Kdrama Podcast: Korean Drama inspired Fiction with GU FAMILY BOOK and Lee Evie’s novel PROMISE SEASON

Don’t like that Kdrama ending? Write your own!! No … seriously, Lee Evie was so frustrated by one of the side character storylines in the 2013 Kdrama GU FAMILY BOOK that she literally wrote a whole book to rectify it!! Join Lee Evie today as she celebrates the publishing of her Kdrama inspired novel PROMISE SEASON, about a young gisaeng slave girl who is forced to become a spy for a shady political conspiracy during Korea’s Joseon dynasty. This novel was very directly inspired by GU FAMILY BOOK, and Lee Evie also discusses the aspects of this Korean drama she loved and hated, and the history behind the national Korean hero, Lee Soon-Shin (also written as Yi Sun-Sin), who appears in this drama.

To listen, search for the Lee Evie Korean Drama Podcast on your favourite podcast platform, or listen via the link below:

Lee Evie is an author of historical fiction set in old Korea, during the Joseon dynasty.

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Historical Fiction by Lee Evie!

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