A lone Korean drama fan discusses her latest Kdrama obsessions, a bit of Korean history, folktales and drama thoughts. New episodes every Friday (unless Lee Evie is on one of her short in-between seasons breaks).

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S4-89: DREAM HIGH episode 1 recap GUEST GAB The Lee Evie Korean Drama Podcast

GUEST GAB is back, featuring very special guest, Gee, a man who doesn't watch kdrama at all. This is the show where Lee Evie forces him to watch the first episode of a random Korean drama, and then recap it back to her, along with a fun quiz and other random games. This week they watched the first episode of DREAM HIGH, which was Lee Evie's very fist ever kdrama! This one is from 2011, stars Suzy, Taecyeon, Kim soo Hyun and IU, and holds a very special place in Lee Evie's heart! For podcasts, Korean drama reviews, and dark romantic historical fiction set in old Korea, visit Lee Evie's website: http://www.leeevie.com.    WARNING – sometimes there is a bit of swearing on this show!
  1. S4-89: DREAM HIGH episode 1 recap GUEST GAB
  2. S4-88: MR QUEEN overview
  3. S4-87: ZOMBIE DETECTIVE overview
  4. S4-86: LOVE ALARM season 2 overview
  5. S4-85: GRAND PRINCE overview

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Episode Directory

Hi everyone, this new episode directory is a work in progress, and I will continue to keeping updating it as I find the time! I hope it helps in figuring out which episodes cover which dramas 🙂

Year in Review Episodes:

2019 Kdrama overview PART ONE: Podcast Episode 27

2019 Kdrama overview PART TWO: Podcast Episode 28

2020 Kdrama overview: Podcast Episode 71

Miscellaneous Episodes:

The Ghost Bride (Chinese drama): Podcast Episode 33

Better Days (Chinese movie): Podcast Episode 54

Favourite characters (as of May 2020): Podcast Episode 50

Second lead syndrome is a real thing chat: Podcast Episode 51

Favourite Korean actors and actresses (as of November 2020): Podcast Episode 70

Book Publication Day: A Song for Lonely Wolves: Podcast episode 37

Book Publication Day: Promise Thief: Podcast episode 67


BOYS OVER FLOWERS episode 1 recap GUEST GAB (with Gee): Podcast episode 73

WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOO episode 1 recap GUEST GAB (with Gee): Podcast episode 76

MOON LOVERS / SCARLET HEART: RYEO episode 1 recap GUEST GAB (with Gee): Patreon Wafflepod 7

LET’S EAT 2 episode 1 recap GUEST GAB (with Gee): Podcast episode 78

Your favourite kdramas GUEST GABBLE with multiple guests: Podcast episode 80

TAMRA THE ISLAND episode 1 recap GUEST GAB (with Gee): Podcast episode 83

FLOWER OF EVIL: Full drama weekly recaps GUEST GABS (with Gee): Patreon Wafflepod x 8 episodes


(Listed by episode or blog post written review)


Are you an amnesiac Joseon prince whose lack of memories definitely don’t turn you into a nicer person? Are you a tragically doomed assassin (with really excellent eyebrows) busily involved in an epic love story that gets barely any screentime? Or are you Hong Shim, a shining example of a cool peasant girl? Because if so, does Lee Evie have the show for you!! Come join in this discussion about the 2018 romance sageuk Kdrama, 100 DAYS MY PRINCE. 

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 11


A cutie-pie dimpled angel called Dan (!!) and a cold tragic ballerina who doesn’t know how to love; tie them together with a random supernatural handkerchief …. what could possibly go wrong? Everything, apparently! Come join Lee Evie as she discusses the very charming, sweet and surprisingly emotional 2019 Kdrama ANGEL’S LAST MISSION: LOVE! 

Romance Fantasy kdrama

Podcast Episode 10


Arang is a plucky ghost from legend, determined to discover the truth of her identity! Eun-Oh is a nobleman with mummy issues and a chip on his shoulder who most definitely absolutely utterly doesn’t want to help her out! What follows is a moody, atmospheric adventure through a tiny Joseon village (via the underworld!), featuring a whole bunch of exhumed dead bodies, bickering gods in terrible wigs, and a literal goat that is a stand in for earth …. or something.  Welcome to the utterly charming Korean drama ARANG AND THE MAGISTRATE. Listen as Lee Evie discusses her 10 reasons to love this Kdrama! 

Historical fantasy kdrama

Podcast Episode 9


Be a money hungry social climber and marry a man you don’t love, and then be fully surprised that you don’t feel very happy (what a shock! how unexpected!), because this week Lee Evie is discussing her first impressions of the completely inappropriately marketed 2019 Korean drama BEAUTIFUL LOVE WONDERFUL LIFE. Her main point of discussion is: what the f**k even is this kdrama?

Weekend kdrama

Podcast Episode 19


Almost paaraaaddiiisse!!! What a theme tune! Join Lee Evie as she discusses that 2009 Kdrama rite of passage, BOYS OVER FLOWERS, the ultimate in bonkers and addictive Korean drama!

Hot mess youth kdrama

Podcast Episode 15

First Episode RECAP GUEST GAB: Episode 73


Quick first episode chat on the 2017 fantasy romance THE BRIDE OF HABAEK (in which actors she really likes, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Shin Se-Kyung, both seem to forget how to move their faces)

Modern fantasy romance kdrama

Podcast episode 30


A down-trodden college student falls in love with a literal sociopath and then proceeds to ignore the very lovely second male lead … forever. Even though they are clearly perfect for each other! Blurg! Lee Evie has severe second male lead syndrome… 😦

College romantic kdrama

Podcast episode 15


Grab an old typewriter (that has a ghost living inside it), and fend off both crazy fans and memories of your past life, because today Lee Evie is discussing the 2017 fantasy romance Korean drama CHICAGO TYPEWRITER, which stars Yoo Ah-In, Lim Soo-Jung and Ko Gyung-Pyo. This Kdrama dips into a fascinating and dark time period (Japanese occupation era Korea) and also features one of the best kiss scenes … maybe ever?

Romance modern fantasy / historical kdrama

Podcast episode 29


Be a rich and successful (yet emotionally damaged) South Korean lady and fly to North Korea (oops!) in a parachute, only to crash land on a random (handsome) soldier’s head, because this week on the show Lee Evie is discussing her feelings on the 2019 mega-hit kdrama CRASH LANDING ON YOU. This Korean drama stars Hyun-Bin and Son Ye-jin, and just the largest cast of absolute scene-stealing side characters Lee Evie has ever seen! From the second lead couple to the gaggle of idiotic soldier boys, through to the mother-in-law and the village ladies, this show’s side character’s were absolute gold! Also, the rest of the show is excellent too! 

Romance kdrama

Podcast episode 56


Poke a stick into your ear (it’s fine! it didn’t even hit anything important! don’t even worry about it!) and go completely crazy, before being usurped by a doppleganger who is in love with your wife, because this week on the show Lee Evie is ranting about the 2019 Korean historical drama THE CROWNED CLOWN. Starring Yeo Jin-gu as both the stick-poking mad king of Joseon and his clownish look-alike, as well as the always beautiful Lee Se-young as his very confused queen, this is both a wonderful sageuk filled with secret identities and plot twists, as well as an ethically confusing conundrum. Well, at least that was the case for Lee Evie, listen to her ranty waffle to find out why! 

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 62


Play heaps of piano, fall in love with a cranky pretty boy, and then get punched in the face by the dumbest drama ending of all time! This week on the podcast, Lee Evie is discussing her complicated feelings around the 2020 romance Korean drama DO DO SOL SOL LA LA SOL (which has a title that is literally impossible to remember!). Starring Go Ara in a luminous and vivid performance, and Lee Jae-wook as her cranky pretty boy hero, this drama starts off like a warm hug and ends with a punch to the throat. Lee Evie loved it … until she hated it. 

Romance modern kdrama

Podcast episode 74


Do you want to get sucked inside your phone and end up starring in your favourite Korean drama? Of course you do! And so does Claire, the American lead of the charming, silly and funny 2016 show DRAMAWORLD. Join Lee Evie as she discusses how refreshing it is to watch a (sort of) Korean drama that has clearly been specifically made with the non-Korean Kdrama fan in mind, and how awesome it was when Claire pretends to fall over only to have Woo Do Hwan swoop out of nowhere to save her! Yay!

Kdrama kdrama! Haha.

Podcast Episode 35


Do you want to get hit on the head by a rogue flower pot? Would you enjoy to have two gorgeous boys fall madly in love with you (even though you are actually kind of a brat)? Do you want to sing and dance your teen years away and follow ALL of the dreams? Because Lee Evie sure does! Come join her discussion about this excellent 2011 Kdrama starring the ever lovely Suzy, insanely pretty Kim Soo-Hyun and motorbike riding Taecyeon, and hear about Lee Evie’s ten reasons to love the Korean drama DREAM HIGH!

Youth music kdrama

Podcast Episode 12

Written Blog Review


Be a young, handsome and ethically confused doctor, and then get transferred to a backwater hospital so you can learn from the genius surgeon Dr Romantic, and maybe, just maybe, even become a Dr Romantic yourself! This week on the show, Lee Evie is discussing DR ROMANTIC season one, also known as ROMANTIC DOCTOR, TEACHER KIM, which stars the gorgeous Yoo Yeon-Seok, lovely Seo Hyun-Jin and Dr Romantic himself; Han Suk-Kyu. What a show! After complaining about hospital dramas previously on the podcast, it turns out Lee Evie is a total hypocrite, because doctors are heroes and this show is wonderful! Lee Evie felt aaaaalllll the emotions! 

Medical kdrama

Podcast Episode 49


First impressions only! Conduct emotional interactions over a dying body instead of actually helping them, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is discussing her first impressions of the hospital kdrama DR ROMANTIC SEASON TWO, starring the very gorgeous leads, Lee Sung-Kyung and Ahn Hyo-Seop. Expect gothic hospitals, high drama accidents and lots of emotionally damaged doctors!

Medical kdrama

Podcast Episode 36


Discover you are in fact not real, and actually just the product of a writer’s imagination, and then proceed to live your best and most romantic life anyway! You go girl, Dan-Oh, the heroine of my heart! Come discuss the zingy, funny, sweet (and surprisingly clever) 2019 youth romance Korean drama EXTRAORDINARY YOU, where the boys are tall, the girls are dying from inexplicable comic illnesses, and you could literally disappear at any moment. This kdrama is Lee Evie’s idea of a good time, hitting all the sweet spots. SPOILER ALERT: She loved it! 

Youth fantasy kdrama

Podcast Episode 23


Get kidnapped by a very handsome man in armour, sucked through a hole into the distant past, and then be poisoned. Like … a lot.  Because this week on the show, Lee Evie is doing a deep dive into one of her classic favourite kdramas, the 2012 time slip fantasy romance FAITH (also known as THE GREAT DOCTOR). This historical Korean drama stars Lee Min Ho, who is gold in this, and also Kim Eun Sook. Lee Evie still reckons this is her favourite Lee Min Ho role ever. Yes, it is old and a bit clunky, but Lee Evie will shout her love for this show from the rooftops forever! 

Historical fantasy kdrama

Podcast episode 75

Blog review


Oh, that lovely damaged Dok Mi, what a charming heroine! And Enrique, the king of all energiser bunnies! Come hang out with Lee Evie in a rundown apartment block with a whole bunch of cute flower boys, as she discusses her ten reasons to ADORE the 2013 Korean drama FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR, starring Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin-hye!

Romantic comedy kdrama

Podcast Episode 6


Get kidnapped and forced to become the King of Joseon, only to discover the dude you hired to look after your woman back home is secretly kissing her while you are busy running the country! Today Lee Evie is discussing the upsides and downsides of love triangles in the 2019 Kdrama FLOWER CREW: JOSEON MARRIAGE AGENCY, starring Kim Min-Jae. This Korean drama was both more and less romantic than Lee Evie expected, so join her for a discussion to discover what the hell she means by that! 

Historical romance kdrama

Podcast Episode 21


Be the coolest girl in the entire world and defeat all your enemies with your big brain, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is discussing her feelings around the excellent (and very long) 2016 historical kdrama THE FLOWER IN PRISON. Starring the fantastic Jin Se-yeon and Go Soo, as well as a vast array of wonderful side characters, this sageuk is epic, edge of your seat, twisty Korean drama fun. The heroine Ok Nyeo is also one of the coolest characters ever created! Lee Evie adored her! 

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 79


Quick chat about the 2020 mystery thriller Korean drama THE GAME: TOWARDS ZERO, which stars Taecyeon, Lee Yeon-hee and Im Ju-hwan.  

Crime fantasy kdrama

Podcast episode 60


Quick chat on the hidden gem of a coming-of-age show GIRLS’ GENERATION 1979, a 2017 youth drama set in … you guessed it, 1979!

Youth romance kdrama

Podcast episode 63


Wear a fake glued-on beard, die multiple times, and then save the country, because this week on the podcast, Lee Evie is discussing the epic 2018 Korean drama sageuk GRAND PRINCE. This sweepingly romantic historical kdrama stars Yoon Si Yoon, as a fake-bearded tragic prince, Jin Se-yeon as a woman much stronger than she knows, and Joo Sang-wook as a man who covets everything he cannot have. Except for all the fake beards, Lee Evie loved this kdrama!

Historical romance kdrama

Podcast episode 85


Don’t like that Kdrama ending? Write your own!! No … seriously, Lee Evie was so frustrated by one of the side character storylines in the 2013 Kdrama GU FAMILY BOOK that she literally wrote a whole book to rectify it!! Join Lee Evie today as she celebrates the publishing of her Kdrama inspired novel PROMISE SEASON, about a young gisaeng slave girl who is forced to become a spy for a shady political conspiracy during Korea’s Joseon dynasty. This novel was very directly inspired by GU FAMILY BOOK, and Lee Evie also discusses the aspects of this Korean drama she loved and hated, and the history behind the national Korean hero, Lee Soon-Shin (also written as Yi Sun-Sin), who appears in this drama. 

Historical fantasy kdrama

Podcast Episode 25

Written Blog Review


Be a super cool night messenger whose only weekness is lurrrve, because this week Lee Evie is discussing her adoration for the 2015 kdrama HEALER, which stars Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young. This Korean drama is comfort food at its highest level …  want something sweet and fun, romantic and exciting, thrilling and moving? Well, Healer has you covered!

Contemporary action romance kdrama

Podcast episode 45


Get drunk, solve some crimes and then become the king of Joseon, because this week on the show Lee Evie is discussing her feelings around the 2019 Korean historical drama HAECHI. Starring Jung Il-woo (who basically carries this entire show on his shoulders … wow!) and Go Ara, as well as a whole heap of stellar side character performances, this story is based on the true history of Prince Yeoning, a Korean prince born to a lowly court maid. This show is fast-paced, filled with edge of your seat plots and twisty conspiracies, and also features a wonderful performance from Jung Moon-Sung as a despot power craving prince. Lee Evie throughly enjoyed this wonderful sageuk! 

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 59


Listen as Lee Evie goes on a tangent discussing the best and most interesting (and most handsome!) side character ever, played by the very pretty Kim Kwon. His story is tragic and fascinating! Make this character the star of his own drama, stat!

Crime fantasy kdrama

Podcast Episode 15



Is there truly a ghost living in the shoe closet of the AGE OF YOUTH – SEASON ONE sharehouse? Will Yoon and her Chef ever find a way to be together?  How psycho should a boyfriend be? (for instance … kidnapping = too far?) Come discuss HELLO, MY TWENTIES with Lee Evie and her character by character breakdown. 

Youth / mystery kdrama

Podcast Episode 2



Cute romances, quirky characters, messy breakups …. and some really really really really really really really really really really dark and traumatising crazy SAD storylines!!!!!!!!!!! Holy moly! Come join Lee Evie as she discusses the twisty mystery that is AGE OF YOUTH season two!  

Youth / mystery kdrama

Podcast Episode 4


Wear a pink summer trench coat with matching summer shorts, while screaming at everyone about how you are totally completely absolutely NOT IN LOVE, because this week Lee Evie is chatting about the gorgeous (and hilarious) 2018 Kdrama mini-drama HIGH END CRUSH. Starring the fantastic (and fantastically attired) Jung Il-woo (dude, make this man the lead in every kdrama ever!!!!!) and Lee Evie’s newly discovered and beloved actress Jin Se-yeon, this wacky Korean drama is pure ‘turn your brain off’ fun. Charming, very funny, and revolving around Jung Il-woo’s perfectly ridiculous performance as an arrogant jerk entertainment CEO, this is an addictive and romantic ride, and Lee Evie loved it! 

Romcom short web kdrama

Podcast Episode 68


Be a tragic boy-band star from the 90s and then time travel into the future and fall in love with your son’s girlfriend (what?!), because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is ignoring all things virus related and instead discussing the very silly and fun 2017 Kdrama HIT THE TOP (also known as THE BEST HIT). This show has a pretty twisted mystery at its heart, and a whole lot of hijinks, petty jealousy, dance numbers and complicated romance to enjoy, the perfect show to make you happy!  It also stars the always wonderful Yoon Shi-Yoon and beautiful Lee Se-Young. 

Romcom timeslip kdrama

Podcast Episode 40


Season One

Be a hospital show with a huuuge cast that is basically about nothing (doctors do doctor stuff and then play music) but also somehow is THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD, because today Lee Evie is discussing the 2020 kdrama HOSPITAL PLAYLIST. This drama is moving and charming and immersive, it will make you laugh and cry and swoon! It stars a hell of a lot of people, including the wonderful Yoo Yeon-Seok, Cho Jung-Seok, Jung Kyoung-Ho and literally a million other people. This show is absolutely beautiful! (Did Lee Evie mention that she likes it?)

Medical slice of life kdrama

Podcast Episode 53


Be a hospital show with a huuuge cast that is basically about nothing (doctors do doctor stuff and then play music) but also somehow is THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD, because today Lee Evie is discussing the 2020 kdrama HOSPITAL PLAYLIST. This drama is moving and charming and immersive, it will make you laugh and cry and swoon! It stars a hell of a lot of people, including the wonderful Yoo Yeon-Seok, Cho Jung-Seok, Jung Kyoung-Ho and literally a million other people. This show is absolutely beautiful! (Did Lee Evie mention that she likes it?)

Fantasy romance kdrama

Podcast Episode 82


Very quick chat on the gritty youth 2020 mini kdrama HOW TO BUY A FRIEND. 

Gritty youth short web kdrama

Podcast Episode 60


Be the absolute best man in the entire universe and swear ultimate revenge against a food company … and then go and make … your own food company … really slowly … over many years? So the 2020 kdrama ITAEWON CLASS sure sounds like a silly story, but this week Lee Evie discusses what makes it work for her, including the wonderful performance by Park Seo Joon. This Korean drama is of the tried and tested underdog trope variety, yet is elevated into something interesting, emotional and fresh by a central hero who captured Lee Evie’s heart. Sigh.

Contemporary kdrama

Podcast episode 42


Live inside a modern gothic fairytale, and then fall in love and face your fears, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is talking about the gorgeous 2020 romance Korean drama IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY, also known as PSYCHO, BUT IT’S OKAY. Starring the blindingly pretty Kim Soo-Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji (Lee Evie needed to shield her eyes because these two are so shiny!), this kdrama has it all – swoony kisses and romance, dark secrets and hidden trauma, found family and healing (and a truly wonderful performance by actor Oh Jung-se), all wrapped up in a dreamy storybook aesthetic that makes this show gorgeous to look at! Did Lee Evie mention she loved it?

Contemporary romance kdrama

Podcast episode 57


Grab a lip balm, a mad futuristic face care mask, a cool sports car, a foundation stick, a ziplock kimchi bag and a whole heap of BBQ fried chicken, because this week Lee Evie is discussing one of the most anticipated kdramas of 2020, THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH. This Korean drama stars a smorgasbord of cool actors, including Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do-Hwan and Kim Kyung Nam. It also stars a whole heap of fried chicken. And also those delivery apps you use to order fried chicken when you are too far from the fried chicken shop to just walk there and order fried chicken yourself.  Lee Evie has complex feelings about this drama, both loving aspects of it and feeling a bit ‘meh’ about others. So you are warned! 

Contemporary fantasy romance kdrama

Podcast episode 55


Will Hanjo ever exact his revenge and actually kill someone? Will the mysterious evil gunman turn out to be a rather sympathetic guy? (sob sob)  Will Soo-in realise that the swaggering new Japanese dude in town is actually her deceased boyfriend?  Find out in this discussion about the 2014 Korean historical drama JOSEON GUNMAN, starring the ever fantastic Lee Joon-Ki and Nam Sang-Mi. This is absolute epic sageuk Kdrama at its best! 

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 7

Written Blog Review


Get stuck under a collapsed shopping centre and then fall in love with a very damaged (yet handsome) dude, because today Lee Evie is discussing the ten reasons why you should love the 2017 kdrama BETWEEN LOVERS (also apparently known as RAIN OR SHINE). This Korean melodrama is tragic, gorgeous, slow-burn and romantic as hell. It also has some boring construction bits in it. But let Lee Evie tell you, if you like your romance dramas to be filled with agony and longing (yet still have a happy  ending earned through the quiet power of falling in love) then does she ever have the perfect show for you!  

Melo romance kdrama

Podcast Episode 31

Blog review


Sell your soul to the devil in return for vengeance, and then change your mind seven years later, because today on the show Lee Evie is discussing the slick 2019 Korean drama JUSTICE, starring Choi Jin-Hyuk and Nana. If you are in the mood for some murky moral grey areas, some twisty plots and a complete psycho-killer of a villain, then you have definitely come to the right place! So strap in and enjoy this Kdrama show!  

Contemporary crime mystery kdrama

Podcast Episode 16



Joseon zombies, a badass mysterious tiger hunter and a Crown Prince on the run!  Welcome to Lee Evie’s season one overview of the very excellent (and super creepy) 2019 Korean drama, KINGDOM. Starring Joo Ji-hoon and Bae Doona, don’t watch this one at night! 

Historical zombie kdrama

Podcast Episode 5

Written blog review



Love the idea of the whole world being destroyed by zombies? Well great, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the thrilling second season of the big-budget production 2020 Kdrama KINGDOM, starring Joo Ji-Hoon and Bae Doona (among a slew of recognisable faces!). This season is exciting, bad-arse, fast-paced and quite short, complete at only six episodes. It’s got action, horror, death, political plotting and super fast scary zombies! Everything a person needs. 🙂

Historical zombie kdrama

Podcast episode 41


Quick first episode chat about the 2018 fantasy romance A KOREAN ODYSSEY, also known as HWAYUGI (in which Lee Seung-gi prances around like the rockstar monkey god he truly is) 

Modern romance fantasy kdrama

Podcast episode 30


Catch some serious food envy with the 2015 kdrama foodie romance LET’S EAT 2, starring Yoon Doo-joon and Seo Hyun-jin, a story about a man who likes both his pretty neighbour and his food, quite a lot.

Fantasy romance kdrama

Podcast episode 33 – Review

Podcast episode 78 – GUEST GAB with Gee (first episode recap)


Spend your time fighting ghosts, only to (plot twist!) fall in love with one instead, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the 2016 comedy-romance supernatural Korean drama LET’S FIGHT GHOST. Join the always charming Kim So-hyun and Taecyeon as they battle evil spirits, inevitable heartache and *swoon* their growing attraction. This show is basically built on the charming romantic chemistry between the leads, and is sugar sweet escapism … with some scary ghosts thrown in for good measure!

Fantasy romance kdrama

Podcast episode 32



Do you want to ring Lee Evie’s love alarm? Because she wants to ring yours! (Honestly so much innuendo … I don’t think anyone thought this tagline through!) Come join in Lee Evie’s discussion on this 2019 Netflix youth romance Korean Drama LOVE ALARM, starring the ever extraordinary Kim So-Hyun. This was one of Lee Evie’s most anticipated 2019 Kdramas and …. SPOILER: she didn’t totally love it like she wanted to (boo hoo!) but she did still love parts of it. So strap in for a little bit of ranting. You’ve been warned! 

Youth romance kdrama

Podcast Episode 13


Hide your feelings, only fall in love with whoever the internet tells you to, and ring love alarms instead of saying ‘I love you’, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the second season of melancholy romance 2021 Korean drama LOVE ALARM. Starring the always incredible Kim So-hyun, and also Song Kang and Jung Ga-ram, this kdrama hints at a terrifying social future dependent on the whims of corporations who create social media apps … but focuses instead on a quiet love story and the emotional growth of one traumatised woman. Lee Evie unexpectedly REALLY enjoyed this season. It was kind of beautiful.

Youth romance melo kdrama

Podcast Episode 86


Do you like stories about kings and queens, upstanding noblemen and cross-dressing sassy girls? Well too bad, because today Lee Evie is discussing the 2014 Korean drama MAIDS (also known as MORE THAN A MAID), starring Jung Yoo-Mi and Oh Ji-Ho. This kdrama is about the downtrodden slaves and servants of Joseon, and boy do they have it rough! To be honest, this show does feature a king (or two) as well as a hidden illegitimate (sort of) prince so … Lee Evie guesses you just can’t get away from that sort of thing in a sageuk. But that’s fine because she loves this Korean drama! 

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 18


Chatting about the 2019 romantic ensemble kdrama MELO IS MY NATURE (also known as BE MELODRAMATIC). This Korean drama is fun, fluffy, quirky and an achingly moving portrait of grief (oh my gosh!).

Modern romcom kdrama

Podcast Episode 54


Lee Evie chats about the 2012 mega-hit fusion sageuk THE MOON EMBRACING THE SUN, starring Kim Soo-Hyun, and the basic plot is this: a sad crying king walks around a palace while everyone screams ‘Jeonha’ at him all day long … 

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 20


Be a manly modern day chef, get sucked into the body of a noblewoman in Joseon Korea, married off to a King with a secret, and … fall in love? This week on the show Lee Evie is discussing the absolute gem of a 2020 / 2021 Korean drama MR QUEEN. Starring the glorious Shin Hye-Sun in the absolute mind-bogglingly incredible performance of the female (?) lead, as well as Kim Jung-hyun as the regal king, and many many others, including lovely newcomers Na In-woo and Seol In-ah, and always lovely Choi Jin-hyuk in a cameo role. This historical body-swap kdrama is funny, heartbreaking, exciting, hysterical and swoony, and Lee Evie couldn’t have adored it more (actually she could have, and she talks about that at length, haha).

Historical body swap comedy kdrama

Podcast Episode 88


Be a f**king badass tragic Korean samurai called Gu Dong-Mae and use your badass tragic Korean samurai powers to completely destroy Lee Evie’s heart, break her soul and leave her in a small sobbing heap on the floor, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the incredible (and gut-wrenching) 2018 Korean drama MR SUNSHINE. Starring massive movie star Lee Byung-Hun, and other high profile actors Kim Tae-ri,  Kim Min-Jung, Byun Yo-Han and the (for Lee Evie anyway) scene stealing Yoo Yeon-Seok, this kdrama is a beautiful and thoughtful historical epic, set in one of the saddest and most tragic periods of Korean history.  This drama is epic on so many levels, and fair warning, there will be some Gu Dong-Mae fan-girling ahead!

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 47


Get stabbed in the belly multiple times with a sword and cough up some blood, but then be totally fine in every way, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is discussing one of her favourite 2019 Korean dramas MY COUNTRY: THE NEW AGE. Starring the beautiful Woo Do-Hwan, Yang Se-Jong and Jang Hyuk, this Kdrama is a bloody and tragic tale of the end of an empire (Goryeo) and the emergence of a new dynasty from the ashes (Joseon). Oh … and it is also a drama in which every major character walks around literally covered from head to toe in blood. Did Lee Evie mention this drama was bloody? Because it is bloody. 

Historical kdrama

Podcast Episode 26


First love and the tangled emotion that comes with it! This 2019 Korean drama has it all! Free-loaders in the house? Check. Best friends with hidden romantic feelings? Check. An angsty love triangle? Check. Ji-Soo? Check! Everything a youth coming-of-age Kdrama requires, MY FIRST FIRST LOVE has it! Join Lee Evie as she discusses how this Korean drama made her feel a bunch of things.   

Romance Youth kdrama

Podcast Episode 8


Be the saddest woman in the world and spend your time listening to your boss breathe (wut?) because this week on the show, Lee Evie is discussing the agonising yet beautiful 2018 kdrama MY MISTER (also known as MY AJUSSI). This slow burn Korean drama stars Lee Sun-Kyun and IU as very very sad people, who connect with each other as a lifeline in a difficult world … and also there is a heap of corporate espionage in there too! Or something. This is the kind of show you sink into, both heavy and slow, with moments of beauty that shine through the sadness. Lee Evie mostly loved it, but had some hate for a few side characters, so be warned … there is a little bit of ranting ahead! 

Melodrama kdrama

Podcast episode 65


Yoon Si Yoon shooting absolutely everybody in sight? Yes please! Cho Jung Seok fighting for what he believes? Yeah! Han Ye-ri …. um …. buying stuff? Sure, why not! Listen as Lee Evie talks about her current kdrama obsession with a NOKDU FLOWER midway point weigh-in.  Also a bit of a waffle on Korean history 

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 1


Get possessed by a crazy ghost, fall in love with a horrible arrogant chef, and then speak really quietly for an entire drama, because this week Lee Evie is discussing her complicated feelings about the 2015 Korean supernatural romance/comedy OH MY GHOST. Starring Park Bo-Young, Cho Jung-Seok and the always great Kim Seul-Gi, this drama was good, but for very personal reasons, Lee Evie also thought it was bad. Be warned, she didn’t totally love this one! 

Fantasy romance kdrama

Podcast episode 46


Repeat the same day forever, and consistently stick to your mean-boy ways, until finally you realise that the greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return! This week on the show, Lee Evie is talking about a surprisingly cool 2016 Korean mini-drama called ONE MORE TIME, a contemporary fantasy kdrama that starts off dumb and silly, and yet in the end actually holds the answer to the eternal question … what is the meaning of life? (spoiler: it is LOVE, you guys! LOVE is the meaning of life!) Starring the handsome and spectacularly dimpled Kim Myung-soo (also known as ‘L’) and the absolutely gorgeous Yoon So-hee, this is a short hidden gem that is worth your time (Lee Evie reckons!). 

Short fantasy romance web kdrama

Podcast episode 66


Get into a car accident and go blind, and then spend your time alternating between playing the piano and screaming at Ji-Soo, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is talking about the 2016 Korean drama PAGE TURNER. Starring the always beautiful Kim So-Hyun and the absolute goof Ji-Soo (seriously, Ji-Soo is such a goof in this show!), this drama is a beautiful and tender look at dreams … and what to do when they come crashing down. Do you pursue your dream anyway, just because you love it, or do you find a new dream to replace the old one? This is a Kdrama with thought-provoking themes and positive messages, and is funny, silly and emotionally moving. And at only 3 episodes, it is most definitely worth your time!    

Youth kdrama

Podcast episode 38


Quick chat on THE PACKAGE, a 2017 romance/travel Korean drama starring the always lovely Lee Yeon-Hee and actor Jung Yong-hwa. 

Melo romance kdrama

Podcast episode 63


Only the first few episodes are covered! Are you a downtrodden office worker with nothing to live for? Well, why not try being a serial killer instead? That’s what Yoon Shi Yoon does in the 2019 comedy-thriller Korean drama PSYCHOPATH DIARY, and boy does he do a good job of it. He is hilarious, adorable and damn creepy! Lee Evie feels complicated about this kdrama, it is both excellent and a little bit boring, so come discuss it with her! FYI – this is a first impressions episode!

Comedy kdrama

Podcast episode 43


Be the smartest coolest man on the planet and travel forward three hundred years through time to win your woman’s heart, while also saving a queen, your country and the world (probably!), because this week Lee Evie is discussing the remarkable 2012 Korean drama QUEEN INHYUN’S MAN (also known as QUEEN AND I), which stars Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo Inna. This kdrama starts out as a fluffy fantasy romance yet soon morphs into something much deeper, an achingly beautiful portrayal of star-crossed lovers and a romance that transcends time, space and even death itself. Wow!

Romance timeslip kdrama

Podcast episode 44

Blog review


Pretend to be your identical sister and fall in love with a king with prophetic dreams (who was also shot in the head, but don’t worry, it’s totally fine!) because this week on the show, Lee Evie is chatting about the 2020 historical Korean drama QUEEN: LOVE AND WAR (also known as THE SELECTION: WAR BETWEEN WOMEN). Starring a sassy and cool (for the first half at least) Jin Se-yeon and a very dimpled Kim Min-kyu, this kdrama sageuk is fast-paced, fun and engaging, and though maybe not the highest quality show around, it is well worth your time!

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 64


Grab a smallpox vaccine and a romance novel, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is discussing the decidedly feminist 2019 Kdrama ROOKIE HISTORIAN GOO HAE-RYUNG, starring the charming Shin Se-Kyung and very sweet Cha Eun-Woo. This drama turns stereotypical gender roles upside down and inside out, featuring a lonely prince locked away in his castle and the modern intelligent woman who is going to save him (and herself. And the whole of history).

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 34


Join a cult and then get hit in the face with a shovel, because today Lee Evie is discussing the ten reasons to love the mysterious, atmospheric and disturbing 2017 Kdrama SAVE ME, also known sometimes as RESCUE ME. Seriously, cults, creeps and Woo Do-Hwan; what else does a Korean drama even need? Also starring the ever earnest Taecyeon and the fragile yet powerful Seo Ye-Ji, this Kdrama was addictive and (almost) perfect, so come and hang out with Lee Evie as she shouts at you to go watch it already!!!

Suspense kdrama

Podcast episode 17

Blog review


Grab a plastic sword, and a bemused Nam Joo-hyuk, and then … like … defeat some little jellie things … and save some students … or whatever … Mmmh. This show is weird! This week, Lee Evie is chatting about the intriguing 2020 Korean drama THE SCHOOL NURSE FILES, which stars Jung Yu-mi and Nam Joo-hyuk. This show is strange, beautifully shot, kind of haunting, sometimes beautiful, sometimes a little confusing … but overall, Lee Evie actually really really liked it! (Though the ending felt weird!). Come listen as she shares her thoughts! 

Modern weird kdrama

Podcast episode 69


Grab a gun, a dog, and a bunch of soldiers, and then go hunting monsters in the DMZ, because this week on the podcast Lee Evie is discussing the 2020 OCN thriller Kdrama SEARCH, which she thought was half creepy, fun and great, and half slightly underdeveloped (boo hoo!). Starring Jang Dong-yoon, Kyrstal and Yoon Park, this drama has a unique concept and setting, and was very nearly awesome … but not quite (in Lee Evie’s opinion, anyway!)

Thriller kdrama

Podcast episode 77


What do you do if you are a frazzled secretary with a boss who can’t see faces (wut!)? You hoodwink him into falling in love with you … while believing you are someone else, of course! This week on the show, Lee Evie is chatting about the 2019 romantic comedy Korean drama THE SECRET LIFE OF MY SECRETARY! What a cute, fluffy and quirky show, with a charm factor that belies its simple premise and plot. This kdrama is definitely not rocket science, but if you are in the mood for something silly and fun, this is a surprisingly solid little show that really hits the spot!

Romcom kdrama

Podcast episode 58


Very quick chat on the first few episodes of SIX FLYING DRAGONS, featuring murder, murder everywhere!

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 14


Lee Evie is discussing her feelings around the totally swoony, charming and funny gem of a mini Korean drama, SPLASH SPLASH LOVE. This Korean drama was released in 2015 and stars the always wonderful Kim Seul-gi, the very handsome Yoon Doo-joon, and also side roles by Jin Ki-joo and Ahn Hyo-seop. This is a time slip drama worth your time! 

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 67


Start a business and fall in love with a (very sweet and geeky) LIAR, because this week on the show Lee Evie is discussing the charming 2020 romance kdrama START UP. This show is inspiring, focuses on themes around following your dreams and not letting set backs destroy you, and stars the gorgeous Suzy, sweet Nam Joo Hyuk, and second-male-lead-syndrome inducing Kim Sun-ho. What a lovely Korean drama! You will laugh and cry, and then go tearing out of the house to make your own dreams happen, haha!

Modern romance kdrama

Podcast episode 72


This kdrama SURPLUS PRINCESS, also known as IDLE MERMAID, is a 2014 fantasy rom-com starring Jo Bo-ah as the female lead (and a mermaid!), On Joo-wan (as her leading man, who acts like a true second male lead for the first half of the show) and Song Jae-rim (as a handsome chef you almost believe will win over the girl. This show also stars loads of side-characters, including the now quite famous actors Kim Seul-gi and Nam Joo-hyuk, who get their own adorable side romance! 

Fantasy romance kdrama

Blog Review


Quick chat about SUSPICIOUS PARTNER, featuring Nam Ji-hyun’s glorious hair!

Crime / romance kdrama

Podcast episode 14


Get stuck in a crumbling apartment building with a bunch of crazy monsters, because this week on the show Lee Evie is discussing the surprising gem of a horror kdrama SWEET HOME. This 2020 Korean drama is exciting, action packed, and yet deeply emotional too, and stars a huge ensemble cast of excellent actors, including monster-sad-boy Song Kang, gangster Lee Jin-Wook, action star Lee Si-Young, and Lee Evie’s new personal favourites Lee Do-Hyun, and Park Gu-Young (and many more!) This show was so much more than Lee Evie expected, and she LOVED it! Wow.

Horror kdrama

Podcast episode 84


Put on a dress and pretend to be a woman (and look pretty damn good while doing it) because today Lee Evie is discussing the utterly charming and delightful 2019 Kdrama THE TALE OF NOKDU. This Joseon set rom-com sageuk stars the always gorgeous Kim So-Hyun and features an absolute breakout performance by actor Jang Dong-Yoon. It has loads of romance, comedy and thrilling action, and Lee Evie reckons it is one of the best Korean dramas of 2019!

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 24


Sure, the first episode of this historical Korean drama is absolutely bonkers, and yeah it does feature a Frenchman pretending to be an Englishman while sporting the most yellow peroxide mullet in all of history. And yet TAMRA THE ISLAND is one of Lee Evie’s absolute favourite kdramas of all time. Why? Join Lee Evie’s Korean drama discussion to find out why!

Historical kdrama

Podcast episode 3

Guest Gab First Episode Recap with Gee – Episode 83

Blog review


Become waaaay too embroiled in your parent’s love lives while immersing yourself in completely avoidable misery, and then scream and cry when it all backfires, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the bonkers (yet strangely addicting?) 2018 Korean drama known as TEMPTED or sometimes as THE GREAT SEDUCER (which is honestly the dumbest name ever!). Starring a group of indescribably gorgeous people, including Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga-Young and Kim Min-Jae, this kdrama is about rich broken teens who keep making everything worse by acting like tiny small children. It’s also a weirdly satisfying show! In this episode, Lee Evie talks about what she liked, what she didn’t, and the overall cringe factor of this drama!

Soapy youth kdrama

Podcast episode 39


Be a handsome (yet tortured) detective, find some bodies at a train station and then solve that parallel-world serial killer sh*t like a pro, because this week on the show Lee Evie is discussing the 2020 OCN crime thriller (with an otherworldly twist) Korean drama called TRAIN. This kdrama stars the always perfect Yoon Si Yoon, is moody, atmospheric and dark, filled with murders and creepy dopplegangers, and is just so emotionally engaging! Lee Evie absolutely adored this show, however, she also admits she is very biased as it really does tick all her personal taste boxes!

Crime timeslip kdrama

Podcast episode 61


Grab some makeup, slather it on (professionally, of course) and then find true love, because this week on the show Lee Evie is discussing the absolute gem that is the 2021 Korean drama youth rom-com TRUE BEAUTY. This excellent kdrama pretends to be a silly fluffy comedy about hiding your identity, but turns out to be a deeply thoughtful, beautiful and moving story about learning to stand up for yourself and love yourself … and of course, there is a whole heap of romance along the way! Starring the incredible Moon Ga-Young, the handsome Cha Eun-woo and the scene-stealer Hwang In-yeop, this show is WORTH YOUR TIME! Lee Evie adored it.

Youth romance / coming of age kdrama

Podcast episode 81


Travel forward in time to catch a serial killer and then realise your house is gone, your wife is dead and everyone you ever loved is completely f**ked, because today Lee Evie is discussing the 2017 kdrama TUNNEL, starring Choi Jin-Hyuk. This Korean drama is dark, thrilling and twisty and Lee Evie loved it! 

Crime timeslip kdrama

Podcast episode 20


You From Another Star is a 2014 romcom fantasy (with a lot of angst at the end!) Kdrama, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji-Hyun, Yoo Inna and Park Hae-jin. I both loved and sort of didn’t love this drama, but mostly I really enjoyed it! It has this whimsical and romantic dreaminess to its story and particularly to the character of Kim Soo-hyun’s alien, Min Joon, who manages to be mysterious, damaged and disconnected, yet also deliciously and amusingly jealous and petty too. And of course our female lead Song-yi is just incredible, crazy, hilarious and strong, yet also fragile and vulnerable too.

Fantasy romance kdrama

Blog review


Be a rich petulant man-child. Whine a bit. Spend your time emotionally manipulating a woman who loves you, and stringing her along because you don’t want anyone else to have her. Then decide you do actually like her. So you whine a bit. You also now spend your time emotionally manipulating her and stringing her along (even though you like her! WTF!). Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Bluuuuuurrrrgggg!!!!!!! Lee Evie is having a meltdown, because this week on the podcast she is discussing the 2015 romantic comedy drama WARM AND COZY. Written by the famous Hong sisters, this kdrama stars Yoo Yeon-Seok (who Lee Evie still loves, even after seeing him play this awful character! Now that’s real love, folks!) and Kang So-Ra. The best thing about this show is that it is set on beautiful Jeju Island. Be warned … Lee Evie has some angry feelings.

Romcom kdrama

Podcast episode 52


GUEST GAB is back, featuring very special guest, Gee, a man who doesn’t watch kdrama at all. This is the show where Lee Evie forces him to watch the first episode of a random Korean drama, and then recap it back to her, along with a fun quiz and other random games. This week on the show, Lee Evie and Gee are discussing the first episode of the 2016 coming of age youth kdrama WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOO, which stars the wonderful actors Lee Sung-kyung and Nam Joo-hyuk. This show is fun, sweet, romantic, and Lee Evie LOVES it.

Modern youth romance kdrama

Episode 1 recap only on Podcast episode 76


Quick first episode chat on the 2019 modern romance WHEN THE CAMELLIA BLOOMS (in which Gong Hyo-jin and Kang Ha-Neul live quiet domestic lives and also battle serial killers apparently)

Modern romance kdrama

Podcast episode 30


Impersonate your identical twin sister and then realise the boy you are falling in love with is already in love with you, but only because he thinks you are your sister (pheww …. that’s complicated folks!!!!!), because today Lee Evie is talking about the very excellent and angsty 2015 youth melodrama WHO ARE YOU: SCHOOL 2015, which stars the gorgeous Kim So-Hyun, Nam Joo-Hyuk and Yook Sung-Jae. This was the sixth instalment in the very popular ‘School’ Kdrama series and is one of Lee Evie’s favourite Korean dramas of all time, probably only because she boarded the correct ship in the love triangle. Listen as she discusses her ten reasons to adore this drama, the power of a love triangle done right, and Kim So-Hyun’s utter perfection.

Youth melodrama kdrama

Podcast episode 22


Die, get resurrected as a zombie, and then spend a year wearing flowery ahjumma pants and running on a treadmill, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the gory 2020 comedy Korean drama ZOMBIE DETECTIVE. Starring the (always) charismatic Choi Jin-hyuk, this silly yet charming kdrama is very tongue-in-cheek, very fun, and a very fast watch. Lee Evie really enjoyed it!

Crime / Comedy / Fantasy kdrama

Podcast episode 87


(Listed by episode or blog post written review)

Illang: The Wolf Brigade

Lee Evie talks about a 2018 Korean movie remake of a 1999 Japanese anime movie, ILLANG: THE WOLF BRIGADE, starring Kang Dong-Won. 

Dystopian / Action Korean movie

Podcast Episode 19


Lee Evie talks about a 2018 Korean movie remake of a 1999 Japanese anime movie, ILLANG: THE WOLF BRIGADE, starring Kang Dong-Won. 

Korean movie

Podcast episode 14

Time To Hunt

Live in a frighteningly familiar and broken near-future and attempt the heist of a lifetime, only to become caught in a life and death hunt that will chill you to your bones, because this week Lee Evie is focusing on the 2020 Korean movie TIME TO HUNT. Starring wonderful actors Lee Je-Hoon, Choi Woo-Shik and Ahn Jae-Hong, this is a tense thriller with loads of atmosphere that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Korean movie

Podcast episode 48


‘I just discovered this podcast, and i really love it. Lee Evie’s voice is so honest and refreshing and I love how she is passionate about these shows. I feel like we’re sitting drinking wine and chatting kdramas.’
Katherine (via Apple Podcasts)

‘So easy to listen to this! I get so happy when a new episode drops. I love having someone to talk to me about Kdrama. This has a well organized flow. I also have loved every book/drama I tried that she has recommended.’
JATmomathome (via Apple Podcasts)

‘I love this podcast so much. Love the fangirling, love the swearing, love the waffling. :)’
AspiringMs.Frizzle (via Apple Podcasts)

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16 thoughts on “Podcast

  1. You really, really should watch Six Flying Dragons all the way until the end! I started with the historical shows. They have the action I crave, but the romance stories are something that I really enjoy (much more than traditional chick flicks)–I get teary eyed quite often! My first show was Queen Seon Duk (2009). i was hooked! Some of my favorites all time:

    Arang and the Magistrate
    Blood (2015)
    Empress Ki (2013)
    Fated to Love You (2014)
    Goblin: The Great and Lonely God (2016)
    Grand Prince (2018)
    Gumiho: Tale of the Fox Child (aka Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho) (2010)
    Hwarang (2016)
    Hong Gil Dong (2008)
    Iljimae (2008)
    Jewel in the Palace (2003)
    Jumong (2007)
    Kingdom (2019)
    Kim Soo Ro (The Iron King) (2010)
    Mirror of the Witch (2016)
    Rebel: Thief of the People (2017)
    Slave Hunters (Chuno) (2010)
    The Age of Blood (2017) Korean *****
    The Crowned Clown (2017) Korean, tv ****
    The Flower in Prison (2016) (Korean, tv) ****1/2
    The Great Doctor/Faith (2012)
    The Joseon Gunman (2014)
    The Kingdom of the Wind(s) (2008)(occurs after Jumong)
    The King’s Woman (2017)
    Tree With Deep Roots (2011)
    Warrior Baek Dong Soo (2011)
    Yi San (2007)

    Jang Hyuk is my favorite actor and Slave Hunters would probably be my favorite (followed by Jumong). However, Jewel in the palace is a big surprise. It’s about a woman who becomes a cook in the king’s kitchen and later the first female doctor (Dae Jang Guem. based on a true story of Joseon Dynasty). I have no one who will listen to me either! I’ve begged my wife and son to watch just one episode or to trade–I’ll watch anything they want me to in exchange for them watching my stuff, but they hate subtitles! Note: this is a partial list, I’m hooked!


    1. Oh yes! I am so excited by this amazing list! Thank you so much!!
      I’ve watched quite a few of these but definitely not all of them (and actually there are quite a few here I don’t even know about at all!! Will definitely be going to check them out now – thank you!).

      I’ve also been wanting to watch Slave Hunter for ages but never got around to it, so I am bumping it up on my list now. Thank you for the suggestion!

      I really love all the historical dramas too, it is amazing how much you end up learning when you connect all the dramas together as well, and start to understand the history a bit better! Korea has such a fascinating history, and once you start watching these it is impossible to stop!

      I think my very first ever historical drama was Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and I slowly started to become hooked on the historical ones after that. They are so good, with so much danger and adventure and plotting and romance. I just adore them!

      And gosh, they make me cry all the time! 🙂
      I hope you are able to one day convince your family to join you in watching them! Good luck!


  2. I discovered your kdrama podcast since I got really obsessed about the show It’s Okay to Not Be Okay on netflix…and I know you don’t have an episode on that yet but I was also still on high from Itaewon Class so Iistened to your episode on it and it was AWESOME! Every point you brought up is exactly what I thought and felt at each particular scene…especially when you got a little swoony over Park Saeroyi…because seriously who wouldn’t? That character was ugh! so perfect! So here I am now hoping that you would get to watching It’s Ok to Not Be Ok…because I am very very much excited if you’ll love this as well. Hope you are doing amazing and I just saw your book covers and they are gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for this absolutely lovely comment! It made me so happy to read you enjoyed listening to my Itaewon Class episode! I loved that show so much!! And I think it’s very good timing of you finding my podcast, as I happened to put out an episode on It’s OK To Not Be OK just this week! 😹 I absolutely loved it, such a good show😻
      Thank you so much for your comment Danielle!!


    1. Haha, I think your comment came through just as I put up my episode actually, so I feel like that is very nice timing! I really hope you enjoy listening to it😻


  3. Hi, I listened the episode of Mr Sunshine… what a wonderful k-drama! My favorite scene was when in the funeral of Ae-Sin’s grandfather, the jap soldiers show-up, turmoil and confrontation with commoners breaks up, and when it seems there’s no hope for Kim Hui Seong in front of three Japanese soldiers who are about to kill him, the Righteous Army unexpectedly comes out and crashes them with Ae-Sin appearing as a sniper in a roof afar… It’s when Kim Hui Seong recognizes her ex-fiancee is the flame she has become. I still have that scene under my skin.
    On the other hand, last year I watched Sky Castle, and it’s one of the greatest k-dramas ever. I am eager to listen a podcast episode on that show.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, I am very excited you loved Mr Sunshine too! I think it will forever be a favourite for me, it was so moving on so many different levels. I actually still think about it all the time, even so many months after I watched it! I loved that scene you mentioned as well, and I think so many moments in this show really got beneath my skin! Also, strangely enough, I actually had two other listeners suggest I watch Sky Castle as well this week! Obviously it is a very popular drama 🙂 I am going to add it to my frighteningly enormous ‘to watch’ list, haha! Thank you so much for your suggestion 🙂


  4. Hi Lee, I love your podcast (the only Kdrama one I have enjoyed)….I find your humor and accent delightful, along with the reviews…we have the same taste and thoughts on K-dramas, in general. I discovered and started being a Kdrama addict over a year ago and now have 120+ under my belt and keep a list of those I’ve watched and a short review. Having retired early to live in Belgium for 2 years, we returned and I had lots of time on my hands. I have a few minor Korea ties- my Dad served during the Korean War and we grew up hearing him speak to us using some Korean phrases that I now hear in the dramas- also my niece taught English to small children in Gwangju for three years, so we talk K-dramas and Korea a lot…
    I thought about you this week while watching an old classic “I’m Sorry, I Love you” 2004, with So Ji Sub, Im Soo Jung, and Jung Kyung Ho who are all so good and young in it (Jung Kyung Ho has his original nose…making him so much more handsome, in my opinion)…but I thought of you because much of it takes place in Melbourne (and later in Korea, then back)…Have you watched it? I appreciate the old Kdrama classics and this one has to be the most melodramatic of all time- I adored it, although not in the same way as the new ones that are so superior in almost every way (Crash Landing, Itaewon Class, Goblin, Mr Sunshine, etc)
    Anyway, just wanted to reach out- I save up your podcasts for my frequent trips to visit my elderly Dad…Keep up the good work with it and with your writing! …a fan from North Carolina, US

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Kim!! Gosh, what a lovely comment, thank you so very much, I loved reading this 🙂 I am always so excited to hear about other people who love dramas as much as me! You have certainly watched a lot of kdrama in only a little over a year, well done! I think that is an excellent achievement 😂 I wish I had always kept a record of the shows I watched, but I suppose I do it via the podcast these days 🙂
      I have never seen the show you mentioned (or even heard of it, actually!) so I will definitely google it. I am quite excited it is partially set in Australia! That is fun! Ok, I just looked, the fashion is incredible 😂 It looks well worth a watch!!! I don’t mind a bit of melodrama, though I am finding it harder to go back and watch the older dramas recently I’ve noticed, I think because of the lower production quality compared to the beautiful slick modern shows, but I worry I will miss out on fun things with that approach!
      I loved reading about your connections to Korea as well, and thanks so much for taking the time to write to me, it is so encouraging to know you like my show 🙂


  5. Hi Lee, I am so excited that I have found your blog, and just subscribed to your podcast (which I also cannot wait to dive into). I am only fairly new to Korean history (through the discovering of KDramas this March), and it really brought my love of watching storytelling back to the forefront. I just love it so much. I adore reading too, so I love that you are an author who is bringing stories into the world. I have a feeling I am going to spend many an hour reading/listening to your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you so much for leaving such a lovely comment!! 🙂 I so appreciate it!
      And I am always excited to meet other history buffs. I really love Korean history and it is definitely lots of fun to discover! I am excited you love reading too. Watching drama and reading are my favourite past times! Welcome to the kdrama world, What was the drama that got you interested? (I am always excited to know, haha!)


      1. You are so very welcome. It’s great landing on a blog where so much resonates. I’ve actually checked out a couple of your podcast episodes on kdramas I have watched myself, PLUS I’ve purchased your book Promise Season – which I’m loving! I have just started to allow myself to write fiction (not historical though) just for me – stories I wish were already out there. But… I am rambling lol… Back to your question – My first Kdrama. “Black” in 2017, my hubby was watching a series and I came in halfway through and was immersed. Then I didn’t watch any until this year with “Two Cops”, “Oh My Ghost” and “Vagabond”. I think so far in 2020 I’ve watched about 15. Safe to say I’m loving them haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay, I love hearing how people get hooked on kdrama! You are new to it but obviously very invested, which I love! Thank you so much about Promise Season, I so hope you enjoy it♥️ actually that is the exact same reason I started writing too, just to create the things I wanted to read but couldn’t find! Such a good reason! It’s great you are writing fiction, I love it!! Actually… I haven’t seen Black yet, but I have heard it was good!!

        Liked by 1 person

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