Really this whole story boils down to one man’s redemption, all caused by the catalyst of his daughter being his second chance at having a life. It was so much deeper than just a simple man-on-the-run-wrongfully-accused drama. It was so much better than that too, with the first few, admittedly exciting, but also soulless action episodes evolving into an emotional story of love and hope and choices. I LOVED these characters by the end. What an emotional ride! … More KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: Two Weeks.

KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: Invincible Lee Pyung Kang

I avoided this drama forever because…. well, golf. Yuck. But as it turns out it is a zany, over acted (in a totally cute way) madcap romantic comedy, with some really utterly fun and gorgeous characters and the age old story of an enormous huge bratty rich man and a shouty tiny pint-sized poor girl with debt. And you know what? I adored it! But be warned. It is very silly. … More KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: Invincible Lee Pyung Kang


What is a love Patzzi? I dunno. I guess it is a 2002 romcom Kdrama about a girl who lies and a tall handsome dude involved in a lot of weird hijinks. That is what a Love Patzzi is. This drama started off cute and breezy and fun (and really old fashioned), but then unfortunately got a little stagnant and boring about halfway through. It did totally redeem itself by the end though, clawing back all that shameless fluff fun, mainly just because the male lead was so damn awesome. … More KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: My Love Patzzi.