Kdrama Podcast: Falling in love with THE TALE OF NOKDU

Put on a dress and pretend to be a woman (and look pretty damn good while doing it) because today Lee Evie is discussing the utterly charming and delightful 2019 Kdrama THE TALE OF NOKDU. This Joseon set rom-com sageuk stars the always gorgeous Kim So-Hyun and features an absolute breakout performance by actor Jang Dong-Yoon. It has loads of romance, comedy and thrilling action, and Lee Evie reckons it is one of the best Korean dramas of 2019! 

Listen via the following link, or listen via your favourite podcast platform!

2 thoughts on “Kdrama Podcast: Falling in love with THE TALE OF NOKDU

  1. My friend recommended your podcast to me and as a fan of TTON I was riveted the entire hour. Thank you for making it!! I love how you go into such detail. I appreciate how much “waffling” you do about the history. Please don’t stop I learnt so much.

    I agree that TTON, especially with regards to the pacing and narrative doesn’t seem like it’d work, but it does! Gender bender where the person is found out early, works. Early romantic confession, works. Leads get together halfway through, works. Leads have secrets, somehow not convoluted and works. The acting, the charm, the attention given to fleshing out each character is what I think is the secret behind it!

    And I look forward to Taeoh getting a lead role too. Basically I was just mentally going “Yes! This!” the whole time I was listening to you!

    Well guess I gotta go listen to a couple more! 🤭

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    1. Oh thank you SO MUCH doramaticbites, I loved reading this comment so very much! 🙂 I am so glad you didn’t mind my waffling about history and this drama, and I totally agree, this drama is such a gem! I absolutely loved it, and I think you are so right and like how you put it: the acting, the charm, the attention to fleshing out each character, it does seem like those things are the reason it works so well. It was such a joy to watch this drama and so much fun to talk about it on the show!

      I am so glad you enjoyed listening to the podcast! I always get worried I waffle a bit too much, but dramas are really so much fun to talk about that I just can’t help myself! Ha! 🙂


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