Lee Evie Author Diary: JANUARY 2020

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L e e  E v i e:
Historical Fiction in Old Korea.

Welcome to 2020!

Hello everybody, this is Lee Evie here, historical fiction author and kdrama podcaster.

Welcome to my first bookclub email of the new year, which comes with a very special shoutout to my new subscribers this month, I am so excited to have you all here! 🙂

I don’t know about everyone else, but a brand new year always makes me feel excited for the possibilities ahead, and at the moment I’ve been trying to spend time both reflecting on 2019 and the things I achieved (you must always remember to be proud of yourself!), as well as looking forward to a whole bunch of new goals for 2020!

I think that if there is anything exciting you want to do in 2020, you can join me now in setting your goal and working hard this year to achieve it! So in the spirit of new beginnings, here are my goals for 2020: 

  • Keep working hard to get the word out about my new Korean historical novel PROMISE SEASON (and fingers crossed it does well now it is finally published!)
  • Finish proofreading my next book, called A SONG FOR LONELY WOLVES, and finalise the cover!
  • Get the second stand-alone book in my PROMISE SERIES (set in a Joseon gisaeng house) prepped for publication – it is already written but requires a lot of editing still!
  • Write a new book! 
  • Keep up my weekly Kdrama podcasts for a full year!

What about you?
What are your goals?

This January 2020 newsletter issue will cover:

  • PROMISE SEASON paperback giveaway competition!
  • Writing news
  • What I’m watching right now
  • What I’m reading right now
  • Podcast update
  • Blog update
  • Words of the month
  • Goodbye!

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read this thing, your support honestly means so much to me, and I am very grateful for your time! 🙂

If you ever want to chat with me, feel free to reply to this email. Tell me your 2020 goals, or your favourite book or Kdrama!

I’d love to hear from you!!

Lee Evie.


So as you may already know (because I waffle on about it CONSTANTLY! Ha!) my very first historical fiction novel was published in December.

I am very very excited about it, and actually holding the paperback in my hands was just the best feeling ever!

So because I am so excited about it, I decided to run a competition! 

I have one PROMISE SEASON PAPERBACK TO GIVE AWAY, which I will post internationally to wherever you are.

INSTRUCTIONS TO ENTER: All you have to do to enter is reply to this email and let me know you’d like to go into the draw. I will draw names from a hat (or some other hat shaped thing … ) and announce the winner in next month’s newsletter!

Here is info about the book:

A slave girl. A spy. A promise.

Joseon Dynasty, Korea.A humid summer storm rages across the Pavilion, the greatest entertainment house in the sprawling city of Hanyang.  Within its stifling walls a gisaeng slave girl hides a fugitive in her bed, unexpectedly saving the life of a young man who is not all he seems.

Immediately Seorin is thrust into a razor-edged world of conspiracy and spies, doomed rebellion and murky intrigue. For the first time in years, she glimpses an opportunity for change.

Yet it is not her freedom Seorin so desperately desires, but something far more precious. She will risk anything, even death, to gain it.

A dark and romantic historical adventure set in old Korea.


My second historical fiction novel, A SONG FOR LONELY WOLVES, has come back from my editor, and so now it is almost time for proofreading.

It is also time for cover design!
The artist who worked on the artwork on my first book, has also done a piece for my second, so my designer will be working on some cover mock ups very soon, which is always exciting.
I will hopefully be able to share a few in a month or two here in the newsletter.

A SONG FOR LONELY WOLVES is about a young woman in 1500s Korea who is a damo. She works undercover for the Joseon police bureau and is sent to an isolated snowy village in the mountains to solve the case of a missing noblewoman. It is a pretty dark detective story with a little romance, and I really hope people will enjoy it.

I can’t wait to share it with you! 🙂


Weirdly enough, I barely watched any Kdrama over my holidays! Which is the opposite thing you are meant to do on holidays! I expected to watch ALL OF THE KDRAMA!

But lately I have been enjoying very much a re-watch of the charming and fun supernatural rom-com Let’s Fight Ghost! It stars my most favourite Kim So-Hyun, as well as Taecyeon, and is just such an easy, funny and sweet watch that isn’t too demanding!

What have you been watching?


I just finished a beautiful book by Juliet Marillier, called Harp of Kings. It is set in ancient Ireland and is lush and romantic and mysterious. Actually my historical fiction novels are VERY MUCH influenced by this author’s work. I’ve loved her forever, and she writes tales that are very romantic and moving, about love and sacrifice. 


Update on my latest podcast episodes, including my 2019 end of year review! It is spread across two whole episodes because there were just TOO MANY DRAMAS!


FAVOURITE: This month I think I had the most fun doing the episode for MY COUNTRY, simply because it was one of my absolute favourite dramas of the year, so it was just a delight to fangirl over! 🙂

YUCK: The episode I had LEAST fun working on this month was the one about my book release (Episode 25: Kdrama Inspired Fiction and Gu Family Book). This is because I read out the first chapter of my novel on the podcast, which was a weird and horrifying experience! I love to write novels, but promoting them is weird and hard! Haha! 


A bit random (as always) but here is some good advice from the wonderful and iconic American singer Nat King Cole (I love him!).

GOODBYE (until next month).

Thank you so much for reading to the end! You are the best!

It has also come to my attention that maybe some subscribers have been having trouble downloading my free book offer when first signing up. I keep trying to fix it, but it works for me, but maybe not for others.

Therefore, if you did miss out, either email me directly to ask for a new format like kindle, PDF, epub etc.(by replying to this newsletter) or use the following link to download BARLEY FIELDS: A JOSEON LOVE STORY in PDF format FOR FREE.

Happy reading and watching everybody!

Have a beautiful month!
Until next time, over and out:

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