Kdrama Podcast: Be initially charmed and then driven totally insane by WARM AND COZY

Be a rich petulant man-child. Whine a bit. Spend your time emotionally manipulating a woman who loves you, and stringing her along because you don’t want anyone else to have her. Then decide you do actually like her. So you whine a bit. You also now spend your time emotionally manipulating her and stringing her along (even though you like her! WTF!). Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Bluuuuuurrrrgggg!!!!!!! Lee Evie is having a meltdown, because this week on the podcast she is discussing the 2015 romantic comedy drama WARM AND COZY. Written by the famous Hong sisters, this kdrama stars Yoo Yeon-Seok (who Lee Evie still loves, even after seeing him play this awful character! Now that’s real love, folks!) and Kang So-Ra. The best thing about this show is that it is set on beautiful Jeju Island. Be warned … Lee Evie has some angry feelings.

To listen, search for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST on your favourite podcast streaming platform (Apple, Spotify etc.) or follow the link below:

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Lee Evie.

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