Kdrama Podcast: 100 DAYS MY PRINCE overview

Are you an amnesiac Joseon prince whose lack of memories definitely don’t turn you into a nicer person? Are you a tragically doomed assassin (with really excellent eyebrows) busily involved in an epic love story that gets barely any screentime? Or are you Hong Shim, a shining example of a cool peasant girl? Because if so, does Lee Evie have the show for you!! Come join in this discussion about the 2018 romance sageuk Kdrama, 100 DAYS MY PRINCE. Fair warning: Lee Evie both absolutely loved and kind of hated this Korean drama ….

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Have you watched this drama? Do you intend to? Tell me your feelings!!!!

2 thoughts on “Kdrama Podcast: 100 DAYS MY PRINCE overview

  1. I recently finished watching 100 Days My Prince and I also listened to your podcast review the other day. So, I wanted to share my thoughts on this kdrama too, as I agreed with a lot of what you said in that review and was glad that I was not the only one feeling or thinking that way.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this drama, one of my favourite historical dramas, though I have to admit that I have not watched that many historical kdramas yet compared to modern kdramas.

    I like the concept and overall execution of the storyline, it had a good flow. The romance element was also well done and was really nice, but there was one thing that bugged me a little bit, namely that the actor who plays the Crown Prince was just too 2-dimensional in his acting and facial expressions. You mentioned in your review how he kinda just stood there and starred with no emotions behind his eyes, and I had the exact same thoughts. I even thought: he does not even blink! Playing someone who is more cold and reserved is fine, and he did that well enough, and we could see how he fell in love through his actions and words towards Hong-Sim, but I was just missing the emotions in his eyes a bit. The actor who played the assassin, Moo-yeon, was the complete opposite, he had such expressive eyes!
    The Crown Prince actor is not a terrible actor as such and overall I did not mind him that much, but I kept thinking, maybe they should have cast the second male lead as the Crown Prince instead, who I really liked. Or someone completely different, like Park Seo-joon, just because it is Park Seo-joon and I would cast him in any drama haha (he is my fav).

    I also wanted to see more of the story between the Crown Princess and the assassin, which as you said did not have enough screen time and could be a kdrama on its own (I would so watch that). I wanted to know more about them and how that romance developed, especially because Moo-yeon really grew on me halfway through the drama, maybe because of those expressive eyes and nice cheek bones haha.

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    1. Haha, oh I am glad you had the same reaction as me, I really found it a little bit hard to connect fully to the main male lead’s character, even though, same as you, I really enjoyed the story overall! Haha about your comment that he does not even blink, hahah. Made me giggle! and yes, I agree the actor who played Moo-yeon has very expressive eyes (and eyebrows, haha) I hope to see him in other dramas, I really liked him šŸ™‚ Watching a whole drama on his romance with the Crown Princess would be gold!

      Haha, and I also must agree with you that a very good alternative to make this drama perfect would have been to cast Park Seo-joon in it (can you imagine? I would have loved that!) but I also think Park Seo Joon should be in everything, haha šŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for listening to my show! I so appreciate it, and hope you continue to enjoy listening šŸ™‚


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