BOOK COVER REVEAL: Promise Season – a dark and romantic tale of old Korea.

Here is the official reveal for the book cover for my first novel, a dark and romantic historical fiction adventure set in old Korea, during the Joseon dynasty.

I really hope you like it! I feel so excited and also nervous to be sharing it!!

This novel is available in print or ebook, across all online retailers. Visit your favourite store, or to purchase Promise Season, use the following links:

And here is the official blurb:


Joseon Dynasty, Korea.

A humid summer storm rages across the Pavilion, the greatest entertainment house in the sprawling city of Hanyang. Within its stifling walls a gisaeng slave girl hides a fugitive in her bed, unexpectedly saving the life of a young man who is not all he seems.

Immediately Seorin is thrust into a razor-edged world of conspiracy and spies, doomed rebellion and murky intrigue. For the first time in years, she glimpses an opportunity for change.

Yet it is not her freedom Seorin so desperately desires, but something far more precious. She will risk anything, even death, to gain it.

A dark and romantic historical adventure set in old Korea.

I really hope you liked the cover! I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts!!!


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