Here it is!!! the book cover for my upcoming latest novel release:


Book two in the Promise series


She has no future. He has no past.
A game begins.

During the long midwinter, snow drifts through the stark streets of sprawling Hanyang. Within the stifling walls of the Pavilion, a gisaeng slave girl is driven to the edge of her endurance.

Chungjo is ambitious. Beautiful. Cruel. A slave girl who submits to no-one and destroys all who stand in her way. Yet a mysterious stranger thwarts her plans at every turn. Craftier than she could anticipate, he is a young man who is her match.

Soon a dance begins. Who will discover the truth first? Who will destroy the other?

A dark romantic story of old Korea.

I am so excited about this book and I really hope people enjoy reading it when it comes out 23 October 2020.

You can add it to your Goodreads tbr here, or check out my main website page for it here. And remember, if you want to see cover reveals or behind the scenes info before everyone else, please sign up to my monthly letters here.

I really hope you like the book cover! 🙂

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