seeing it because it was very exciting and I really wanted that, you know the drama to end that way but also it was super major Laughs but anyway so song He’s on the bus and she’s pretty sad that Dohan hasn’t come with her and she’s pretty worried about what’s going to happen. And then Thao has heard about it through other means and he just drops everything in his entire life including his sort of girlfriend this other, you know, girl that he’s been chasing at college and he just runs to be at Sunnyside and he gets on the bus and I love all this sequence. I think it’s really it’s actually really romantic. I like the way you know, he takes a hand on the bus because he can see how heavy this is for her and how much she’s freaking out and I liked that he was just there that he understood. What a big deal this was. So this was this was like I guess the bunch of scenes that were my favorite in the whole drama It was the point when you really see that Te’o and Soggy have something they have this understanding between them, you know, and there is something more than just friendship. Chip they are so close that it is like their family and even though they haven’t figured out there, you know, we’ll sort it out there romantic feelings or you know, whether there is any or not on song any side at this point We don’t know but, you know obviously teos completely smitten. It doesn’t matter if. Way, you know he’s there for her and she needed him and he was there and you get the impression that that has happened a million times over in their life. I really love this collection of scenes. I love soggy meeting her mom and I loved her reaction, you know and how angry she was and how they help each other There’s a really fun scene where they end up having to go to a motel for the night. And of course, there’s only one. Left because of course, but the funny part is that Tears like kind of harassing the guy behind the desk and he doesn’t believe in that there’s only one room left. So it’s quite funny It’s like the drama completely uses that you know, that’s romantic Trope but also a bit tongue-in-cheek and kind of points fun at the fact that it happens as. But at the same time, you know some you so upset. She she doesn’t even care that you know, they’re going into the one motel room or anything And so it’s like it’s such a sad kind of collection of scenes. I guess they’re very emotionally heavy and I think really really well done but it progresses the relationship between them. An interesting way that I really really liked because it’s natural for these two to hang out and be together and be quiet together and spend time alone together and it’s more that it’s unnatural It’s only unnatural because of the way the other people around them are reacting and I get that, you know, like if you are the partner of someone who’s gone off and then you know stayed over. Night overnight in a different city together with somebody else if you are going to be upset but song any is so, you know, she’s so numb to everything that’s happening and she can recognize that Towers there and that he saved her by being there but You know, she’s not thinking about it. She’s very preoccupied by her own problems and all these issues with her mom and she’s absolutely heartbroken and SoDo Hans reaction when she gets back like he’s trying not to get angry but he does and he’s so unbelievably jealous, which I understand but he almost The weirdness of it I suppose like it’s really clear how how much he doesn’t like it what’s happened and how much he sort of is blaming Te’o and blaming soggy and wishing, you know, kind of telling them they shouldn’t have done it. When at the same time, you know should song you have gone all by herself She couldn’t have handled that and you know Te’o is her best friend and should he ever. Her go or by herself. If Dohan didn’t go so it’s a really interesting sort of complex situation where I guess nothing’s too, you know, too obvious how it how people could have done it any differently. So I really like that I like that. It’s it’s emotionally complex. And this is the point where everyone’s feelings just begin to get tangled and such a difficult way. Then you can really understand why people are acting the way that they are for instance though, hon. I get why he’s so weirded out by this by their friendship by them spending time together, but at the same time you can’t fault them for doing that either and even with Te’o, you know, Taro has like really open conversation with Dohan word Ohana’s like, you know, if you’re going to hit honor then do it I’m confident. She’ll choose me. Or Let It Go and I really liked it and Te’o you know, he admitted that he tried he tried to get rid of his feelings, but he can’t and I liked that sort of honesty between them. So this for me was the drama at its absolute high point like I just fucking loved all that stuff It’s so good and so angsty and so romantic. For me, this is the part of the drama where my feelings about it get a bit complicated. So when Te’o and song you get back and you know, I love absolutely love the Fallout of their trip, you know, the emotional Fallout in the love triangle. I think it’s just done so well like it’s very angsty you feel sorry for everyone and you can really feel how much Taylor Loves her and how much song Yi is beginning to waver. And this is what’s very interesting because I really didn’t get romantic Vibes off her towards Te’o at any other point in the drama. I think we see in a flashback that when she was a teen she kind of had feelings for him, but she’s just sort of pushed them away because you know, they’re best friends They’ve got something to lose. It’s a big risk getting together. But during the actual drama itself, I never really got major romance Vibes. Like she’s very squarely focused on bohon and he’s the guy that she likes and they having this really sweet romance and she seems really happy, but I think this trip with Taro to find her mum has really shown her What he means to her the fact that he dropped everything in the fact that he was such a pillar of support I suppose and he knew what she needed and just gave everything to her. It really really moves her and I think it also makes her realize that he’s done this so many times before that in her life He’s this, you know major constant presence and he’s always helping. I have and I think it really complicates things also because when they get back stuff just gets weird and I really like this to one of the things I like the most is this the subtle way that no one. On talks about this really awkward shift between these three that you know this shift into actual love triangle territory where all three of them are suddenly aware that something is a bit wrong that this is a love triangle but none of them I guess are exactly voicing It fully allowed at this point and I really liked the way the drum brings it across. So for instance one example would. A before before you know, there are Te’o and oh honey. I’ve ever had an open talk about Te’o liking song or anything. There’s this scene after they come back from seeing song He’s mum where Te’o is in class and he’s got there before everyone and he’s lying Out on his desk and behind him Dohan walks into the same class, but instead of going and sitting next to Taro like he always does he sits at the back and they both kind of no the other ones there and they both just sort of, you know, not talking to each other. Not yeah interacting and it’s a really I just thought it was such a good way to sort of display this awkward weird tension where they know something is just not right and it’s the same between song and Taylor or Well, they just both aware of this shift and obviously he’s completely into her but he’s not making a move or anything, but she is now aware that something is different between them. She feels awkward if she’s with him. She feels obviously. Obviously romantically interested in him now suddenly, so I really loved that stuff and then the next section of the drama I also loved but I kind of had some odd feelings about because basically the next big emotional thing that happens in the drama is that Taylor’s mom who? Has apparently been dead for like 20 years has actually abandoned him just the same as Sonny’s and suddenly saw me and Taylor have to go off and find his mom who abandoned him So I feel weird about it because it is literally like a rehash of the hole. Fantastic emotional story line that we just saw is soggy and her mom who abandoned her like literally the same thing, you know, they have to go off together alone to a place outside soul, and they have to go find this abandoned mother doesn’t know that the come Again, it’s different of course and it’s reversed and the circumstances are slightly different but frankly, they’re not that different like it is literally a rehash storyline, but at the same time because of the emotions involved and you know, the Menace of D string of scenes to the lead up as soggy is sort of leading this oblivious Te’o to this Learned and he knows something’s going on. Like he knows something really weird is happening and she’s not telling him because she can’t because it’s just too big and too awful and she doesn’t even know how like all this stuff is great. Like the lead-up is great the emotions of great everything about it is great except that it’s literally what just happened in the drama So I think. Like I love what it does for the characters and their relationship and you know driving them forward and driving Te’o and Soggy closer and you know, making Dohan jealous all over again in the exact same way as before, but I didn’t like from probably a writing point of view. That it was literally the same storyline done twice to get the same emotions, but from a different character So, you know, we get to see in the first time when Sonny looks for her mom we get to see you know, seungyoon is really vulnerable position and we get to see Te’o helping her and how that makes her feel and this time it’s obviously reversed. You know, Taylor is in trouble emotionally and song Yi, Want to do everything she can to protect him and help him but also break this awful news to him So it’s all like top-notch and perfect. But literally it’s the same thing. So I have complicated feelings towards that I was there for it. But if I had written a drama like this, I don’t think I would have liked to have done that if I was a writer. This is the point for me where I felt the last two episodes of the drama kind of went downhill and I feel a little bit sad about it because maybe this three or four episodes before that were just like absolute fucking go like I was so excited and I just spent the last two days. I couldn’t watch any drama because you know real life got in the way and I was just sitting there like going oh my God, I need to see the end. I need to see the end and then I did see the end and I feel a little bit disappointed and I feel so sad to say that because I was loving the show and I really excited to get to the end but I feel you know in a That’s so focused on romance. Like this is a very romance Focus drama and it’s got a love triangle at the heart of it and I felt really weird that the last two episodes just sort of seemed to Let It Drop like they didn’t feel like they didn’t follow follow it through they’ve really set up this love triangle in the romance to be a big angsty thing and then they just kind of let it die in the water which I found really strange So for me a big problem was they have you know, Te’o goes and sees his mom and then. Is just fine like, you know at first he’s really upset and he’s angry and that part’s great and then all his friends come to help him and you know, that’s nice and then he goes and he sees his mum and then when he gets back to Seoul, he’s just he’s kind of like yeah, that sucks that you guys lied to me that she was dead all these years by like, you know, I’m going to be an adult and get on with it and I did like that he you know, he’s just like look, I don’t get it I don’t understand it. But let’s just move on and we’ll. My best so, you know, that’s refreshing. But at the same time it was a lot of emotional sort of set up with no Fallout at all, and he was just, you know, really happy and then I really dislike how Dohan sort of exits. Drama, so I guess in hindsight, you know through watching the drama I really didn’t know which of the two boys song you was going to pick I thought you know, she might well picked. Oh hon at the end of this and leave Te’o, you know, upset and moving on with his life in a different way. But in hindsight I can see that Dohan is a very typical kdrama second male lead He’s the nice guy who’s eternally nice who does the right thing and you know is always there. Well, you know as there as he can make himself and then at the end of the drama, he does that second male lead Eternal nice guy thing where he just bowels out and I. Didn’t feel like it kind of ranked. It does ring true that he makes the decision She’s clearly not in love with him. I get that. He doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about him in the way that he cares. Her but what I didn’t like is that I feel like the drama because they want a happy ending to this show. They definitely want us as a watcher to feel good They don’t want us to feel sorry for Dohan so they make dough hun kind of be like. You know, I’ve learned so much about myself by dating you I’ve learned. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself and that, you know, maybe I wasn’t very happy and now I’m going to go live in some other town with my dad which even though one episode before that was the worst thing in the whole world He can think of suddenly he’s really happy to quit uni, and he’s really happy to let all this hard work go to waste and you know, it’s all good. That is Dad has this massive debt and you know like by everybody and he’s all really Smiley and happy and he goes off. It’s like he’s supposed to be a bit You know, it’s a bit Bittersweet but you know, he’s totally fine. It’s all good. Don’t feel sorry for him. And I didn’t like that because he was clearly like extraordinarily upset for the last bunch of episodes. So to me, it felt like a too neat tied up ending. And it didn’t ring true at all to how jealous and angry his character had been getting up until that point and suddenly he just lets go and he’s happy and I don’t like the scenes of him You know, when he’s you kind of see him in this, you know, Cafe with his beautiful Blossom things above him and he’s supposed to be just happy, you know, and I’m like, yeah, I don’t really buy it so it felt a bit. Neat in the same way that Taylor is Fallout with his parents after they lied to him and pretended his mom was dead for like a million years, which frankly is such an intense story line That could have been the main topic of an entire drama. But in this was just, you know an episode in the half. It was too neat. You know, he I thought it was very mature of him the way that he dealt with it, but at the same. It just ended and then he was really happy and then Dohan has just sort of broken up with soggy and left and he’s really happy and song He’s sort of like you Okay, and then Te’o takes Tommy out and they sit at this restaurant and he’s like, yeah me and my mom, you know, like it’s good we’re talking and then he just turns to her and Taro says, you know, I’ve decided that I need you in my life. I need you and she smiles at him and she’s like, you know, I feel exactly the same and then they smile at each other and that’s the end of Episode and then we go into the last episode which I have to say feels like filler so I’m kind of thinking wait. So was that a love confession did I mean it kind of seemed like it was and she just didn’t seem surprised at all. She didn’t seem nervous like I mean, does she know that he felt that about her like I just didn’t quite understand what And then the drama skips forward, you know quite a long time and we see you know, the other members in the house are doing well and I’m pretty sure like would barely see Doha never again. We just have to like Persian Room that he’s all good and happy or whatever and we see everyone else’s dreams coming true and stuff And then we see song and Te’o go out shopping together and they’re really cute and they’re really together and he sort of being a bit flirty with her and then suddenly. You know, she calls him her boyfriend and I’m like, hang on what you guys are dating now, like when did that even happen and then they have a kiss scene which is like it’s their first kiss ever even though it’s been a little while like at least a few days or maybe even a month or two I don’t even know at this point and. I just like was so weird, you know, like the whole point of this drama is literally Taro is best friends with soggy what’s going to happen, you know, are they going to develop feelings for each other is you know, Dohan as part of a love triangle going to get in the way they’re going to end up together or not And then I felt like the drama just gave us all these sugary. Eat string of scenes for the last episode that would just really really happy but didn’t really match the tone of the rest of the drama or give us any or give me I should say any of the emotional payoff. I wanted from the romance and from The Love Triangle like I don’t understand how song you were So sure that Taylor was in love with her that when you kind of had this sort of half confession. She was just like cool. Yep. That sounds great. I agree. Being like whoa, like this is a pretty big deal. Like what? Hang on and then I’m supposed to believe that you know, I almost felt like when I saw them kiss on screen, it’s this really sweet cute kiss and I kind of got the impression that they’re already kissed each other before that and I was like what they’re not even showing us the first kiss except that then song is obviously so like over the moon about it I realized that was their first kiss but they seem to have been together for a while and it was just all weird and I’m ranting now, but I kind of. I kind of feel a bit disappointed like I was so addicted to this to the romance in this. I just wanted that I wanted that angsty thing. You know that I mean that’s what friends to love is is as a Trope why I love it so much is because of you know, if someone falls in love with someone but the other person only sees them as a friend What is it? Like for that person who only sees them as a friend when they realize that that person has feelings for them, you know, like that’s. Be such a crazy shit storm of emotions and I don’t know it just kind of fizzled out at the end. I realize I’m just ranting like a crazy person, but I really love this one up until a certain point and even though I did really enjoy the end It was just a little bit too near it was a little bit sugar sweetie and I think I wouldn’t have minded that if I’d felt more satisfaction that the romance had. Ended or you know, like the Romantic storyline had culminated in in a bigger sort of ending for me instead of just sort of fizzling out and being like hey, yeah that together now did we forget to tell you that before that we’re not going to show you them get together or a moment of confession or anything like that, but you know, whatever Well, that was my discussion. I don’t think was review exactly. But of my first first love the K drama starring jisu, I think because I ranted so much at the end. It probably sounds like a really hated it, but I actually didn’t I freaking adored it and I think that’s why I got so ranty about those last two episodes because they just didn’t quite give me what I wanted and what I really felt This drama could have easily delivered if the writing had just had just been a little bit different there at the end. But anyway, that’s it. That’s me done. That’s my review and I really fucking loved it and I definitely say. Like presumably maybe you have seen it because this is a very spoilery kind of discussion But if you haven’t I wouldn’t let anything. I’ve just said turn you off watching it because on the whole like 90% is fucking excellent. It’s only really that I just didn’t feel fully satisfied and I loved it enough to you know have a rant about you know that slight floor that it hasn’t yet. So I hope you enjoyed listening to the discussion I’m just going to pop straight across now into my random thing of the week and this week. I thought since you know, I’m already ranting at you like a manic person. I might talk about the robot Trend that is quite popular in kdramas at the moment. I. I feel weird about it. I feel really weird about it It’s very very popular. There’s been so many dramas with, you know robot guys and not robot girl pretending to be robots. I didn’t mind that one so much because you know, she’s not a robot but also he’s sort of falling in love with her and he thinks she’s a robot. I have really weird feelings about falling in love Robot on top of you know, just like that. It’s weird to fall in love with a robot. I also feel really uncomfortable with the idea that it’s kind of like the vampire thing. You know, like if you’re in love with a robot the robots going to live forever like they’re not going to die. They’re not going to age but you’re going to get really old wrinkly and you know old and die and I don’t understand how that Romance, it isn’t destined to totally fail, you know, like at least a vampire can sink their teeth into you and turn you into a vampire but a robot can’t do anything. So I just it’s doomed from the start, you know, and it I guess. They’re not I get to the sentient robots and that they’re real people But to me, like I’m weird about it and it sort of feels like falling in love with the computer and I’m literally sitting here right now in front of my computer and I just it’s hard for me to imagine. So that’s another rant for you as my random thing of the week. I may be interested to hear how other people feel about And I have watched a few robot drummers and sort of not really got to the end of most of them because you know, I didn’t think they’re not for me. I think maybe they’re not for me. So now it’s time for my segment something. I’ve been loving this week. So kind of all this strama watching this week about love triangles that I felt didn’t quite work out the way that I wanted It really got me thinking about love triangles and love triangles that I really really loved in other dramas and love triangles. What I think was satisfying it angsty and fantastic. So I thought I saw something that I. This week that is something that I’ve Loved this week. One of them that I absolutely love is Mm. Hi. Has anyone seen the love triangle in Dream High, you do not know which way Susie’s affections are going to go as her character. Hemi must decide between these two boys. It’s so good and frankly, very surprising and not kind of so much the kdrama formula that I’ve seen so many times before fun Act Dream High was my first ever kdrama that I ever watched. It was literally my gateway drug that has turned me into the complete addict that I am today another example of a love triangle that I absolutely loved was who are you School 2015 starring? So you can’t I thought that love triangle was great I was one of the lucky viewers who boarded the correct ship that actually sailed at the end and I know that most people were totally shipping Kim Sook on with other guy, but personally I felt very very satisfied by that drama and by that. Triangle Another Love Triangle that I might mention that I really liked was Surplus princess So plus princess doesn’t get probably a lot of Buzz and I think probably a lot of that has to do with it getting cut short which was so sad. I was completely obsessed with that drama. I’m. Sure. It was meant to be 16 episodes and I caught it to 12 something like that. And because of that it actually has a very similar sort of structure to my first first love in that the first half of the drama is taken up with the female lead falling in love with this, you know, really nice really sweet guy and then about the For Point she realizes that maybe you know this guy that she sort of become best friends with might actually be the real person that she cares about but because the drummer did get cut short there wasn’t as much time spent on her and the actual male lead as you know, I wanted but. Other than that, I really liked that love triangle for me If a love triangle has lots of blank Petty jealousies and lots of exiting moments and lot of confusion and Tangled emotions like so there I just fucking love it. I don’t know what it is, but they are just so good when they’re good. My personal update for this week in terms of my writing my fiction writing Is that sometimes when you have a lot to do things can get a little bit. Overwhelming I’m sure that anybody who’s listening to this has often felt the exact same way about whatever it is that you do or that you’re passionate about or you know, maybe your job, but I have to admit that this last week I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed with my workload, you know, just trying to juggle everything that I’m trying to do. And not sort of let things get on top of me. It’s just been really really hard. I guess I guess I’m trying to prioritize, you know and figure out what out of all my writing sort of things I need to do that are the most important and maybe if there’s anything I can try and let go of but I think sometimes it’s a bit of a constant struggle and trying to rebalance yourself to figure out how to do everything you Do and the problem is, you know, I guess as a writer I feel so passionate about my stories and so ambitious about getting all my work done as quickly as possible. And you know, I just want to do everything and I think it’s sometimes you know, you’ve just got to admit that it’s not humanly possible To do everything that you want to do and you’ve got to maybe write down a list and pick the things that you know, can you get away with not doing some of these can you put it off for a very long time? You know, what do you have to do now? And what can you wait and do later? So I think I’m very much in the midst of that kind of problem And I think I really need to sit down and sort of reassess. Figure out how to get back on top of my shit and I’m sure I can do it. I’ve done it before so I hope that by next week and my personal update next week about my writing news will be that I’m back on top of my game and that I have figured out how to handle my workload successfully and do Really good job, and I hope that if you were listening to this and you have any stresses or worries about, you know, the own things your own things that you want to do in your life. I hope that you also are able to you know, face those problems head-on and work through that shit that you’ve got to work through and do a good job, and I will also be attempting to do the same on my end That brings us to the end of my Korean drama show today. I hope you really enjoyed listening to me rant and Rave about my first first love. I hope I wasn’t too Randy for you. I think I got quite passionate at the end. They’re talking about that love triangle, but perhaps now, you know how passionate I am about love triangles which apparently The I am now. So anyway, if you would like to talk to me about love triangles or about anything at all, you can find me hanging out my website which is http://www.hyken.com. I’ve got reviews and stuff there if you ever want to come and discuss kdrama, or you can leave a comment under the pot. Section, but I guess I just want to say thank you So very very much for listening to me rant and Rave about kdramas it is so wonderful to get to share this passion with you. So until next week over and out.

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