Kdrama Podcast: TEMPTED / THE GREAT SEDUCER overview

Become waaaay too embroiled in your parent’s love lives while immersing yourself in completely avoidable misery, and then scream and cry when it all backfires, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the bonkers (yet strangely addicting?) 2018 Korean drama known as TEMPTED or sometimes as THE GREAT SEDUCER (which is honestly the dumbest name ever!). Starring a group of indescribably gorgeous people, including Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga-Young and Kim Min-Jae, this kdrama is about rich broken teens who keep making everything worse by acting like tiny small children. It’s also a weirdly satisfying show! In this episode, Lee Evie talks about what she liked, what she didn’t, and the overall cringe factor of this drama!

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2 thoughts on “Kdrama Podcast: TEMPTED / THE GREAT SEDUCER overview

  1. HI Lee Evie!

    Here I am again with a review.

    But then, I have a confession to make… I was comparing it with the American version Cruel Intention. I’m sorry since I know this is a dangerously wrong attitude in watching dramas, or movies or even just reading books. It was totally unfair of me. An attitude like this often lead to either gladly surprise you or disappoint you to death. And I think my mentality went to the later. I was curious how a PG rated K-drama would portray “tempting” or “seducing” Tae Hee but it looked like it was easy and what’s supposed to be expert Shi-Hyun didn’t look like he exerted effort to make Tae Hee like him. I think Tae Hee’s opinion of him in the beginning were easily forgotten and it was too simple for her to fall for him. Unlike the counterpart in the Hollywood version, the same character gave the seducer the challenge because she knew his game — even at the moment that she already changed him, she was still not falling.

    I kinda expected, though, the drama and cruelty the main characters were portrayed and the way the K-drama has noted that it is due to bad parenting. The story of the parents were necessary for me establishing further that they were not ready to have kids. They, themselves, has not grown fully and unfortunately has to handle responsibility sooner, leaving them to prematurely take on parenting. Poor kids, they thought their lives were over when their parents were living their lives. Somehow, in this aspect, the Kdrama made sense.

    The actors were all great and Woo Do Hwan, as usual, did not disappoint. I really thought the series will cross the PG rating with the way he bring out the seducer in the first episode. Oh well… šŸ™‚

    I will listen to It’s Okay Not to Be Okay next, which is now at the top of my favorites — next to Goblin šŸ™‚ Maybe Healer afterwards… I don’t know šŸ˜€ Keep on putting out these podcasts! I really, really, really appreciate it!

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    1. Yay, thanks so much for listening!! I hope you enjoy the next episodes you listen to as well! šŸ˜
      I loved reading your thoughts on Tempted, and I don’t think you are wrong to bring expectations from watching a different adaption to how you feel about this show. I think it’s impossible not to! For me, I hadn’t watched the American Cruel Intentions for so many years I had forgotten all the finer details of it, so it didn’t hugely change the way I watched this version. But I totally loved reading all your thoughts in your review!! I love hearing how others experience shows and what they take away from them! šŸ˜»šŸ˜»


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