Kdrama Podcast: 100 DAYS MY PRINCE overview

Are you an amnesiac Joseon prince whose lack of memories definitely don’t turn you into a nicer person? Are you a tragically doomed assassin (with really excellent eyebrows) busily involved in an epic love story that gets barely any screentime? Or are you Hong Shim, a shining example of a cool peasant girl? Because if so, does Lee Evie have the show for you!! Come join in this discussion about the 2018 romance sageuk Kdrama, 100 DAYS MY PRINCE. Fair warning: Lee Evie both absolutely loved and kind of hated this Korean drama …. … More Kdrama Podcast: 100 DAYS MY PRINCE overview

Kdrama Podcast: JOSEON GUNMAN overview

Will Hanjo ever exact his revenge and actually kill someone? Will the mysterious evil gunman turn out to be a rather sympathetic guy? (sob sob) Will Soo-in realise that the swaggering new Japanese dude in town is actually her deceased boyfriend? Find out in this discussion about the 2014 Korean historical drama JOSEON GUNMAN, starring the ever fantastic Lee Joon-Ki and Nam Sang-Mi. This is absolute epic sageuk Kdrama at its best! … More Kdrama Podcast: JOSEON GUNMAN overview