Kdrama Podcast: ITAEWON CLASS overview

Be the absolute best man in the entire universe and swear ultimate revenge against a food company … and then go and make … your own food company … really slowly … over many years? So the 2020 kdrama ITAEWON CLASS sure sounds like a silly story, but this week Lee Evie discusses what makes it work for her, including the wonderful performance by Park Seo Joon. This Korean drama is of the tried and tested underdog trope variety, yet is elevated into something interesting, emotional and fresh by a central hero who captured Lee Evie’s heart. Sigh. 

To listen, search for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST on your favourite streaming platform, or listen below:

2 thoughts on “Kdrama Podcast: ITAEWON CLASS overview

  1. Hi Lee Evie! Me again 🙂

    To be honest, I was kind of pessimistic about Itaewon Class and I was expecting a cheesy execution of a cheesy theme of youth and equality. It was probably for those reasons that the series was extremely awesome to watch! I agree that the characters were the ones that carried the whole show and how they were dressed while the characters grow. It was magical in a way that it is not at all close to being a fantasy type of series. I noticed also that the show is very well edited… well, maybe until the kidnapping part. It’s quite cheesy, that part. Honestly, the kidnapping trope on series has to stop.

    Back on the bright notes, (as bright as Park Seo Jun’s smile :)) Sereoyi is indeed wonderfully played by Park Seo Jun. I don’t understand though that the character is not supposed to be sexy but Seo Jun’s sexiness somehow seeps through. Maybe I just had a hang over with his rom-com What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (… or maybe that’s just PSJ). But yep, I agree, Itaewon Class is Park Sereoyi.

    However, I think as I watch the series, Yi-Su was the one I am looking forward to. Possibly because early on in the series, probably in the first 2 episodes, Sereoyi is already established as a man of principle and open mindedness.
    I can somehow predict his decisions. But with Yi-Su, I don’t know what’s going through her head and sometimes, her crazy decisions also influences Sereoyi a lot, which shifts the direction of the whole series. I love her character. I hope I can see more characters like her someday.

    Wow! Our wave lengths must be in sync! I’ll go listen to Tempted this weekend. Or maybe It’s Okay Not to Be Okay… I don’t know. You’ll know once you see another long feedback like this 🙂

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    1. Hello again 🙂
      Haha, yes I agree, the show felt quite grounded until the crazy kidnapping part, but I guess they needed something big to happen, as really, all the plotlines are quite small and character driven up until that point. But gosh yes, totally random to slot that in at the end!
      Gosh, I just loved Park Seroyi, he is such a good person and totally carried the show for me. I like what you have said about Yi-Su and her unpredictability though, I hadn’t really thought of the writing of her character in that way, but I think you are so right! By introducing a character as unpredictable as her, it really shakes things up, because it is true that we always know what decisions (well usually, at least) Park Seroyi will make, simply because he will always do the good thing and the right thing, but gosh, Yi Su made some crazy choices, and she did terrible things (or said terrible things) so she always kept me on my toes as a viewer. It is really interesting to think of her as a foil to him!!

      I look forward to seeing what you listen to next 🙂 I hope you enjoy the episode you choose! 🙂


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