Kdrama podcast: A KOREAN ODYSSEY, WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS and THE BRIDE OF HABAEK a first episode challenge!

Grab a monkey, some soju and a water god, because now it is first episode challenge time! This is a brand new thing Lee Evie just invented, which involves her watching some first episodes and then, you know, talking about them and stuff. How challenging! This week she tackles the 2017 fantasy romance THE BRIDE OF HABAEK (in which actors she really likes, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Shin Se-Kyung, both seem to forget how to move their faces), the 2018 fantasy romance A KOREAN ODYSSEY, also known as HWAYUGI (in which Lee Seung-gi prances around like the rockstar monkey god he truly is) and finally the 2019 modern romance WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS (in which Gong Hyo-jin and Kang Ha-Neul live quiet domestic lives and also battle serial killers apparently).

You can listen by searching for the Lee Evie Korean Drama Podcast on your favourite podcast streaming platform, or you can follow the link below:


Lee Evie.

Lee Evie is an author of historical fiction set in old Korea, during the Joseon dynasty.

For updates and behind the scenes looks at my fiction, you can sign up to my newsletter, and also receive a free book, which is a love story set in a small agricultural village in ancient Korea. I hope you enjoy it!!

Her first historical fiction novel PROMISE SEASON is available now to purchase in ebook or paperback.

In the ancient Korean city of Hanyang, a gisaeng slave girl hides a fugitive in her bed, unexpectedly saving the life of a young man who is not all he seems. When she is forced to turn spy for a shadowy organisation with dangerous intentions, Seorin only wants one thing in return. Yet it is not her freedom she so desperately desires, it is something far more precious … and Seorin will face anything, even death, to gain it.

A dark and romantic tale of old Korea.

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