Kdrama Podcast: Watch MR SUNSHINE and die a little bit inside from sadness

Be a f**king badass tragic Korean samurai called Gu Dong-Mae and use your badass tragic Korean samurai powers to completely destroy Lee Evie’s heart, break her soul and leave her in a small sobbing heap on the floor, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the incredible (and gut-wrenching) 2018 Korean drama MR SUNSHINE. Starring massive movie star Lee Byung-Hun, and other high profile actors Kim Tae-ri,  Kim Min-Jung, Byun Yo-Han and the (for Lee Evie anyway) scene stealing Yoo Yeon-Seok, this kdrama is a beautiful and thoughtful historical epic, set in one of the saddest and most tragic periods of Korean history.  This drama is epic on so many levels, and fair warning, there will be some Gu Dong-Mae fan-girling ahead!

To listen, search for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST on your favourite streaming platform, or listen below:

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