Lee Evie’s Author Diary: November 2019

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L e e  E v i e:
Historical Fiction set in Old Korea.

A big November Welcome! 

Hello everybody, this is Lee Evie here, historical fiction author and kdrama podcaster.

Welcome to my little November bookclub email! I hope everyone has had a lovely month. To start off, I want to say a huge thank you to my new subscribers and a big WELCOME! It is so wonderful to have you here joining us! 🙂 

This week I’ll be talking about my upcoming book (with an illustration reveal of the artwork that will become the book cover! I am so freaking excited to share this!) and also a bit about what I’ve been up to.
Pretty much, this issue will cover:

  • What I’m watching right now
  • What I’m reading right now
  • Writing news
  • Podcast update
  • Blog update
  • Words of the month
  • Goodbye!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to get involved in my fiction and Kdrama obsessiveness, I feel so excited to have you all here once again for this month’s letter!

If you ever want to chat with me, feel free to reply to this email.
I’d love to hear from you!!

Lee Evie.


Oh my gosh, I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of incredible Kdramas that are airing right now! I don’t even know where to start!

I am juggling three different currently airing shows, and I just cannot wait to talk about them on my podcast over the coming weeks! I am stuck into:

  • Extraordinary You (a gorgeous youth romance drama that provides every trope a romance fan craves but also somehow completely subverts every trope at the same time!)
  • Tale of Nokdu (a fun historical gender bending romcom starring Kim So Hyun and a boy who looks equally good as a woman and a man! Confusing!)
  • My Country (a dark and twisted sageuk about the birth of Joseon. High production levels, excellent fight scenes and characters that break my heart! This is historical Kdrama at its best! Also, it’s got Woo do Hwan’s lovely face in it. Also Jang Hyuk is absolute gold in this, what an amazing actor!)

I don’t even understand how these shows could all be this amazing!
I cannot wait to explore aaaaallllll my feelings about them on upcoming podcast episodes!

Has anyone else started any of these shows?
What are you guys watching?


Does anyone else enjoy a spot of poetry? 
I really love it, but I am more of a casual poetry reader. I don’t know a whole heap about poetry, and I also really love the bite-sized instagram poetry that is very popular at the moment.

This book has been on my mind a lot this month though, by ancient middle eastern poet Rumi. His words are just so moving to me, I love them so much.

There is a night full of the wildness of wanting.
Then dawn comes.
You take my hand in yours.

… and …

Walk out as a lion, as a rose.
Inhale autumn, long for spring.

What do you think?
Do you like it?


So after a million years spent proofreading my manuscript called PROMISE SEASON (this is the historical Korean novel about a gisaeng who becomes embroiled in a dangerous plot) I am actually still not quite finished! I have done a lot of proofreading before, but this is just taking me AGES! 

Possibly that is because my computer died very recently … which has put me behind schedule a little, but it is all slowly coming together now and I think I am still on track for publication of PROMISE SEASON.

But what I have been very excited to share is an early behind the scenes look at the artwork that will be used on the book cover. I really hope you like it!

Promise Season – A dark and romantic tale of old Korea

The artwork is of the main character in my novel, PROMISE SEASON.

Her name is Seorin and she is a gisaeng in the most famous gibang in Hanyang, during the Joseon dynasty.
She is a bit of a tragic figure, who doesn’t have a lot of hope left, but a chance meeting soon leads her to begin spying for a shadowy organisation. Seorin must figure out how to get what she wants without being used up and discarded first.

There is a lot of danger and adventure and political plotting, and also some lovely romance too.

I really hope people like the artwork. Once the designer has finished with it (filtering and cutting it etc.) it will probably look a little different (also the artist isn’t quite finished yet) but this still gives you a nice behind the scenes look at what is going on! 🙂

I really hope people enjoy reading this book! 🙂


Here are some lyrics I find very beautiful and moving from a lovely song called BAD DREAMS by one of my favourite artists BEVY MACO (also featuring SUMMER SOUL). You can listen to this song on Spotify, Youtube or Soundcloud for free if you are interested to see what it sounds like 🙂

Both of these singers are Korean, but they operate within the slightly more underground Korean rnb scene. Summer Soul is a lot of fun to follow on Instagram too!

These lyrics are kind of sad, but even though I am generally a very happy person and prefer happy media and happy endings, I also find sad things very beautiful too. It taps into a different side of emotion, I guess. 

I hope you like these lyrics. The picture I took of the ocean on a very stormy day.

GOODBYE (until next month).

Thank you so much for reading my little update!

I really hope you enjoyed it 🙂

If you are interested, I am now on Instagram, so if you are on it too, I’d love to follow you! You can find my handle as: 


Make sure you say who you are if you follow me as I’d love to follow you back and say hello! 🙂
Mostly I just put up pictures of Kdrama and nature stuff …

Happy reading and watching everybody!
Have a beautiful month.
Until next time, over and out:

Lee Evie.

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