The Beginning

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t be confused. This is a 2013 Kdrama about a detective who sees ghosts, NOT the (utterly excellent) 2015 drama also called Who are you: School 2015 about Kim So Hyun being bullied and awesome.

PLEASE NOTE: also beware – this is more a recap episode by episode than a review….. and it is loooooong.

I am going to be honest here and say that my very first thought upon watching this drama for the first time, a thought which took place about two minutes into the drama running time, was   ‘Who the fuck gave Kim Jae-wook that clearly faulty and screechy walky-talky when he is obviously being sent on an incredibly dangerous undercover mission? They deserve to be fired!’.

And then my next thought was …this is actually filmed really well…. and it has great music…also, I really like the heroine, she is kind of strong and steely, but still quite vulnerable and lovely at the same time.

And then the below scene came along and I was about ready to profess my undying love for this drama from the rooftops:


As she speaks, Shi On keeps glancing behind her at the intern sitting and listening. He is a young man, handsome, but he keeps clicking the lid of his pen, open and shut, open and shut, and it is distracting her from the conversation with the doctor.

Doctor: ‘What do you see?’

Shi On:‘People. They are human but I am sure they are not…human.’

Doctor: ‘What do you mean by that?’

Shi On: ‘Well…they have the appearance of people but….they don’t say anything… and don’t have focus in their eyes, and don’t have any expressions on their faces.  And also….I think only I can see them…’

With those words, the intern behind her begins to laugh loudly and derisively which pisses Shi On off. She stands to confront him but he begins to click the pen lid over and over again until its too fast, until its clear there is something wrong.

She starts backing away as he walks past her and now she can see there is something dripping down the side of his head, blood.

The intern slowly backs up to the open window, still smiling at her, always smiling, and then he just flips out of the building into the sky as she screams….  Shi On is shaking but she forces herself to look down to see his body on the hard pavement all those stories below, but there is nothing there, just people walking around far below like nothing ever happened.

Only a pen still rolling precariously on the window ledge ….hanging there for one last moment before it too falls and disappears.

 End scene:

Thia scene was soooo well done and so perfectly creepy that I wanted to hug this drama and tell it I loved it! And things only got better when they established the bickering vibe and brighter office scenes between Shi-on and her new cop underling, Taecyeon’s character, Gun Woo.

Who Are You – Episode 1 and 2:

Now I know the following scene actually takes place later in the second episode, but I think it is the perfect scene with which to introduce the character of Gun Woo as it just sums up his personality so perfectly.

Now, Gun Woo is totally unimpressed by Shi On, he is pissed off that she has been assigned above him in the Lost & Found Department where they work considering he has actually been in the forces longer, and he is doubly pissed off that he has to deal with the rumored crazy coma lady, whom he suspects is totally not  recovered from her ordeal.

 He is sort of the loud masculine brash type of male lead, boyish and definitely not the mature type but still somewhat charming in his loud posturing and over the top reactions, and in my opinion, very likeable.

 He may not be excited to have crazy coma lady as his new boss and he may also be pretty vocal about that fact, but his words and his bad attitude towards Shi On is more baseless blustering than anything truly malicious.

This is shown very clearly in the scene where one of Shi On’s new colleagues starts to make fun of her lack of memory during a work lunch with the whole team.

Shi On just takes it quietly, but Gun Woo isn’t having any of it, highlighting the fact that although he is not sure he actually likes Shi On himself,  he is still always going to stand up for her if that is the right thing to do, a character trait that I really like. 

And although I kind of expected he would try and hit the guy or something, Gun Woo actually uses brains over brawn, calling across the table to their boss that the nasty bully guy has just said he will he be paying for the large groups lunch.  He smiles his over-the-top manic grin before proceeding to order everything on the entire menu in a very impressive quickfire accuracy, before declaring that the nasty bully guy should just chew his food instead of chewing other people.


Another moment that made me quite like Gun Woo’s character was in the first episode when Shi On goes into the bathroom of the restaurant where she has been sharing drinks with her new underling (as she asserts her authority quietly and firmly cos she is awesome).

The lights begin to flicker and she hears sobbing in one of the stalls. When she finally plucks up the courage to look though the stall is empty, but as soon as Shi On turns to leave a girl in a school uniform appears, grabbing her arms which begin to soak in blood….

Shi On screams and Gun Woo comes tearing in ready to save the day, he pulls out his gun and begins to check out the room.

I like this scene because it again highlights exactly what type of guy Gun Woo is. For example I really liked the fact that even though he already thinks Shi On is annoying and crazy, when she is in trouble he still takes her seriously and believes her words when she tells him there was someone else in the room, something I can imagine a lot of the other cops just wouldn’t do. As in, he gives her the benefit of the doubt and does not judge her straight away.

Of course though he may not be so quick to take her seriously next time considering there was actually nothing there….. so that’s a bummer for Shi On.

 With the introduction of the second ghost (school girl ghost) things do sadly begin to go a little downhill. Not enough to make me want to give up entirely or anything that bad, but enough for me to realise this show is not going to be absolutely perfect,  there are going to be weird plotholes that make no sense and silly coincidental storylines (such as Shi On just happening to have the evil uncle as her doctor out of all the millions of doctors she could have been seeing) and these small issues will definitely pull the drama back from absolute perfection to just plain heaps-of- fun- don’t- think- too- hard fare.

And you know what? That is all fine for me.

Sure I would love it to be perfect, but honestly if I can find a fun drama with an interesting premise peppered with likeable characters and some truly creepy atmospheric moments… well whats not to like about that?

Who Are You – Episode 3 and 4:

Okay I am officially loving this show now.

Please don’t let me down show. You can do it. Be awesome. Fighting!

This weeks mystery was particularly creepy and interesting, a young woman ghost confronting Shi On in the Lost Property Room when she goes in to retrieve a metal briefcase.

Someone had rung up the police station in a panic, asking Shi On and Gun Woo to stay open later than usual in order for him to come by and pick up the case (Gun Woo’s reaction to staying late was pretty funny).

This situation is already a little suspicious in itself, but when the owner arrives and is clearly homeless, Shi On figures out there is something wrong with this scene. Add into this a ghost that looks just so freaking sad, frost rising from her body and her lips a cold steely blue, wearing a long black trenchcoat and just being generally terrifying, and what you have is an exciting new mystery of the week.

Of course the ghost follows Shi On around incessantly appearing at her home, in the office and on the street, until Shi On is screaming at her to leave, even resorting to visiting a local Shaman whom she asks for help.

Apparently the only true way to stop ghosts from attaching themselves to you is by ignoring them…. hhhm.

Well no one said this was rocket science after all.

The scene where Shi On runs out of her home terrified wearing only her inside slippers is particularly creepy, Gun Woo happening to spot her getting onto a local bus just minutes after he dropped her home. Suspicious and also possibly worried for her sanity,  he follows Shi On in his car as she travels out into the countryside accompanied, unbeknownst to him, by the young frozen ghost.

It is so disturbing watching the dead woman use a young school girl as bait, constantly touching the unaware teenager so that she is shivering with discomfort, all in a bid to ensure that Shi On will follow her as far as she needs to go just to stop the ghost attaching herself to an innocent.

This ghost looks so horrifyingly sad, but boy is she not messing around.

Shi On follows the ghost off the bus and down a dark country lane which is beyond creeeepy. Gun Woo thinks so too and so follows behind her to find out what the hell she is doing out there is the middle of nowhere all alone. When Shi On realises he is there she gets the fright of her life, poor woman, but ignoring his questions, she begins digging up a patch of freshly turned ground to reveal…… a fucking hand! Eeek!

Both her and Gun Woo are beyond shocked at this horrible discover (possibly Gun Woo a little more as he had no idea what was happening) and in terror Shi On slowly looks up at the ghost who is again standing nearby, still looking as if she may start crying any moment. Shi On’s eyes travel down the girl’s face to her trenchcoat, running down the lengths of her sleeves to reveal that one of her hands are missing.

Oh my gosh this poor ghost has literally been chopped up! This is so hardcore!

When a Crime Scene Team turns up the next morning and asks Shi On what she was doing out here in the middle of the night she is at a loss for words, but Gun Woo steps in with some ridiculous story about night exercising to cover for her. It is a pretty cool thing for him to do considering their professional relationship is already hanging from a thread, especially since she has refused to explain to him why she felt the need to go out there and start digging. I guess he thought she might be a bit more open with him if he stuck his neck out for her but this is not the case, and her ongoing refusal to explain herself infuriates him.

Gun Woo isn’t stupid and he knows that something is going on. Shi On twice now has ‘just been lucky’ as she puts it, coming across and solving some very serious murder cases out of nowhere and both times he has absolutely no idea how she has done it. After a huge fight in the storage room (Shi On has decided to search all the bags in there which is against protocol) Gun Woo asks her to transfer him elsewhere, saying he can no longer work with her, which leads to two of my favourite lines in the whole episode:

‘Your life has turned into an acorn jelly.’

Gun Woo lamenting to himself how crazy his life has become.

And also the new idol intern who has joined the office for his Military Service, talking to another intern about being forced to spend time with Gun Woo on a night out:  

‘I almost vomited I was so bored!’

Idol Intern.

Those lines right there are just two more reasons why I watch Korean Dramas! I dunno if the subtitles are taking liberties but I really love coming across cultural sayings such as these in dramas that sound so odd and fantastic to my non-Korean ears.

So anywaaay…. Gun Woo heads back to the office late at night after the fight, meaning to possibly do some paperwork but basically just falling asleep on the couch (they have a couch, I wish my office had a couch.)

Shi On comes in even later to find him still lying there, dead to the world. Her reaction is actually rather interesting in that she picks up his pathetic attempts at paperwork (there is a round melted plastic ring on the binder because of a noodle pot and she remarks he will never get promoted with these skills. Ha!) and looks at him in an exasperated but also rather amused sort of way.

She doesn’t seem annoyed at him at all, even with all his words of wanting to leave her, and after a few ‘tsk tsk’ glances at his sleeping form, she sits down to quietly complete all his work for him.

I guess Shi On is so wrapped up in her own private world right now, obviously a secret world that she can’t ask anyone else to share in or help her with, which isolates her greatly from those around her and makes her keep everyone at arms length. But even so I think she does recognise that Gun Woo is a good person, for all his bickering, and that she can rely on him when it really counts. She just doesn’t seem the type to hold any grudges due to him wanting to leave, because I guess she can fully understand why he would want to.

I get the impression she would let him go if he wanted, so I don’t think she is particularly attached to him yet or anything, but she also literally doesn’t have anyone else at all, which means she is attached to him in her own way just by him being the person whom she spends most of her time in the whole world. Which is a very sad reality really, because in saying that she really isn’t all that close to him at all.

She must be so lonely.

When Gun Woo wakes up the next morning he finds Shi On asleep on his completed paperwork, and through a set of silly (but totally fun and awesome) Korean Drama Circumstances, he ends up kind of on top of her as she sleeps, right when Idol intern arrives to the office for the day. Ha!

Cuteness aside, our two officers hear that a foot (ugh) has been found in a quarry by a construction worker and they head to the morgue to check it out.

Unfortunately for them there is a new Prosecutor on the case, and this guy is the sharp and no-nonsense type (due to a disappearing fiance…oh hello!) and he feels like they are trying to encroach on his territory.

Being the lowly Lost and Found cops that they are, he tells Shi On and Gun Woo to get the hell out, and just when Shi On is getting all fired up to lash out a cutting retort for his rudeness the Prosecutor’s face flickers momentarily, being replaced by the ghost girl’s.

Oh, so creepy!

When Shi On spies the dead woman standing in a dark corner of the room, the first thing she does is slowly look down at the girl’s feet……

Aaaaargghhh, but they aren’t there! yuck yuck.

Immediately Shi On begins to suspect the Prosecutor, and to be honest he is pretty shifty.  

Especially when Shi On follows the missing fiance lead to discover that the missing girl is none other than frozen ghost!

She of course immediately confronts him (Late at night. All alone. At his house) because that is just the sort of hardcore girl she is, and she catches sight of his mother before coming face to face with Shifty Prosecutor himself. Getting quite aggressively angry at her, Shifty Prosecutor makes himself even more suspicious by threatening that if he sees Shi On poking around again he won’t leave her alone.

But Shi On just smiles at him mockingly and leaves.

Wow, this girl! I am not sure if she is fearless because she feels she has nothing left to lose, (or maybe because ghosts are just waaaay scarier than humans) or if she is just always this genuinely persistent in her investigation techniques, but whatever it is I am really liking it.

She is such a strong and capable female lead, and I love the direction her character is taking, with her no fuss approach to danger and office politics, and her fearless nature during investigations. She is still vulnerable and realistic enough to relate to and sympathise with, but she is also not at all a useless bumbling lead who constantly needs saving. She just quietly goes about her business, solving her mysteries and being awesomely brave when faced with truly horrible situations.

Of course I understand her resolve will falter considerably when faced with the truth about her past and her dead lover, but that is just another character journey that I am excited to see, because becoming weaker in the face of horrifying circumstances such as those, or needing to depend on someone else (Gun Woo) to help her get through them,  is not really a weakness in my mind but more of a realistic approach to a very human reaction against horror and grief.

As I have said before, being vulnerable isn’t being weak and becoming weighed down and confused by your very serious problems does not make you a stupid useless female lead.

So, meanwhile Gun Woo has been asked to join the investigation team under Shifty Prosecutor whilst he waits for his transfer to come through. He is incredibly pleased  (even though he affects nonchalance) when Shi On tells him he has been selected because of his experience and his involvement with finding the first body part. (Eeew…body part.)  

But being part of the team is a little harder than Gun Woo expected and he is treated like a general nuisance by everybody, whatever he says or suggests being immediately shut down by Shifty Prosecutor as naivety or coincidence. 

But of course it turns out Gun Woo is totally right and so he ignores Shifty Prosecutor and begins his own separate investigation into the homeless man who first took the suitcase, even coming up with a suspect.

And it doesn’t take Gun Woo long to find out from his Mentor friend (who is clearly totally evil, right?) that he wasn’t exactly requested for the team, more like Shi On put him forward for the position with glowing recommendations, a discovery that makes Gun Woo feel sincerely guilty about his past words telling her he didn’t want to work with a crazy woman. 

He is also obviously quite touched by the fact that Shi On has gone out of her way to help him. 

When he sees her later it is clear he is already having second thoughts about transferring, possibly only because of his feelings of guilt, but I also get the impression he is beginning to feel a strange sense of loyalty towards this quiet and constantly surprising woman.

When he drops Shi On off home after work late one night, Gun Woo is about to leave only to hear sounds of a struggle coming from her apartment. He bursts in to find two masked men attacking Shi On (who by the way is totally attacking them back because she is awesome). He immediately jumps into the fray to protect her but has a knife drawn on him behind his back, an almost fatal stab that Shi On blocks with her hands, getting her a (tiny tiny) scratch on her arm. 

The men take off before the officers can catch them, which leaves Gun Woo staring at Shi On’s bloody arm in dismay.

He seems a little taken aback by they way she saved him from the knife, as well as her calm and collected reaction to being attacked in her own home. He helps bandage her up and she then tells him to go home, but Gun Woo understandably isn’t keen to leave her all alone, and I also get the feeling he is beginning to feel rather protective of her, maybe even more so because she seems so capable and in control all the time, never asking anyone for help.

It is pretty hilarious seeing the way Gun Woo easily makes himself comfortable on her couch, throwing all the cushions away onto the floor casually and refusing to leave.

Shi On is a little exasperated but she lets him do his thing. When Gun Woo finds out she has no family left at all he finds himself once again worrying, but Shi On is not having a pity party and instead brings up the fact that she is sure the body parts belong to the Shifty Prosecutor’s missing fiance, which just makes Gun Woo scoff. 

After all how could she possibly know such a thing? 

The next day Gun Woo leaves his fake gun and a note saying Shi On should use it to protect herself (…but just remember not to actually shoot it) which makes her smile. So sweet!

When the ghost next appears to Shi On she is decidedly less frozen, in fact she is burning, her face scrunched up in grief stricken agony. Its just so horrible because I can totally see where this is leading….

Shi On follows the ghost to a crematorium (gross) and saves the dead woman’s corpse from being destroyed just in time, using Gun Woo’s fake weapon.  

Gun Woo also turns up at the scene having followed hard evidence, and arrests the culprit along with his investigation team.  And he is more than a little shocked to find Shi On already there, unable to once again explain how she knew where to go. 

I love their bickering in the car, Gun woo asking her what exactly she expected to do with the fake gun (dude, you gave it to her!) and Shi On attempting to avoid his questions about why she was at the scene. They have a really great light dynamic that works so well as a counterbalance to the other darker aspects of this show, a relationship angle which has been really well thought out and fits perfectly into the concept of this show.

And of course poor Gun Woo is getting more and more intrigued against his will, drawn into Shi On’s mystery’s in a way that means he will never be satisfied until he knows the truth. 

With the case solved (Shifty Prosecutor’s mum is totally insane and overly involved in her son’s love-life resulting in murder….controlling much?), Gun Woo and Shi On bid the innocent Prosecutor farewell and then return to their daily lives. 

Gun Woo makes it pretty clear he has no interest in transferring until he learns Shi On’s secret and although I definitely do think that is partly the truth, its certainly not all of it.  I get the impression he is also beginning to feel a marked loyalty towards Shi On that he can’t shake, a need to protect her and help her which is only heightened by the fact that she doesn’t even seem like she needs or wants anyone to fulfill that role. 

Shi On is strong and capable, but its pretty obvious that there is something going on with her, something haunting her, and Gun Woo has made it his mission to find out exactly what that is.

The episode finishes with the reappearance of Shi On’s dead love.

She sees him without any recognition, though she does look at him twice, still completely unaware that he is a ghost or that they have any connection at all.

Who are You – Episode 5 and 6:

Wow this show is just progressing so damn well. There is an eeriness to the way its shot and a surreal atmosphere throughout that I really enjoy, and the music just sucks me into its little world, particularly the ‘ghost’ themes, and all this makes for a very pleasurable viewing experience. 

On the topic of the story and plot itself, I am pretty sure I already fully understand the general direction that the drama is going to be taking and I am also pretty damn sure I already know who the big bad behind the dead boyfriend’s murder is (yep, this was confirmed in episode 6), but you know what? 

I don’t even care.

I am more than happy to watch this show as it slowly works itself to where I can already guess it is headed, because to be honest when things are good it is all about the journey and not just the final result, and journey wise, this drama is really hitting it home for me.

Focusing more on the characters and the execution of the story rather than trying to make the plot too twisty, what we are left with is a really atmospheric look into loss and death, as well as an exploration into the two lead’s characters and motives, who they are and the connection they feel.  

I particularly love this slow buildup between Gun Woo and Shi On and I even find myself grateful for the fact that the romance hasn’t been thrown in our faces straight away, instead allowing time for a real base in friendship to grow between these two characters.

I love that their relationship’s foundation is slowly being built on trust and dependability rather than just cute hijinks or straight up physical attraction. 

And these two are going to need a pretty strong foundation if they are to manage this whole dead boyfriend thing and all the implications that brings along with it, which I can already tell as a storyline is going to be utterly heartbreaking and quite damaging for everyone involved.

Episode five was all about shedding some light onto Gun Woo’s history as well as a chance for our two leads to understand each other a little more.

We start with a drunken night out where Gun Woo is paying for the Lost & Found Team, clearly all just to further his own ulterior motive of getting Shi On drunk enough to slip up and confess her secret to him. Which, rather hilariously, actually works, except it kind of backfires onto Gun Woo because he gets way too drunk to hear it!

But to be honest I think the confession is more about Shi On being too tired carrying her burden alone and needing to trust someone else with her secret, than just being drunk.

When she utters the now kind of ridiculous line ‘I see dead people’ it is actually a rather sombre and heavy moment as the pain of her burden and the sadness and isolation she feels because of it is evident in her eyes.

I mean, the poor woman is strange enough just by being a coma and amnesia victim with the last 6 years of her life lost, let alone adding in some ghost seeing abilities to the mix to make her seem even more crazy, so it’s no wonder she approaches this situation very seriously and with true sadness in her demeanor.

With Gun Woo passed out though, she gets no response and so what follows instead is a hilarious string of scenes as Shi On drags Gun Woo back to his apartment, guessing his key code (his birthdate, phfft!) and ending with him being dumped onto his floor.  

But whilst in his apartment she touches something (aaah, interesting, I am seeing a pattern now) and soon she has a new ghost following her.  

Now at first I am going to say I actually found this overly smiley Ahjussi with the red carnation to be quite creepy, his wide fixed grin and crazy eyes a little disturbing, but his presence is revealed to be much more quirky and less threatening than those of the previous ghosts (especially the doctor intern at the hospital in the first episode… shudder) and its clear pretty soon that this guy is a nice harmless ghost.

I won’t go into all the details because you know, this isn’t a recap (mmmmh ….. it sort of is though?), but basically this ghost turns out to be Gun Woo’s dad and the reason he looks a little crazy is because he, ahem…. is.  

Well that’s not very PC of me but he was in an accident which reverted him into a very childlike state, something which Gun Woo as a teenager did not handle very well.  

On his birthday he gets into a massive fight with his innocent father and although its true Gun Woo shouldn’t have yelled so cruelly when it’s clear his dad can’t understand what is wrong, I also think we can all relate to him being so hurt by the situation that he has lashed out in a thoughtless angry way.  And boy has Gun Woo paid the price of his actions, because in the end this was the very last time he saw his father alive.   

This experience has obviously stuck with Gun Woo through the years, causing him a lot of guilt and anguish, making him feel responsible for his dad’s death which is just so sad.  

Because of the appearance of Gun Woo’s dad, Shi On is pushed into telling him the truth for real this time, but she is of course met with disbelief and ridicule, mainly because Gun Woo thinks it’s a cruel joke on her part to bring up his dead father at all.  But when he is faced with the evidence on a tape his dad left for him  he can’t keep denying that what she says is true. 

There is this moment after he stops listening to his dad’s voice where he looks up at Shi On and asks her whether she is just making it all up, because it’s all nonsense right?  And the look on his face!   

It’s like he is saying the expected rational thing, but the look on his face tells otherwise, and reveals him so clearly. He wants so badly to believe her and to think his dad is okay and you can see this hope in his eyes. All he wants in that moment is to believe it is true, and that his dad is reaching out to him.

I actually don’t think it’s so much what’s on the tape itself that affects Gun Woo, but the fact that after he listens he knows his father still exists in some form, that he is still thinking of him and loving him, and most of all that he never once felt any bad will towards his son for the harsh words Gun Woo expressed.  And when he finally does accept the truth he just breaks down into tears as Shi On watches silently, clutching the tape to his chest.

What a beautiful and very sad scene. (P.s, it made me cry a little….. how embarrassing!)

Onto a new subject, I find it quite interesting that none of the ghosts can speak, but I must admit it I definitely like it as it certainly adds a sense of mystery and moodiness to the encounters that Shi On has with them.

Gun Woo’s father being able to make noise by tapping against surfaces is also interesting and I wonder how the drama will expand on that with Kim Jae-wook’s character of Hyung-joon, or if he is just seriously going to be silent the entire time?

But boy does he do silent well, so I guess that would be okay as well.

Sadness and grief just seems to exude from him in such a palpable way that you could never be unclear on how he is feeling, despite the lack of dialogue (It’s sad alright guys? He is feeling sad).   

Hyung-joon’s new presence in the drama has really pushed everything along quite nicely, even Shi On’s secret enemy has started to come out of the woodwork now and made a bold move in trying to bury her in the woods (that is that what he was trying to do right? Ugh. ) and I am guessing this enemy wants to silence her before she can solve her own past mystery and regain her memories which will most likely implicate him.

I already guessed Gun Woo’s mate and mentor,  Moon-shik, had something to do with this evil plot as I get the feeling maybe they did know each other before Shi On’s ‘accident’.  

However the fact that this has been revealed openly so early on in the series makes me unsure whether he is the only one behind it. On top of hiding the watch that would have become evidence, it was only after Gun Woo told Moon-shik he suspected Shi On of being an undercover agent that all the attempted kidnappings and photographs began, so either way he is definitely in on this plot but I wonder if it will be as simple as that.   

Maybe Moon-shik is indeed the culprit who shot and killed Hyung-joon or maybe he is just covering for someone else, or even is not as involved as we are being lead to believe.  All we know for certain is that Hyung-joon definitely knew the person who shot him because not only was he utterly shocked as it happened, but he was already holding a gun on this culprit in the perfect position to shoot and yet he hesitated, giving the other man time to shoot first.

Hyung-joon’s reintroduction into the drama is quite interesting and his overall melancholy is working really well. Kim Jae-wook is doing so well with his character, expressing emotion without the use of words meaning his expressions are very powerful and you can see so much pain and hurt in his face that I almost wanted to cry.

He is obviously wanting to help her solve the mystery but I also wonder if that’s all he will want?

Onto the topic of the main male lead, I really do adore Gun Woo and think he fits into this drama so incredibly well.

I can also see that his very ‘real’ and loud presence is going to be a wonderful foil to mournful pale dead guy ghost who is going to be taking a step forward over the next few episodes. Gun Woo is this perfect mix of boyish blustering (somehow charming in its own way) masculine presence, physicality and capability making me believe he can actually handle his job and take responsibility for this heroine.

He also has a great dose of genuine good guy sincerity and decentness at all the most important times and though he may spend half his time being whingey and trying to show off to his underlings, you also get a real sense that he can be relied on when it is needed. Episode 5 was a great look into understanding him a little more and I definitely liked what I saw.

 Also Taecyeon’s ears are totally amazing, are they not? 

I am so glad he has never had them pinned back even though I am a little surprised he hasn’t considering Korea’s penchant for celebrities ‘fixing’ themselves,  but hey why fix what ain’t broke. Those ears are indeed very large but they are also very endearing and cute too, an interesting mix on the rest of him which adds a bit of boyish charm.

Also, Gun woo is clearly going to fall for Shi On first, another development I quite enjoy. She is all over the place at the moment and what with the reappearance of this totally gorgeous and totally heartbreakingly sad man from her past I doubt she is going to be able to examine her feelings for Gun Woo anytime soon. Especially when she realises this ghost is in love with her.

And seriously how can Gun Woo not begin to fall for Shi On, she has this steely strength about her but yet she is still so vulnerable just because of her lack of memories and strange ability, and what man wouldn’t be drawn to protect her and help her?  

On top of that the encounter with his father’s ghost and the reconciliation he has experienced because of it really is the most precious gift Gun Woo could ever receive, and its Shi On who gave it to him.  So now that Gun Woo knows her secret he will only be drawn deeper in, being the only person she can fully trust to understand her and so basically its only a matter of time before he takes the plunge and also falls in love. And although I am sensing his road to happiness will be pretty rough and my heart may break for him, I also will quite enjoy watching him attempt to woo Shi On as well!

Who are you – Episode 7 and 8:

Episode 7 was a little slower than normal as we break away from the procedural set up and ditch the whole ‘Ghost of the Week’ plotline.  

Instead Shi On begins her own personal mission to discover the truth about herself and her past, and really who can blame her?  

Now she has met with Kim Jae-wook’s lovely and melancholy ghost boy Hyung-joon she has realised they clearly have some sort of connection and involvement, and she is determined to find out the truth about him and herself. 

For some reason this disaster of a case has been labelled so secretive that not even Shi On herself is allowed to look at the file, and even worse than that is the fact that no one has told her a single thing about it or her own involvement.  Seriously, how do they expect her to ever regain her memories if no one will even give her any hints?

Although maybe that is exactly the point and no one wants her to remember, because I am beginning to get the impression that this plot stretches up much further into the higherup officers at the police, perhaps even having something to do with that ridiculously nice Police Chief who seems to be taking a particular interest in becoming Shi On’s mentor.  

Keeping tabs on her perhaps?

Another important development is we see that the shaman can actually speak with Hyun-joon, even though Shi On cannot hear his voice at all.

This is quite an interesting turn of events, as I am kind of liking the whole mournful silent thing, but obviously being able to actually have some sort of dialogue would be good too and definitely helps things propel forward, as I am sure Hyun-joon has plenty of insights to provide Shi On. If he can get the damn Shaman to actually help him to tell her that is. This girl is waaay too self-obsessed to understand that he is sad and mournful for a very real reason, and most probably a dangerous one too.

I really liked their conversation, where the Shaman asks him how he knows Shi On anyway, to which Hyung-joon answers simply and with no fan-fare that she is the woman he loves. (All together now…. Awwww! And also…. so freaking sad.)

The shaman answers; ‘Even if you love that woman, you are already dead.’ 

She seems to be implying that he should just give up and go home (or you know, wherever), and for one split second Hyung-joon looks utterly heartbroken at her words, but then he just kind of scoffs at her in disdain.

‘Do you think I came all this way just to have forbidden love?’

He tries to pass along the number plate he memorised from Shi On’s attacker in the woods, but the shaman doesn’t seem to understand how dire the situation is and for some reason isn’t being upfront to Shi On about who and where the number has come from.

Meanwhile Shi On has begun to investigate her own case with a vengeance, following her leads to try and find the first police officer on the scene of the crime 6 years ago.

Unfortunately she is told by his friend that he has disappeared and will be very hard to get in contact with, which turns out to be a huge fat lie because he is just hiding behind some curtains. This ex-police officer is really rather sick and it seems to me a very guilty conscience may have something to do with that.

Gun Woo has been feeling a little lonely this episode with Shi On running around alone on her solo mission, and so he asks her if anything is going on, obviously in reference to her ghost-seeing-case-solving abilities. But Shi On lies to him and brushes him off.   I understand she is an independent woman and wants to do things on her own but surely the company of a capable person who actually is aware of her ability would only be a plus to her investigation? But I guess for her this is personal and that is why she hasn’t even told  Gun Woo about seeing the dead Hyung-joon yet, keeping his presence a secret.

Poor Gun Woo is clearly already crushing hardcore on Shi On (like a little puppy dog! Heh!) but unfortunately for him she is a little too busy to notice him much at all.

Shi On has hit a bit of a dead end in her investigation when she suddenly gets a call from the ex-police officer to meet with him, and of course Gun Woo tears out of the office after her when she leaves, unable to bear not being involved (and also, she doesn’t have a car).  Things go pretty terribly though and the baddies come along in a car and totally run over the ex-police officer who was clearly about to whistle blow on the entire plot. Bummer.

Gun Woo does an amazing jump and saves Shi On (but not the ex-police officer even though they were standing right next to each other) and the officer is rushed to hospital.  When he first arrives he is apparently in a stable condition but someone arrives very quickly to finish the job.

Shi On freaks out when she hears the ex-police officer has died because she knows that she is the only reason this man has come out of hiding, a decision he has clearly been killed for. My guess is that he found evidence on the scene 6 years before, and was paid off to disappear and never speak up about it.  But in the end his guilt has caused him to come forward and do the right thing, which is kind of sad when you think about it as he has spent the last 6 years in a guilt induced agony.

Living like that is hardly worth it at all.

Gun Woo watches Shi On cry and berate herself over her informants death, unable to do anything. He almost reaches out his hand to comfort her but their relationship is still a formal work one despite the secrets they have shared, and in the end it is too awkward and he lets his hand drop back to his side.

When he drops Shi On off at her place later he walks her to the door and she notices he has blood on his forehead from when he saved her on the road. Its pretty funny because he is being all manly and concerned but the second he realises he is slightly hurt he turns into such a massive baby and though I am not sure exactly why this is at all endearing, it kind of is.

Shi On brings him inside her apartment to look after him and Gun Woo has a massive cry about the pain. He quietens down after a  moment though,  clearly very affected by Shi On’s proximity (cute!) whilst she tends to his tiny tiny tiny cut. 

But it is kind of sad for him because I am pretty sure he is the only one in the room affected by their closeness and Shi On is unaware that anything is happening at all.  She definitely likes Gun Woo in a friend/colleague kind of way and is really coming to trust in him, but she is not yet dependent on him and doesn’t seem to have any interest in a relationship of the kind he is clearly contemplating.

And fair enough. This girl is busy!

And there is also this lovely sad ghost hanging around her and looking at her with loving tears in his eyes….

Gun Woo later oversteps his boundaries and installs some CCTV in Shi On’s house, which is a caring gesture really (??? Dude! CCTV?) but Shi On has decided to go on this journey alone and she tells him so.

She has absolutely no intention of being responsible for his death in the process of her investigation and she pretty much tells him to mind his own business. I think she does feel grateful to him though just for caring about her welfare but again, she doesn’t really have any time for him right now.

Later at work, Shi On receives a package which contains Hyung-joon’s ID card and finally she has a name for the ghost, and also a profession. He is a detective just like her and she finally catches up to the fact that her and Hyun-joon were the two officers at the scene, resulting in Hyung-joon’s death. Shi On heads into a filing room at the office, not realising that Gun Woo’s shady mate Moon-shik is already sneaking around in there, sabotaging a case file to erase his name from being partnered up next to Hyung-joon.

Suddenly Hyung-joon himself turns up and begins to walk slowly towards Shi On, which in turn causes her to back slowly away from him (he is totally herding her like a sheep dog!) and they disappear into the stacks right as Moon-shik walks past.

This scene is kind of sexy as Hyung-joon gets steadily closer and closer to Shi On, almost right up against her as he tries to hide her body with his own (hey, you’re dead mate, that won’t work!). There is some serious chemistry between these two and I think Shi On is going to freak out when she realises that he is in love with her, as surely any day now she will regain that memory of them kissing before the police raid.

Speaking of Kissing (!), Gun Woo spends most of episode 8 following Shi On around like the little lost puppy he is, trying to get her to open up about whatever it is that she is trying to investigate.

He has also decided to become her personal bodyguard and arrives to drive her to work in the mornings and walks her to her door in the evenings, getting frustrated and worried if she doesn’t return his calls or he can’t get in contact with her. Pretty much he couldn’t be more obvious about how he is feeling, though I am not sure he has totally realised how into her he is himself.

After work Gun Woo invites Shi On out for a meal with Moon-shik but it is here that Gun-woo’s Sunbae makes a mistake which leads Shi On to suspect him.  When she asks Moon-shik whether he knew Hyung-joon at all, Moon-shik straight out lies and says he never met him but he acts incredibly weird about the whole thing, clearly starting to get a bit nervous that Shi On is onto him.

Shi On has meanwhile tracked down Hyung-joon’s address and she realises that she is pretty familiar with the area, even knowing exactly where he hides his spare key. The whole scene with Shi On looking through the windows into this familiar place and walking through the summer garden with the cicadas humming so loudly is almost like a dream,  these half memories beginning to stir in her mind and make her question who Hyung-joon really is and what he meant to her.

At the office Gun Woo is showing off to his interns (seriously it feels like the character of Gun Woo is in a whole separate drama which is much lighter and sillier, his storylines always feel much more like a romantic comedy than a ghost melodrama, but it is a switch in tone that I quite enjoy with his boyish attitude and petty humour breaking up the ‘heavy’ very effectively) and he brings up a photo of him holding a shooting competition trophy.

Shi On immediately recognises the trophy from Hyung-joon’s house and when she googles it she finds a photograph of Hyung-joon smiling into the camera standing right next to an equally cheery Moon-shik.

The liar!

Now that Shi On knows Moon-shik lied she begins to follow him (I am so not going to analyse why Kdrama’s feel that people won’t notice if you follow them from literally two steps behind them in full view…) when he leaves work and heads to a church.

She confronts him about her evidence and Moon-shik makes up some more crap lies to mislead her, saying that Hyung-joon was in on the criminal deal which was happening on the ship and that he shot Moon-shik in the leg to get him out of the way. He also says he didn’t even know that Shi On was also there that night. He even flat out acts confused when she says that the case file has been tampered with and I am just so glad that Shi On isn’t taking him for his word and believing him.

Nope, this girl is a smart cookie and she acts like she trusts him, but in fact is pretty unconvinced.

Of course none of this goes down too well with Gun Woo who, through the powers of his sleuthing abilities, turns up in time to hear their conversation. As he and Shi On sit together on a bench later that night he tells her that Moon-shik is the most honest cop he knows and that he has been like a father to Gun Woo, getting angry at Shi On when she is unable to accept Moon-shik’s innocence without suspicion.  

This is going to be pretty awkward and very heartbreaking for Gun Woo because Moon-shik seems to be even more involved then I had originally thought, with the watch-dropping assassin guy who tried to bury Shi On apparently working for him! I thought Moon-shik would at least not be fully responsible for the attempts on Shi On’s life and maybe involved against his will, which could of course still be the case though now that is a looking a little less likely.

Interesting…… and also totally uncool and evil!

The pop-star Intern whose name is Sung-chan, has meanwhile been having some girl issues with the Shaman and when he is rejected he invites Gun Woo out for a drink on the weekend, having a bitch about older cold women, a topic on which Gun Woo also has plenty to say.

This scene is pretty amusing and ends with the Sung-chan telling Gun Woo he must like Shi On a lot, to which Gun Woo loudly protests though when the intern isn’t looking he lets his mask drop to reveal that he is taking this very seriously. It seems that hearing Sung-chan voice Gun Woo’s own heart is what finally makes Gun Woo accept what he has obviously been feeling for quite a while now, and it is clear from his expression that he is going to start doing something about it.

On the weekend Shi On finds herself back at Hyung-joon’s empty house again, unsure exactly why she has gone there. This time she doesn’t go inside and just sits at the front gate for a long time and unbeknownst to her, Hyung-joon stands just inside the garden watching her.

I cannot imagine how awful this must be for him. He loves her but the cold hard truth is that it is over for them, he is dead and there is no coming back from that. He needs to be there to help her and he wants her to remember him so that she can protect herself properly and understand why people are trying to kill her, but in a way maybe he would think it is better for her never to remember him at all. Because as soon as she does, she will just be in the awful position of being in love with someone who is not even there anymore, thrown into a state of intense grieving with nothing either of them can do about it.

It actually reminds me a lot of  Boong-do’s awful choice in the drama ‘Queen Inhyun’s Man’ and how he couldn’t bear the thought that his love would spend her lifetime grieving for him.   

So of course Hyung-joon wants Shi On to remember him but it is maybe a selfish gesture in a way, because I am not sure she is exactly going to feel happier once she does know. Though I am a big advocator of the truth so still think she does need to know no matter the consequences. And it seems the truth is coming out anyway as we begin to see flashbacks of the two of them in happier times, kissing and laughing, Shi On like a different person, acting so carefree and seeming so light and luminous.  

Right when Shi On is about to go back home Gun Woo turns up having decided to figure out for himself what is going on with this dead police officer Hyung-joon now that he also knows Moon-shik lied about it.

He apologises for getting angry at her the night before when he lashed out about his Sunbae being innocent,  but Shi On brushes his words aside saying she understands and he shouldn’t worry. When she leaves his car to go home Gun Woo is clearly ready to try just about anything in order to spend the day with her and they end up at the cinema.

It’s quite nice because when these two are together Shi on seems so much happier, acting like she is having fun and enjoying his company, reminding me of the way she acts around Hyung-joon in the flashbacks of their romance. Gun Woo and her tease each other and play-fight, with Shi On seeming to be pretty aware that Gun Woo is into her in a flirty way, but still finding it extremely amusing to tease him.

Hyung-joon watches as the new couple head into the movie with a sad look on his face, and Gun Woo spends the whole film fidgeting as he tries to put his arm around his date. Huh, he is really trying to make a move but is so awkward and useless.

When they get home Shi On heads straight inside with a quick farewell, but Gun Woo is having trouble letting go of their date time and whilst he drives away he finds her cellphone on the seat, the perfect excuse to return. He grins like a little boy.

To draw out this second encounter Gun Woo takes as long as he possibly can giving the phone back, clearly struggling in his own head about what he really wants to do in this situation and how far he is willing to go to express his feelings. They play-fight like flirty teenagers at highschool which is actually pretty sweet. Finally though Shi On gets all up in his face asking Gun Woo if she gives him payment in the form of a kiss will he hand back her phone?  She looks so relaxed while she does this, grinning widely and clearly adoring to tease him which I cant blame her for because his flustered reactions and blushing is hilarious to see.

But it’s like she planted a seed in his mind with her words of kissing because as soon as Gun Woo relinquishes the phone to her and she turns away laughing at her victory, he just grabs her and leans straight in to kiss her, both his hands on her face.  

Shocked, Shi On pushes him away to break contact but Gun Woo’s hands remain on either side of her face and in her hair,  and he stands staring down at her with a very sweet and unsure look of nervous questioning on his face. Like he is waiting with baited breath to see if she is going to slap him or maybe let him do it again.

Well, she doesn’t slap him away and instead just stares up at him looking a little taken aback, and taking that as permission Gun Woo leans in slowly to kiss her again, much more gently this time with his hands moving into her hair. Shi On’s eyes are closed during this kiss (but not the final freezeframe for some reason) and she seems to be into it, kissing Gun Woo back.

And Hyung-joon stands alone nearby, unable to continue watching them but also unable to leave either, tears in his eyes.

I like this kiss a whole heap (and may or may not have rewinded it at least three times to re-watch) and I don’t think Shi On is the kind of woman who would let someone continue to kiss her if she didn’t want them to as she is pretty damn assertive, which is what makes me think (and hope) that she was into it too.

I still think this has come as a big shock to her, and she may not be totally sure of her feelings as a result, even though I am pretty sure she was already aware of Gun Woo crushing on her by noticing his ridiculous awkwardness whenever she teases him. But I also doubt she ever thought their silly flirting would actually eventuate in him making a bold move like this one!

Wo are you – Episode 9 and 10:

Episode 9 places the romance onto the backburner after the kiss scene, with the main mystery of Shi On’s past taking centre stage, the tragic case which destroyed so much those 6 years ago coming to light in a way I didn’t fully expect for at least a few more episodes.

Don’t get me wrong though I am very happy about this reveal, because being upfront and straightforward with its plotting and overall story arc is a desicion which I think really does work so well for this drama, as it is never burdened with pretending to be deeper or more mysterious than it is. For example, already we know that Moon-shik is one shady guy, and it was pretty obvious right from the start too, which is why I am pleased the drama didn’t try and keep that fact hidden for any longer than it did as it would have only become silly to have a big shocking reveal later on when it was already so obvious. And this is the same for the main overall case of Shi On’s past being presented fairly openly this episode, showing us the facts in a clear way as Shi On discovers them and not trying to promise any foundation shattering plot twists to come by keeping us in the dark any longer.

And that is one of the reasons why I am loving this drama as much as I am, because it is not pretentious and doesn’t pretend to be more tricky or twisty than its plot can handle, relying more on its haunting atmosphere, character development and tense detective work to keep the story flowing and driving forward rather than plot buildup or promise that can’t actually ever be delivered. A drama like this one is so satisfying in my opinion, as although a mindblowing twisty plot is exciting, a steady slow and emotional journey always wins over a shallow attempt to be showy with no payoff.

This episode begins with both Gun Woo and Shi On in their separate homes thinking about The Kiss, both alternating between smiling at the memory and cringing at it (possibly Gun Woo was doing much more of the smiling in this instance). The flashbacks are nice and set to some lovely romantic music which offsets the moment (have I already mentioned how much I LOVE the music in this drama? So appropriate and so so gorgeously atmospheric). 

The next day at the office is awkward, though Shi On doesn’t resort to running away like a big baby the way Gun Woo does and instead confronts him by pretty much saying to forget what happened the night before and remain professional. But when Gun Woo leaves the room she is left fanning herself and clutching her chest, shocked at her own loud heartbeat. That’s interesting to me, because I can’t ever quite tell how emotionally attached Shi On actually is to Gun Woo, but this scene is quite telling. She is clearly quite strongly affected by him and the situation, in the sense that he is a man and not just as her silly flirty colleague.

The underlings are also cataloging a bunch of lost items today and a guy turns up at the office to retrieve his cellphone, the only problem is that he doesn’t have his passport or ID with him, and so the officers send him away. But this dude, a Chinese-Korean, is acting seriously desperate and he actually hides in the police office until nighttime where he returns to swipe his cell, a crushed and useless looking smartphone. 

Meanwhile, Moon-shik has called in a favour and managed to get Gun Woo back onto the real police investigative team like he has always wanted, except now Gun Woo just isn’t too sure what he wants anymore. He should be happy but he reacts to the news in a very subdued manner which is quite telling. 

Moon-shik is obviously just trying to get him away from Shi On because I do believe his feeling of fatherliness for Gun Woo are genuine and he most likely doesn’t want his protege involved in the total shit storm that he knows is inevitable for Shi On due to her relentless investigation and uncovering of her past and memory.

Shi On also seems rather unhappy about Gun Woo’s forthcoming reassignment but she keeps her chin up and says he should be excited, brushing off his concerns that the department won’t be able to function without him there to keep everyone in line. Of course it is Shi On herself that he is really worrying about and being the only person to know her secret I am pretty sure that Gun Woo would be feeling a kind of responsibility towards protecting her which, coupled with his obviously strong feelings for her as a woman, is going to make it very difficult for him to leave her.

As they walk home together, Shi On is accosted by the horrifying sight of a bleeding sky, as in it is literally raining blood! Its pretty disturbing and the trail leads her  and a confused Gun Woo straight to a back alley with a ghost who stands clutching his bloody side and crying……. right next to his own cold and dead body!

The ghost stares at Shi On in such anguish and they share a long moment of helplessness, almost like Shi On is acknowledging the horror he must feel seeing himself like this, but they both also know there is nothing that she can do to change it either. 

Seeing awful stuff like this is such a burden for Shi On. I could never handle it, I would just go insane from all the different ghost’s grief, which is so palpable whenever they appear near her that it is understandable for Shi On to completely and utterly fear and dread their presence.

This body is linked by the Detectives to the Chinese-Korean guy with the smashed phone, and Shi On and Gun Woo set off on a mission to discover his whereabouts in Chinatown, taking his photo around with them, but to no avail. But this is when Hyung-joon reappears, using the Shaman to relay a special password and address within Chinatown to Shi On and Gun Woo, who immediately follow the clue to a shady restaurant with an even shadier manager.  

The man says the dead alley guy and the phone guy were two friends who worked for him, but that they recently quit to set up a business back home, and I am getting the impression that these guys weren’t exactly legal immigrants to Korea and were involved in some scary shit.

He gives the detectives a photo of the two men (henceforth known as Dead Alley Guy and Phone Guy) and also an address to find Phone Guy, and then he drops a bomb….. he asks where Detective Hyung-joon is? A shocked Shi On asks him how he knows Hyung-joon but the man immediately clams straight up and tells them never to come back. 

It is a pretty ominous warning.

The Detectives follow the address to find Phone Guy holed up in his apartment and Gun Woo roughly takes the guy down before he can escape, holding him against the floor as Shi On retrieves the broken phone.

Dead Alley Guy appears, blood still dripping down his side and we see in flashback (I presume the Phone Guy is telling them the story?) that the two men decided to blackmail the company that helped them arrive, work and live in Korea, a clearly illegal people-smuggling venture that has been aided (or possibly headed?) by corrupt Korean cops and officials.

The two guys got in waaaay over their heads however, stealing the Boss’s phone which is loaded with all the evidence anyone could ever need to take the gang down (convenient) but which came at a price, namely the death of Dead Alley Guy. Shi On also learns that the name of the boat involved in the smuggling matches the ship where Hyung-joon was murdered 6 years before, meaning that clearly the two cases are connected.


In another flashback, we see Hyung-joon next to that same ship, his conversaton exactly mirroring the one Moon-shik told Shi On about in the church a few episodes ago, except this time the roles are reversed and Hyung-joon is the one that goes onto the ship to investigate, showing Moon-shik to be the immense liar that we always knew he was. So does this mean that the shooting has also been reversed and in actual fact it is indeed Moon-shik that killed Hyung-joon?

Not exactly a surprise, but still a huge emotional blow for Gun Woo if it is true.

We see that Moon-shik has received a mysterious call again, this time being told to intercept that crushed phone whatever the cost, and the next second there is a group of thugs after Shi On and Gun Woo.

Gun Woo  brings on the awesome and confronts the gang members to give Shi On (and more importantly the phone) a chance to escape, but like the lovely Kdrama lead that she is, Shi On just runs up some stairs onto a nearby rooftop where there is nowhere else to go, leaving her trapped (Pfffht!).

Gun Woo appears again however and the two put up a pretty freaking good fight, until Shi On is knocked down and Gun Woo leaps on top of her to protect her from the onslaught of blows. It is a fairly bold move and pretty cool that he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her, but I particularly liked his reaction once reinforcements arrive, mainly just being totally pissy and grumpy that he was hurt. I absolutely love that he is not at all an overly heroic too- good- to- be- true- hero-guy with his words, complaining and getting snappy at Shi On about his painful intervention, and yet his actions speak otherwise as he was definitely willing to take the blows for Shi On. It just makes me love Gun Woo all the more. 

Back at the station, Moon-shik tells Gun Woo not to be so worried about changing departments as it is not like he has to go to America, after all he will still be in the same building as Shi On.

But this conversation has the complete opposite effect on Gun woo than Moon-shik had intended and culminates with Gun Woo declaring to himself that he will remain by Shi On’s side, a huge grin on his face as if the desicion has finally lifted a massive weight off his shoulders. I guess it is also about admitting to himself exactly how much he likes Shi On and how far he is willing to go for a chance to be with her in the future, and he is clearly not ready to let go yet. 

An earlier line he uttered in this episode really sums it up for me; ‘Why are there so many things I am concerned about?‘. This sentence really reveals Gun Woo’s feelings, as the formerly gung-ho and ambitious detective with no emotional ties at all (save Moon-shik) suddenly finds himself saddled with a new sense of responsibility for another person (not that Shi On asks or wants him to feel that way of course), someone whom he worries for and cares about which has slowly begun to creep in and shape the way he feels about all other aspects of his life, including his job, where now his career is coming in second to his need to be around Shi On and help her. 

The episode ends with Shi On following a lead to a shop she used to frequent with Hyung-joon where she not only finds a photo of them being lovey-dovey together, but actually fully regains her memory of him! She sees him there as a ghost straight away, standing in front of her with that horrifyingly haunted look on his face and she begins to cry, calling him Oppa and asking him to forgive her for forgetting about him.

Oh my gosh soooo sad! 

I hardly know what this means for her right now, its just such a hardcore bombshell to drop on a person, not only is she now grieving for the man she loved and lost, but he is actually still beside her where she can see him! So complicated.

And of course episode 10 only gets more complicated as everything is blown wide open.

Gun Woo arrives at Shi On’s house to tell her the happy news that he wants to stay beside her, only to find an empty house. When Shi On finally does come home, she is walking beside the ghost of Hyung-joon and they are smiling and enjoying each others company like they are still dating and he never died.

Hyung-joon has also shown her the engagement ring he bought for her (oh, so heartbreaking) and she asks him if it is because of her, the reason that he is still here? It is so heartrending when he just smiles slightly, tears in his eyes as he stares at her lovingly.

We are also treated to a full flashback to the events of 6 years ago, and it is all pretty freaking sad.  The stakeout that Hyung-joon and Moon-shik are on doesn’t seem very serious which leads me to believe it is more routine and not the case of them really expecting to find anything at the dock. Which is probably why Hyung-joon invites Shi On there to meet him during his shift, where he wants to ask her to marry him (I could have thought of a few more romantic scenarios for a proposal, but anyway…). He never gets the chance to ask her though as she has brought him a gift herself, a couple shirt, the one he appears in every time she sees him as a ghost. It is so sweet as she laughingly hands him the present, insisting he wear it straight away, except….. that of course means he forgets the bullet proof vest he was wearing when he returns to his duties.

Oh no, how awful, Shi On will certainly believe that was her fault now.

We once again watch the tragedy unfold, this time with a glimpse of the actual murderer and it is indeed the main suspect, Moon-shik.

When the two former lovers arrive back at Shi On’s house, Gun Woo tells Shi On that he wants to stay beside her and there is nothing she can do but break his heart and tell him that she has now remembered the man she was in love with, and will only be focusing on his murder case because that is all that is important to her right now. She walks past him into the house leaving him crushed and alone, but hey, at least she was completely honest with none of this stringing guys along for no reason plotline that dramas enjoy so much.

The two detectives bring their smashed phone to an expert to try and retrieve its contents and then they send Phone Guy back home safely, along with the ashes of his dead best friend, telling him they won’t give up in finding the criminals responsible. Shi On watches them go sadly, seeing herself and Hyung-joon reflected in their similarly tragic situation.

But just as the computer hack guy manages to crack the coded data on the phone all his gear is stolen, including the evidence he had retrieved from the phone. Which leaves Shi On to take drastic and desperate measures by accepting Moon-shik’s clearly devious invitation to accompany him to meet a witness which he has suddenly conjured out of thin air. This is a huge risk obviously and I am not sure that Shi On is completely prepared for the showdown that occurs (she goes in with basically no plan and no backup!) which ends with her and Moon-shik at a stalemate with their guns drawn.

Luckily though, Gun Woo has found his own evidence also pointing at Moon-shik, and when he can’t reach Shi On by phone he starts to freak out. I actually found the scene in the office with Hyung-joon using his ghostly powers to let Gun Woo know Shi On’s location quite sad.

I mean Hyung-joon loves Shi On and he wants to protect her but he is so utterly helpless and useless in this situation, the best that he can possibly do is to send Gun Woo, a man he knows to also be in love with his fiancée, off to save her and be the hero of the day whilst he remains behind in shadow. Of course what is important is actually helping Shi On, but to be so useless in the face of the woman you love being threatened and in danger, and even having to send another man off to save her  must be incredibly painful for him.

So with Gun woo’s arrival on the scene, Moon-shik is totally outed and although he does admit (much to Gun Woo’s horror) that he killed Hyung-joon, he also says that he didn’t mean to and that there is more to it than they know, clearly suggesting that he was being forced by someone else to do all these terrible things.

The thing that intrigues me here though is that he did ask her there to kill her right? He is trying to act like its not all his fault but wasn’t that his mission? Would he really have gone that far?

Moon-shik escapes when the police turn up, leaving a furious Gun Woo to confront Shi On about keeping the truth from him about his Sunbae.  I do feel like he has a right to be this angry in this scene, because her trying to constantly shut him out of this case that actually involves him through association with Moon-shik is pretty low. He has a right to know the truth and I loved the line he screams at Shi On at the end of the episode when she tells him she didn’t want to tell him because she didn’t want him to get hurt. He answers that how does she think he feels now anyway? Clearly, waiting to tell him this terrible fact didn’t make it any easier for him to hear.

And he has a point, what difference does it make to a painful truth whether you find out sooner or later and I think Shi On has made a mistake being so secretive with Gun Woo. Here is a man willing to get hurt to save her, someone completely on her side and trustworthy, and yet she isn’t using him to help her solve this thing, instead running off all headstrong into danger alone. I understand that she has issues and doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt because of her, but Shi On needs to understand that Gun Woo is an officer too and capable of making a real contribution to the case, not just a useless lump who will get in the way.

Although there is also the possibility that maybe her motives are more along the lines of not wanting him around considering he has confessed to her, making their relationship awkward and confused now?

Now that the plot has basically all been revealed and Moon-shik has been outed as a criminal I am wondering where the drama will go next? I am still not getting massive romantic vibes off Shi On towards Gun Woo either so am wondering how on earth she will begin to see him as a viable love interest with Hyung-joon still hanging around clouding her vision with his loveliness, although I do think Gun Woo’s angry outburst at the end of this episode will wake her up a bit and make her understand and know him much better, and hopefully she will let him become more involved in the investigation as a result.

Who are you – Episode 11 and 12

Wow, episode 11 was so awesome! It hit me right in the gut and in the heart!

I really do love this drama so much and very much enjoyed the emotional depths that this episode delved into in terms of the relationships between basically every single character, as the drama deals with the fallout from Moon-shik’s confession. 

It begins with that same scene of Gun Woo reacting to the news that not only has Moon-shik betrayed him but also, in a way, Shi On has too by hiding this information from him and not being honest. I feel like he begins to experience a sense of disillusionment because of this, hurt and shocked by Moon-shik’s true identity but also feeling a sense of reality when it comes to Shi On, whom I feel he had sort of placed onto a pedestal as the slightly older and more experienced woman he likes, thinking she could do no wrong (or at least not on a level like this).  

I also feel like as as far as Gun Woo has been concerned he and Shi On are on equal terms, both in their work and in the the way they relate to each other personally,  however I think it suddenly occurs to him at this point that she hasn’t been thinking of him in this same way at all, but rather as a subordinate to help her and a colleague whom she is fond of, but not someone she can trust or fully lean on. And I think this cold reality shocks him quite a bit, as if he realises that his love has truly been completely one-sided all this time.

But on the flip side I also feel like Gun Woo’s abrupt expression of anger towards Shi On has maybe given her a different perspective on him.  

Its pretty clear straight away to Shi On that she should have been honest from the beginning and kept Gun Woo in the loop (not that I really blame her as she has had a hell of a lot on her mind) but the result of her actions that I like most is that Gun Woo’s decent into despondency really changes his and Shi On’s whole relationship dynamic.  Suddenly Shi On finds herself thinking about Gun Woo a lot. Is he okay? Has he eaten? Is he alone and drinking too much? 

And this worry about him causes her to begin seeking him out, following him around and helping him in his time of need in a neat role reversal from their former positions of Gun Woo always being the one following his boss around to protect and help her

Worry and caring for Gun Woo may still not be love exactly, but it is still a strong feeling and I think it is a really good beginning on Shi On’s part.

Also, now that Gun Woo is no longer following her around like a sweet but harmless puppy, Shi On begins to see another side to him, as well as realising how good he was to her and how little she gave him back. And I don’t just mean this in a romantic sense, but just that the dynamic of their relationship was all give on Gun Woo’s side and either indifference or outright closed-offness (is that a real word?) from Shi On. 

And this is why I feel that although Moon-shik’s betrayal is really heartbreaking and difficult for Gun Woo to work through, in terms of his relationship with Shi On it is actually a really good thing, forcing her to actually stop and think about Gun Woo, about how he is feeling and about how her actions affect him for once.

I feel like this change in the balance of their relationship culminates in Shi On asking Gun Woo to investigate the case with her, almost like she is offering to now involve him all the way and also trust him fully if he does still want to go on this journey with her. 

And seriously, poor Gun Woo! He is so lost this episode and I feel my heart breaking for him. He is such a loud and outgoing character I sometimes forget what a difficult life he has lead, what with the intense guilt he carried all those years regarding his dad’s death, as well as the fact that really Moon-shik does seem to be his only friend. And not just a friend but a father figure in fact, making his betrayal of trust all the more terrible for Gun Woo to understand or bear.

One of my absolute favourite scenes in this episode was the bittersweet flashbacks that Shi On has of Hyung-joon in her house. The scenes that these two share of their relationship’s past are so utterly lovely and I particularly love the way they aren’t overly swoony in a stupid way and are instead kept to these small sweet and very real interactions between these two characters who are clearly so comfortable in each others presence and also very much in love.

I think the fact that these flashbacks are always so normal is one reason why they do hit so hard, because its so clear these two were made for each other, that they would have married and lived so happily together in their domestic lives and shared work. 

Which only makes it all the more cruel that this was robbed from them. 

When Hyung-joon appears in front of Shi On and she shows him her hair bow it just made me want to cry. He smiles at her as they share this old joke again after all these years, but its so wan and tired and his eyes look so filled with agony that it is almost too much to watch. And when Shi On begins to run about the house looking for her phone, reminding him so much of old times when they were happy together, Hyung-joon can do nothing but watch on in silence, and the expression on his face. I seriously nearly cried. 

For him to be so close to Shi On, to be standing there and watching her, to be joking with her, but to still always know that the real world is not for him, that he can never engage in it ever again, with Shi On ever again, that he can only silently watch, never changing as the world moves on without him, its just too horrifying, and its all written right there on his face.

The last relationship that this episode explored and focused on was a new one,  taking a look into Moon-shik’s past with Hyung-joon, which gave me the impression that Hyung-joon was once a lot like Gun Woo in a way, being Moon-shik’s protege and also his close friend.  There is obviously some good in Moon-shik, he is not an outright evil guy, but he did involve himself in something really dark and crooked and so he paid the ultimate price, he actually murdered his friend. 

And yes, I can see that Moon-shik shooting Hyung-joon in that situation was an attempt to save him, but that does not excuse his actions or the fact that Hyung-joon did die, and it most definitely was his Sunbae’s direct fault. That whole night was such an utter disaster, and I can believe that Moon-shik has regretted and felt guilty about it ever since, but it still can’t change the fact he not only robbed Shi On of her fiancé, but also 6 years of her life.

And of course, because of the guilt that Moon-shik does clearly feel regarding Gun Woo, he calls whilst he is in hiding and gives away his location. But by the time the Detectives track him down to the abandoned building he is already gone, leaving Gun Woo and Shi On alone with a truck load of thugs out to kill them. The worst thing about this situation is that Gun woo thinks his Sunbae set them up, that he was trying to kill them, and although I don’t care about this for Moon-shik’s sake, I am so glad Gun Woo finds out that it was not true, just because that is too awful for him to have to bear. 

I loved the badass fighting at the end of this episode! It was so much fun watching Gun Woo and especially Shi On kicking arse against so many gangsters and I particularly enjoyed the part where Gun Woo gets knocked down and Shi On swoops in to cover him as thugs try to take swings at them. She is so totally cool! Its moments like these that I just love this pairing!

There is no real redemption for Moon-shik. He can never be exonerated or proven innocent of his crimes because he really did commit them, but still life is never only black and white, and his regard for Gun Woo is real and true, proven when he comes back to save the Detectives instead of fleeing and living a safe life with his family. 

Episode 12’s hilarious ‘big bad guy reveal’ reminds me once again that the plot of this drama is really quite simplistic. Which just proves how much heavy lifting all the other aspects of this show really are doing to keep it so good, from characterisations to relationship growth, emotional stakes, atmosphere and great dialogue, this show is just rocking so hard for me that it didn’t even bother me that there was basically only one dude in the entire show who the big bad gang leader even could have been (considering everyone else is either dead or too young). Ta da, its the Police Chief!

But like I said, it doesn’t even matter, because even if the mystery isn’t exactly totally mysterious it is still tense watching our two Detectives run around trying to solve the case because you really do feel like the stakes they are facing are real and dangerous. And the other thing this show does right is that it has heart, as in bucketloads!

This episode was about two things: the not so twisty but still ultra dramatic and engaging drug smuggling conspiracy, and also the idea of facing life after death (and I don’t mean in the ghostly sense, I mean a person actually living on after the loss of a loved one and surviving that loss).

Now this is a difficult topic which I do think was handled well and not in an insensitive ‘just get over it’ kind of way.  Because obviously there is no actual getting over it, but in saying that a choice to keep living on does need to be made, and the saddest thing is that by making the choice to embrace life again and live fully, Shi On would need to let Hyung-joon go, an idea that I am pretty sure has not even crossed her mind as an option at this point.

As far as Shi On is concerned she would be happy to continue on this way forever, and she has said as much in an earlier episode, telling Hyung-joon that the long as he is beside her it is okay, even if it is only like this. But of course literally living with a ghost, especially one who can neither talk or interact with you fully is nothing but living a half life, not dead certainly but definitely not alive either. I can see why this option would be attractive to her though, only because she still loves him and it is better than the thought of letting Hyung-joon go, and that is the reality of her situation.

Hyung-joon on the other hand though, is beginning to understand what this future would mean for Shi On and face the cold cruel fact that his presence isn’t good for her,  keeping her in this frozen and suspended state whereby she cannot grieve for him properly because he is still there, but she cannot be with him again and be happy either.

But of course right now they still have a mystery to solve and there is no way Hyung-joon would ever leave anyway until he was sure that Shi On was safe, but still, he is going to have to make a decision on what he will do when they are done. And the heartbreaking this is that it is not really a choice at all.

He will have to leave.

Or Shi On will have to die (and there are still no guarantees they would be together even then) but seriously what man would actually want the woman he loves to die and finish with life before she was meant to?

So at the beginning of the episode we go back to Moon-shik getting stabbed. I didn’t really think he would, but he actually dies in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and Gun Woo is devastated.

His confusion and hurt is so raw and twisted, and after the funeral (which only he and Shi On attend because after all the guy was a cop killer) Gun Woo just drops off the face of the earth, hiding in his tiny lonely room and basically being a mess. After a week of this Shi On tries to rouse him from these dark depths, telling him nothing is over yet and they still need to catch the criminals who did this.

And even though Gun Woo doesn’t respond to her at all when she is trying to comfort him, (either at the funeral or later at his house) I still really liked that she tried anyway. This is the man that killed her fiancé and destroyed her life and yet, for the sake of Gun woo, Shi On tried her best to understand him and not be angry in an open way that would only confuse Gun woo even further. Her actions here just once again prove to me exactly what type of a woman Shi On is, and how caring she is under her strong and capable facade.

And poor Gun woo, he is just so confused.

On one hand here is the man who has helped him at work countless times, who has basically become a trusted mentor and father surrogate who he not only respects but also loves, and then on the other hand this same man he thought he knew was also a crooked dirty cop whose upstanding image of honesty and justice was just a lie. He is a killer (whether he meant to be or not) and he has destroyed lives. And yet Moon-shik also felt guilty about this, and he did love Gun woo, and he even died to prove it.

Gun Woo cries in his room, but there are no answers for him no matter how hard he tries to search for a meaning behind these events. Moon-shik was what he was and Gun Woo whispers;  ‘Now… a chance to forgive Sunbae….. there seems to be none.’

Meanwhile, Shi On has been investigating on her own and one night coming home she reminisces about her times with Hyung-joon, particularly a conversation they shared on a similar evening when he walked her home. From their conversation it is pretty clear this couple have history, and have known eachother forever. They speak about Shi On’s parents who died in a car accident leading her to give up driving, and Hyung-joon says he will always be her driver, as well as her friend and her lover. But then he died and left her alone.

Hyung-joon appears and stares at Shi On sadly back in the present, but his presence is only fleeting and soon he is gone, leaving her wishing silently that he never leaves her.

It is this same night that Gun woo makes his own decision to rejoin the world after his loss, and he turns up at Shi On’s house looking fresh and like himself again, which she is obviously very pleased to see. He asks to be included in her investigation, and I like the moment where she leads him inside to her wall of suspects and evidence which she has been secretly collecting by herself up until this point.

It is like she is letting him in and trusting him with this precious information, and also as if they are now in this together as equals who can support and help each other to the end, instead of like they used to be with Gun woo following always one step behind Shi On. I also liked the way he looks at her in this scene, quietly impressed and finally beginning to understand her strong drive that has been constantly pushing her forward.

Their investigation leads them to a pawn shop where Moon-shik left some evidence for them but before they can retrieve it the thugs turn up to ruin everything, and once again everyone ends up at a stalemate in a car basement, quite possibly about to die.

Gun Woo saves the day however by throwing the evidence, the crushed phone, at the gang guys giving them what they wanted and giving him and Shi On time to escape. But he is a crafty dude after all and still has the SIM card in hand, which the two Detectives bring to their resident nerdy cute tech guy. There is a bit of lightness here, reminding me of Shi On and Gun Woo’s fun comfortable chemistry that emerges whenever the two aren’t being either chased or yelling at each other, and these scenes were fun to watch.

And (I loved this scene) when Gun Woo walks Shi On home late at night, we see him say the exact words that Hyung-joon had said to her once as he walked beside her, Gun Woo’s simple complaints taking on a much deeper meaning as his words highlight how without even meaning to, he is beginning to take over that vacant spot of friend and protector in Shi On’s life.

And when Gun Woo asks her about her parents and she confesses she won’t drive because of the accident they had (poor girl has lost everyone!), Gun Woo tells her in a sweetly awkward but very firm way that from now on he will drive her.  He looks at her hopefully as he awaits her reply, but Shi On just tells him not to promise things that he doesn’t know about. He doesn’t know what will happen in the future.

Her words remind me that this potential couple have another obstacle in their path that I hadn’t even thought of, Shi On’s wounded heart. And also possibly her lack of ability to even believe in the idea of falling in love again, as why would she want to considering she may face the loss of someone she loves again in the blink of an eye. Why would she trust her future to another man when she has no idea what could happen?

But Gun Woo isn’t deterred and he tells her forcibly that he is a person who takes responsibility for his words, and when he leaves he is smiling again, because although Shi On didn’t answer him, I think he has finally explained to her what is inside his heart and made her believe he is sincere. He has promised her that he will look after her and that he is genuine and serious, and he did it all in such a non-pressurising way, which is exactly what Shi On needs right now. She needs someone to be strong and steadfast beside her who doesn’t demand anything back in a hurry, and Gun Woo has basically just offered himself for the job.

Jeez this is such a bloody long review!

So to wrap stuff up the episode finishes with Shi On being kidnapped (Dum dum dum!) and with Gun woo and Hyung-joon both finding out who the big bad gang leader is…..

Who are you – Episode 13 and 14

Okay….. mmmh, I am not too sure what to make of this Huge Twist, and I am a little worried I am not liking the direction this Huge Twist is heading……

Episode 13:

Sooooo…. back to the beginning of the episode, Gun Woo rushes off to save Shi On from where the gang are holding her hostage,  and he makes the swap with the SIM card to try and get her back. Shi On isn’t very pleased because basically she is literally living to solve this case and to her the evidence is more important than her safety. But as if Gun Woo is just going to leave her there anyway so she shouldn’t even bother trying to convince him, silly girl.

Obviously the main thug and his gang aren’t going to play fair though and the thug dude utters that exact same line to his lackey’s that he does every single time he goes near our two heroes (‘Get them!’) but once again his plans are foiled last minute and no one manages to ‘Get them!’.

This time it is Hyung-joon though who saves them, popping all the lights in the warehouse (with his physic ghost powers!) and leading Shi On out through the darkness.

But this seems to seriously take a toll on him and I am getting the distinct feeling that he is wearing out his own soul to be staying on earth like this and using his powers, meaning he may be slowly disappearing…. but as he says, ‘What I am afraid of is leaving Shi On behind, alone in this world. Thats is the only thing.‘ So I can’t see him going anywhere anytime soon….

Anyway, there is a fun fight scene against the thugs and this time Shi On throws herself over Gun Woo to save him, getting her back smashed as a result, leading our two leads to the hospital. And it is there that Shi On touches a Lost & Found item (brought in by the ridiculously sweet and hilarious interns) and she begins to see a ghost wearing a nurses uniform. 

And this ghost, although we don’t know much about her yet, is actually the key to this week’s Huge Twist, but more on that chestnut later…..

There is a nice quiet scene at the hospital where Gun Woo watches over Shi On as she sleeps (not in a creepy way!) and softly touches her face, smiling to himself. I like this scene because it makes it clear how Gun Woo feels for Shi On, and that his love is not just some puppy crush as I presume Shi On originally suspected, but in fact the real thing. I feel like he is in this for the long haul whether Shi On reciprocates his feelings or not.  

But of course this sweet moment is witnessed by Hyung-joon, looking worn and sick after his exertion at the warehouse. He remembers back to how he himself watched over Shi On for the six years of her coma, even taking care of her when Moon-shik turned up to try and keep her from waking up (wow he tried to kill her even back then…). 

When Shi On gets back to work she is armed with the devastating knowledge that the Police Chief Moon Hee Joo, her Sunbae and mentor, is in fact behind everything, and backed by some powerful people to boot (a senator for example). It hurts her in the same way that Moon-shik’s betrayal hurt Gun Woo and it suddenly seems like it is the two of them against the world. 

Police Chief Moon calls Shi On to his office and it is clear that he is completely aware that she knows who he is. He threatens her to back off, but Shi On doesn’t scare easily and refuses to be blind to what he has done. 

So now the game is quite interesting, because we have Gun Woo and Shi On trying to gather enough information to accuse the Police Chief, whilst trying not to be overly noticeable as it will probably lead to them being killed. I imagine the only reason the Police Chief is even letting them live so far is because he doesn’t believe they can get any evidence on him at all, and two extra bodies within his own department may be hard to explain.

But what he does’t know is that Shi On and Gun Woo have found an ally in the form of the lead investigator from the 3rd episode, the man whose fiancé was murdered by his own mother and then chopped into little pieces (bummer!).  Apparently he is trustworthy and together with our leads he begins to help investigate the case, meaning that if Gun Woo and Shi On can gather enough evidence, they now have someone willing to go up against the powerful Police Chief.

And what do you know, Moon-shik left them another gift, a recording of a conversation between himself and the Police Chief outlining a few of his evil deeds. But its still not enough for the investigator to go ahead with the case.

That night Gun Woo drives Shi On home and she seems to be a little reluctant to get out of the car and leave him, possibly because last time she was home alone a bunch of thugs turned up and kidnapped her. But luckily Gun Woo came prepared and he storms his way into the house (which he cleaned up by the way… aww!) to stay with her despite her protests, though secretly she is rather glad I am sure.  

This whole scene is so sweet and funny (except obviously that Hyung-joon is there watching which is a bit of a sad downer), as they mock fight and muck around in the house, practically wrestling as they argue about him staying or going, both of them clearly having heaps of fun.  

They actually pretty much act like a couple already, lots of mock fighting skinship and easy compatibility, even ending with Shi On falling right onto Gun Woo in a pretty hilarious moment mainly made funny because of Gun woo’s scoffing reaction and smug smile.  

And then we get back to the Huge Twist, which basically boils down to that nurse ghost from the hospital…. (dum dum dum) not really being dead!

I honesty don’t know how I feel about this twist that Shi On is seeing a coma victim, or the subsequent idea that possibly Hyung-joon isn’t dead after all and there has been some sort of cover up (presumably done by Moon-shik to save his life) from the case 6 years ago.

Do you think this is some sort of decision made to please all the fans who are shipping Hyung-joon with Shi On just because those fans quite possibly make up the majority of this dramas viewing audience? 

Is this whole plot a last minute tacked on fan-service? Is that what this is? 

If so, and it is some last minute crazy decision to change the male lead I just feel a little let down by it. Because if that is really where we are going to go then what was the point of the whole Gun Woo storyline? Isn’t this drama about moving on and letting go and learning to live again? Isn’t this meant to be a story about how Gun Woo helps Shi On find a reason to live again?

What about Gun Woo?

I am probably one of the few viewers who is definitely shipping Shi On with Gun Woo, as he is a lovely sweet guy who cares for our heroine, however one of the major reasons why I am shipping her with him is because the man is still alive. (I know, I don’t ask for much right?)

But if Shi On’s lovely heartbroken boyfriend comes back from the dead…… then how can I possibly not ship her being with the man she has been in love with since her childhood and has been so cruelly separated from?  

This whole thing confuses and upsets me!

And that is all just gripes with the emotional consequences of this decision to possibly bring Hyung-joon back, and not even touching on the actual logistics of how on earth it will even work!  I mean, has Hyung-joon also been in a coma for these past 6 years? Really, three comas? (Counting the nurse ghost in the hospital as well.)  

Is that not two comas too many, Drama?  Isn’t it?

Episode 14:

Well it always takes  a tragedy and the possibility of losing someone to make you realise just how much they really mean to you, and Shi On is no different as we see in this episode.

In some ways this episode was just legwork for what’s to come as we move towards the finale and the culmination of our story. Not that it was boring, but it dealt more with moving the pieces where they needed to go rather than any major action, with the main focus definitely being on establishing this lovely little lopsided love triangle.

So this episode Shi On spends some time solving the little mystery of the nurse coma ghost and although this story was rather simple and small, I did find it to be quite touching in its inevitability and am glad that it did have a conclusion, even if it was a bittersweet one. I was rather worried that this ghost’s presence, obviously needed to establish the fact that ghosts can exist for coma victims, would not be treated as a full story arc and just sort of peeter out once the Hyung-joon Big Reveal was dealt with, but it was actually handled pretty well.

Basically this young woman is already in death’s doorway and the only reason why she hasn’t let go and is still sleeping on is because she needs to get closure on an aspect of her life which has been haunting her since childhood, her lost sibling.

It is such a sad little story, as the moment her sister does come to see her, led to her bedside by Shi On, the girl passes away, her last wish fulfilled, leaving her sister sobbing into her mothers arms. Perhaps, on top of ensuring her sister could keep her promise and not spend the rest of her life feeling guilty, she has also done this to give her mother someone to lean on, someone she can share her grieving with.

Meanwhile, Gun Woo is investigating his own case, the case of one missing Hyung-joon, and he follows his clues right to the doorstep of a hospice where Moon-shik has been sending money for years (6 years to be exact) and right to the comatose body of our melancholy ghost. But unluckily for poor old Hyung-joon, Gun woo has also been busy making Shi On care about him, living in her house, keeping her amused and driving her around the place. And I think she is becoming quite unconsciously reliant on his presence, made obvious by the scene where Gun Woo comes home to find Shi On crying over Hyung-joon’s engagement ring.

Seeing her tears, Gun woo cannot help but feel the jealously overwhelm him, caused by this enigma of a past love whom he knows is still hanging around unseen by everyone else.

He tears back outside, with a muttered comment about ‘Bad timing’, which I thought was pretty funny as it could have referred to the fact that he walked in on her crying or the much larger problem of him being in love with a woman who is still in deep mourning for her lost boyfriend.

But the funny thing is, that the very second that Gun woo storms out the door (to sit alone and lament the depressing fact that he is jealous of a dead guy!) Shi On gets all antsy, hovering over her CCTV screen and awaiting his return. As in she basically does nothing the whole time he is gone other than pace around her house, keep checking the road outside and thinking about Gun Woo. But hilariously, when he does return she straight away snaps goodnight to him and tries to make a run for her room, unable to quite deal with him or her growing need to have him around.

But Gun Woo is sick of dancing around the topic and grabs Shi On into an embrace, asking her to look at him, to please look at him from now on. And for a moment, it actually looks like Shi On is going to to return his hug, that she is going to hold onto him too, but in the end her heart is just too confused and she lets her hands fall down to her sides, unable to reciprocate or give Gun Woo what he wants.

I am in two minds about this gesture from Gun woo, and in some ways I guess his expectations are a bit insensitive, because really what he needs to give Shi On right now is time. But on the other hand I must admit that I kind of liked that he is being honest, that he is expressing what he wants from Shi On so there can be no misunderstandings, and I also think that maybe he is afraid that if he doesn’t express his true feelings, his and Shi On’s relationship will just continue on in this easy camaraderie forever, never growing into what he really wants it to be.

The next morning is awkward as Shi On and Gun Woo share the drive into work, but hilariously the tension is broken by a song on the radio (turned on to cut the silence) which ends up cracking them both up and sending them giggling and stealing glances at each other (I am not sure if the lyrics were funny or what, but even though I couldn’t fully understand the in-joke, I still really enjoyed this scene). And finally Shi On is able to say easily that Gun woo will need to wait to have that conversation

 until after this case is solved, and Gun Woo accepts (in his usual endearing complainy way).

The investigation of the case hits a wall however as their new mate, the prosecutor who is helping them, is actually warned off the case by his scary boss. He seems to back down but passes along all the information they have collected so far to Shi On and tells her that if they can get that main Thug Dude to turn against Police Chief Moon they might still have a case.

And luckily for them (or unluckily, whatever) that very Thug Dude is still skulking around, having been told to get underground by the Police Chief who will soon be running for Commissioner and therefore doesn’t want any dirty laundry hanging around.

This Thug Dude follows Shi On to her house and I must say that I find Kdrama following scenes very hilarious though at least in this case Shi On does realise she is being followed by someone walking two metres behind her! She confronts Thug Dude and provokes him (instead of negotiating with him which might have been a better idea) and Thug Dude stabs her…… except Gun Woo has rushed in to save the day by getting stabbed instead, and it is pretty bad.

Shi On freaks out, screaming and crying and telling Gun Woo that he can’t die, absolutely hysterical so that when Hyung-joon appears all she can do is scream at him too, telling him to save Gun Woo’s life, though obviously the poor guy can do nothing but stand and watch.

The ambulance arrive in time though, and Gun Woo is taken in for surgery though the doctors are still unsure he will survive the night. Shi On sits at his bedside and tells him that he can’t leave her alone, clearly extremely distressed at the prospect of losing him. Although this is obviously a pretty shit time for Shi On, I kind of knew something like this would need to happen in order to propel her relationship with Gun Woo forward. Right now she is so lost, sitting on the fence between letting go of Hyung-joon and ignoring the possibility of opening her heart to someone new, and it was going to take a catalyst of some sort to make her understand exactly what Gun woo means to her.

When he does wake up, the first thing the lovely honest Gun Woo does is try and inform Shi On about finding Hyung-joon, only to start sort of dying as he does so, leaving Shi On screaming and crying again, terrified that she is losing him.

Like I said earlier, I am really not excited about this plot twist, because basically we are now going to have Shi On choosing between her lasting love for Hyung-joon, basically back from the dead, and her growing feelings for Gun Woo, which just so doesn’t excite me at all, because basically someone I like is going to lose out in that game.

If Hyung-joon remains a ghost, sure he still loses out, but at least he understands why and its because he is dead and not because Shi On doesn’t love him.

But if Gun Woo loses out to alive Hyung-joon then what was this whole show even about? I mean, we all know that Hyung-joon is clearly the second lead if only because he is barely on the screen, so if we really did spend this whole show getting to know and like Gun Woo only to watch him end up miserable and alone I will absolutely just freak out.


Who are you – Episode 15 and 16 (Final)

I really enjoyed this series for what it was, sweet, simple and engaging on an emotional level. It never tried too hard and so therefore never overshot the mark, keeping me satisfied and involved right to the very end.

Episode 15:

Well, in regards to the police stuff and the whole smuggling plot arc this conclusion was unsurprisingly lacking in both logic and suspense…… did it matter?

Not to me.

This show has never pretended to be a gritty or realistic look into detective work and so this rather neat and easily accomplished ending to that storyline was something that I kind of expected. 

So basically, as soon as Shi On manages to turn that main Thug Dude against Police Chief Moon everything starts going her way, and within moments we are watching her and her new gang of police officers arresting all the big bad guys in charge of the smuggling ring, even parading the witness past Police Moon just to prove a point and scare him, while triumphant music plays in the background triumphantly ( I am pretty sure you are meant to protect your witness and not put him on ‘show and tell’, but whatever).

Even if it was all pretty simple, I must say I still enjoyed watching Shi On interrogating that main Thug Dude and manipulating him into turning against his former employer, as well as her fun strut into the board room to both embarrass and arrest Police Chief Moon.  (I always enjoy the sight of arrogant and  blustering old men shouting the obligatory ‘How dare you? Do you know who I am?‘ as they are taken down and ruined…… Is that weird?)

Anyway, now that has all been tied up into a nice neat bow we can move onto the main story, being of course Hyung-joon. 

Right now I can hear the hearts of a thousand fangirls breaking into tiny pieces all around the world, because the whole Hyung-joon being brought back from the dead thing was most definitely a big tease…… and yet I think it did actually work. 

As in it upset the hell out of me. 

In a good way though, getting me right in the gut. It was such an incredibly sad way to finish the second last episode but it probably needed to happen. Shi On was beginning to become ready to move on, to focus on life, on her future and not her past. 

And Hyung-joon could see that clearly. 

I will also make a note that Hyung-joon didn’t seem particularly surprised to see his coma body, making me believe this was something he was aware of all along, but also that he didn’t really want Shi On to know about it, realising that there was no going back for him and that giving her hope that he was still alive wasn’t a good thing. 

And though it does seem particularly cruel to give Shi On this senseless hope at the last minute, I also think it will aid in her healing process in a way too, because she was never with Hyung-joon when he died, she never saw his body and therefore she never properly grieved for him as a result. Now she has that chance, this time she was beside him as he died.

She knows that Hyung-joon loved her and that she loved him, and Hyung-joon also made it clear what he wants for her in her life, that the reason he hung on all these painful years was because he was to afraid to let her be alone, thinking no one could ever love her as much as he did. That without him she couldn’t survive. 

Which he has finally accepted is not true. 

Because of Gun Woo.

It must be so incredibly painful for Hyung-joon to have see Gun Woo slowly (and innocently) taking over his role in Shi On’s life, but in a way it was clearly a relief for him as well. Hyung-joon knows he has to go, there is no way around that, and as he said that coma body is not really him, it is just a shell and really he died six years ago (sob). And now he can finally let go knowing that Shi On will be okay.

I found this episode quite painful and sad to watch, just because it was so unexpected to watch Hyung-joon let go so soon after Shi On found him again, but like I said, finding his body and saying goodbye to him properly will be part of a grieving process for her, it will be a healthier (but no less horrifying) ending to their heartrending bittersweet love story. 

As for Gun Woo, he is in love with Shi On and even Hyung-joon has admitted that. 

I like that when Gun Woo was stabbed and possibly dying the first thing on his mind was getting the truth out to Shi On about seeing her dead love. I like that when he thought it was a possibility he would never get another chance he told her straight away, but I also like that when he is awake and well again, hearing Shi On’s confession and acceptance of his love he becomes more selfish, if only for a little while. 

When Shi On tells him that her answer is for Gun Woo to get well again and then return to her side, Gun Woo soaks it in, listening to the words he has been waiting for all this time and letting himself believe it. You can see that when Shi On first begins to speak, he does try to stop her, but in the end her words are too sweet and he has wanted to hear them for too long, so Gun Woo lets himself have a small time of believing in this future that Shi On presents to him.

But he is not the kind of man to keep quiet forever, no matter how badly he wants to, and so he does tell her the truth eventually, and straight away he begins to doubt that Shi On will ever come back to him at all.

I also really liked the scene where Gun Woo is struggling down the hallway in pain, thinking again over the lovely words that Shi On told him back in his hospital room. He looks so hurt and unhappy, like he knows it is all over now, that Shi On is so beyond him again.

But then he remembers the part where she asked him to get well and come back to her, and its like suddenly a light goes on and he nods. And then he does exactly what she asked of him, whether she wants it anymore or not. He gets dressed and walks straight into Hyung-joon’s room, just in time to comfort and look after Shi On in her time of need.

This to me signified that Gun woo decided not to give up.  Even if Hyung-joon is still alive Gun woo is going to fight for Shi On because he loves her. And it is only because he is that type of a man that Hyung-joon is willing to leave Shi On in his care. Because Hyung-joon knows that no matter what, Gun Woo won’t ever give up on her.

Episode 16:

‘I wanted to see you smile brightly like before.’

‘But you’re not around.’

‘I didn’t think there would be anyone who would care for you as much as I did in this world.

But now I can leave in peace.

Shi On. I died that day six years ago.’

‘But you’re still alive like this. Why?’

‘That’s not me. It’s just an empty body. With no meaning.

Don’t cry. I’m fine.

Don’t get sick. Start driving now 

Don’t lose your stuff.

Have a cute baby with the one you love….. and be happy with him.’

Aaaaaand Hyung-joon out.

Well, basically all the heavy stuff was covered last episode so this very last finale was just a fluff epilogue for no reason other than they had an episode to fill and it is fun for fans to watch Shi On and Gun Woo be happy for once.

I am not really a huge advocator for the time jump normally but in this case I think it was a good thing in regards to the believability of Shi On and Gun Woo’s relationship. I really liked the sensitive way Gun Woo backed off after the funeral, the way he made it clear to Shi On that he was still 100% wanting to be with her but that he understood that she needed space to recover.

And I liked that as soon as enough time had passed he was right back to where he had left off, yet this time Shi On is on the same page too, and completely ready to meet him halfway.

love that we didn’t have to deal with a last episode filled with being boring and angsty for no reason (except to use as filler drama) and that whatever issues did arise in this last hour were resolved incredibly quickly and not dwelt on for long. I guess that really this was an hour of fan service fluff, getting a chance to watch Shi On being cheery (and jealous) for once which was actually pretty sweet.

Of course there is absolutely nothing ground breaking here, and the show could have just as easily tied things up satisfactorily with one episode less, but to be honest I still enjoyed this sweeter, slower ending just for what it was, a little bit more time with this OTP.

I even quite enjoyed the hint at the end that there were going to be some ghosts again, as I like imagining our leads solving mysteries in the future, working closely together and supporting eachother as they help other people.

What a HUGE review …… if anyone at all made it to the end of this I’d love to know!!!!!! Send me your thoughts!!!!

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