Promise Dream

Book Three of Promise Series

A girl with one secret.

A man with many.

A journey into the wild.

Joseon Dynasty, Korea.

Rain hisses across the rooftops of the Pavilion, Hanyang’s greatest entertainment house.  Within its stifling walls a lonely gisaeng slave girl strives to hold together the scattering pieces of her life and protect a terrifying secret.

When a mysterious lord from the far north unexpectedly buys her as his unwilling concubine, Jan-sil must decide if she has the courage to deceive him, her very survival hanging precariously in the balance. Yet as they journey together through a perilous world of rain and mist, Jan-sil’s loyalties begin to waver.

To protect her secret, she turns to a vicious bodyguard who desperately frightens her. And who might also be her one chance at freedom.

A dark and romantic historical adventure set in old Korea.

Coming Soon in 2020.

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The Promise Series is due for publication in early 2020. Each novel is a self-contained (yet connected) dark and romantic adventure set in ancient Korea. Each can be read as a stand alone book, or as a series.

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