Kdrama Podcast: MY COUNTRY THE NEW AGE overview

Get stabbed in the belly multiple times with a sword and cough up some blood, but then be totally fine in every way, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is discussing one of her favourite 2019 Korean dramas MY COUNTRY: THE NEW AGE. Starring the beautiful Woo Do-Hwan, Yang Se-Jong and Jang Hyuk, this Kdrama is a bloody and tragic tale of the end of an empire (Goryeo) and the emergence of a new dynasty from the ashes (Joseon). Oh … and it is also a drama in which every major character walks around literally covered from head to toe in blood. Did Lee Evie mention this drama was bloody? Because it is bloody.

Listen on your favourite podcast platform, or via the link below:

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Lee Evie

LEE EVIE is a podcaster, blogger and author of dark historical fiction set in old Korea. Discover Lee Evie’s historical fiction novels by clicking on the images below!

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