Limited Time BOOK GIVEAWAY! (ebooks and paperback)

This post details how to get some free ebooks, and also how to enter a competition for a paperback (open internationally).


I am very excited to have banded together with some fellow authors for a multiple book giveaway offer, with a load of ebook freebies.

This also includes a free ebook download of my book PROMISE SEASON (yes, the giveaway is for the entire novel) for a limited time.

The giveaway also covers a bunch of other cool books by different authors, some full books, some novellas and others samples, so if that sounds like something you are interested in, you can follow the below button to check out the books that are part of the giveaway:

I really hope find something fun. Happy reading everyone!


If you are on Instagram, I am also running a free paperback book giveaway for my other novel A SONG FOR LONELY WOLVES. I have one giveaway copy and will post it out internationally to the winner.

So go and look at my Instagram for instructions on how to enter that giveaway (it is very simple).

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