Kdrama Podcast: Ten reasons to love WHO ARE YOU: SCHOOL 2015!

Impersonate your identical twin sister and then realise the boy you are falling in love with is already in love with you, but only because he thinks you are your sister (pheww …. that’s complicated folks!!!!!), because today Lee Evie is talking about the very excellent and angsty 2015 youth melodrama WHO ARE YOU: SCHOOL 2015, which stars the gorgeous Kim So-Hyun, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Yook Sung-Jae. This was the sixth instalment in the very popular ‘School’ Kdrama series and is one of Lee Evie’s favourite Korean dramas of all time, probably only because she boarded the correct ship in the love triangle. Listen as she discusses her ten reasons to adore this drama, the power of a love triangle done right, and Kim So-Hyun’s utter perfection. 

If you want to listen, the Lee Evie Korean Drama Podcast is available on most listening platforms (Apple Podcasts, spotify etc.), or you can listen by following this link:

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