Kdrama Podcast: ITAEWON CLASS overview

Be the absolute best man in the entire universe and swear ultimate revenge against a food company … and then go and make … your own food company … really slowly … over many years? So the 2020 kdrama ITAEWON CLASS sure sounds like a silly story, but this week Lee Evie discusses what makes it work for her, including the wonderful performance by Park Seo Joon. This Korean drama is of the tried and tested underdog trope variety, yet is elevated into something interesting, emotional and fresh by a central hero who captured Lee Evie’s heart. Sigh. 

To listen, search for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST on your favourite streaming platform, or listen below:

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Lee Evie

LEE EVIE is a podcaster, blogger and author of dark historical fiction set in old Korea. Discover Lee Evie’s historical fiction novels by clicking on the images below!

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