Kdrama Podcast: Ten reasons to love SAVE ME / RESCUE ME

Join a cult and then get hit in the face with a shovel, because today Lee Evie is discussing the ten reasons to love the mysterious, atmospheric and disturbing 2017 Kdrama SAVE ME, also known sometimes as RESCUE ME. Seriously, cults, creeps and Woo Do-Hwan; what else does a Korean drama even need? Also starring the ever earnest Taecyeon and the fragile yet powerful Seo Ye-Ji, this Kdrama was addictive and (almost) perfect, so come and hang out with Lee Evie as she shouts at you to go watch it already!!! 

To listen to the episode, check i out on your favourite podcast platform, or listen using the link below:

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Have you watched this drama? I also did a written review of it as well, which you can read HERE.

Did you love this drama? Tell me your feelings!

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