Kdrama Podcast: Sweet, dark and emotional with PAGE TURNER!

Get into a car accident and go blind, and then spend your time alternating between playing the piano and screaming at Ji-Soo, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is talking about the 2016 Korean drama PAGE TURNER. Starring the always beautiful Kim So-Hyun and the absolute goof Ji-Soo (seriously, Ji-Soo is such a goof in this show!), this drama is a beautiful and tender look at dreams … and what to do when they come crashing down. Do you pursue your dream anyway, just because you love it, or do you find a new dream to replace the old one? This is a Kdrama with thought-provoking themes and positive messages, and is funny, silly and emotionally moving. And at only 3 episodes, it is most definitely worth your time! 

Listen to this episode by searching for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST on your favourite streaming platform, or follow the link below:

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