Kdrama Podcast: DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL overview

Play heaps of piano, fall in love with a cranky pretty boy, and then get punched in the face by the dumbest drama ending of all time! This week on the podcast, Lee Evie is discussing her complicated feelings around the 2020 romance Korean drama DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL (which has a title that is literally impossible to remember!). Starring Go Ara in a luminous and vivid performance, and Lee Jae-wook as her cranky pretty boy hero, this drama starts off like a warm hug and ends with a punch to the throat. Lee Evie loved it … until she hated it. 

Listen to the podcast by searching on your favourite podcast streaming platform for THE LEE EVIE KOREAN DRAMA PODCAST, or listen in your browser here, or by following the link below:

4 thoughts on “Kdrama Podcast: DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL overview

  1. Hello Lee Evie,

    Since I finished watching Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol a few weeks ago I was waiting and hoping for a review from you, because I had so many feelings and thoughts, not all good ones, and I was curious about your thoughts about this kdrama.

    You calling that ending the dumbest drama ending of all time were exactly my thoughts as well. Not sure I can even call that an ending, I have no idea what that was. Those final minutes…I am still so confused, and I was just sitting there after it ended thinking: ‘what the…?’
    I even had to call a friend, who does not even watch kdramas but still has to listen to me talk about them, just to vent about that ending.

    I totally agree what you said about this ending negating the whole character of Jun, and I liked him so much at the start. And I also don’t understand Ra Ra’s reaction, and what this ending is trying to tell us? I have read comments from other viewers who really like the ending which confuses me even more hahaha

    I generally really enjoyed this kdrama, it was quirky, sweet, and funny. The stalker storyline was a bit weird and as you said had no consequence at the end, and the final episodes were not exactly what I expected but I kinda accepted it at that point, but then came the last few minutes.
    I read another comment online which I thought was fitting ‘I want to be compensated for my emotions’.

    I could vent hours about this ending, but at the same time could talk hours about all the lovely and cute elements about this kdrama too. It is just confusing haha

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    1. Hello Kiki 🙂 Oooh, you felt the same as me then, what a weird bonkers ending, right? It definitely was not for me and I was so shocked (and so SAD because I adored Jun prior to him turning into such a big silly idiot!) The whole thing definitely confused me too (I love that your non-kdrama watching friend had to listen to your outpouring of confused feelings, haha, that is gold!). Also, my favourite part of your comment was the question: ‘What is this ending trying to tell us?’ My thoughts exactly!!! If it was trying to say something then I certainly have no idea what it was! It was a wild emotional ride, I guess, both super sweet and then totally bonkers, haha. Gosh!


      1. Haha yes, it was definitely a wild emotional ride, but not in a good way.
        And as I mentioned, I kinda accepted where the story was going during the last few episodes. For me it did not come completely out of the blue because there were a couple of scenes towards the middle where he had nose bleeding – that time not caused my Ra-Ra – in case that was meant as a clue, but Jun should have stayed truer to his character at the end.
        The last few episodes might come across as unexpected and like introducing a completely new storyline, but sometimes I think: well that is life, sometimes all is well and cheery and fun, like the general atmosphere of this kdrama, and then bam, life hits you in the face, with a chair.
        But the ending was bonkers, if felt like the writers did not know which ending to choose so they chose both.
        This kdrama should come with a warning 😀

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      2. Oooh, interesting about the hints with the nose bleeds! I totally didn’t pick up on that stuff at all, oops. but you are definitely right about bad things like that coming out of nowhere in real life, so why not aa drama. I agree that if it had just been the illness thing, I could have gone along with it (because all those scenes were super emotional and quite impactful anyway!) but agree about the actual end being to bonkers to enjoy, haha. Oh well, I am actually still super glad I watched it, I feel like there was so much to love, despite the crazy ending, haha 🙂


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