LEE EVIE is a historical fiction author.

She writes with a focus on Korean history and loves dark adventures with a heavy dose of danger and romance.

When she’s not writing, Lee Evie can be found watching drama, which she will do for hours on end. She believes drama watching is the ultimate joy of life. Even when they make her cry. An avid photography and travel lover, Lee Evie thinks stories are the most precious gift to the universe.

NOTE: Lee Evie is not Korean and though she writes historical fiction with respect for the complex culture and complicated history of Joseon, she knows she can never hope to fully understand the complexities of a culture not her own. Through extensive research, and the help of her Korean cultural editor, she hopes she can write interesting and entertaining novels that do justice to the long and incredible history of Joseon, which she loves learning more about every day.

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Lee Evie.