Kdrama Podcast 68: HIGH END CRUSH is fluffy romcom gold!

Wear a pink summer trench coat with matching summer shorts, while screaming at everyone about how you are totally completely absolutely NOT IN LOVE, because this week Lee Evie is chatting about the gorgeous (and hilarious) 2018 Kdrama mini-drama HIGH END CRUSH. Starring the fantastic (and fantastically attired) Jung Il-woo (dude, make this man the lead in every kdrama ever!!!!!) and Lee Evie’s newly discovered and beloved actress Jin Se-yeon, this wacky Korean drama is pure ‘turn your brain off’ fun. Charming, very funny, and revolving around Jung Il-woo’s perfectly ridiculous performance as an arrogant jerk entertainment CEO, this is an addictive and romantic ride, and Lee Evie loved it!

Listen to the podcast by searching on your favourite podcast streaming platform for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST, or listen by following the link below:

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Lee Evie

LEE EVIE is a podcaster, blogger and author of dark historical fiction set in old Korea.

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2 thoughts on “Kdrama Podcast 68: HIGH END CRUSH is fluffy romcom gold!

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for your podcast, I live in Los Angeles and have become a huge fan K dramas during the Covid pandemic quarantine. I have one special request, in your blog or during your podcast could you please share where or how you stream or access the shows that you find? I have wanted to watch several of the ones you mentioned but I have no idea how I can find them to stream them.
    Thank you for your fun energy and engaging podcast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much for your lovely comment, Natalie, and yes, Kdrama has become a bit of a life saver for many during this weird year of 2020! Kdrama has kept me happy so many times when life gets stressful! To answer your question, I watch a lot of shows on Netflix, and also on Viki as well, which are the official streaming platforms that I know of. Usually, most dramas can be found between those. I hope that helps you! 🙂


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