Kdrama Podcast 65: MY MISTER overview

Be the saddest woman in the world and spend your time listening to your boss breathe (wut?) because this week on the show, Lee Evie is discussing the agonising yet beautiful 2018 kdrama MY MISTER (also known as MY AJUSSI). This slow burn Korean drama stars Lee Sun-Kyun and IU as very very sad people, who connect with each other as a lifeline in a difficult world … and also there is a heap of corporate espionage in there too! Or something. This is the kind of show you sink into, both heavy and slow, with moments of beauty that shine through the sadness. Lee Evie mostly loved it, but had some hate for a few side characters, so be warned … there is a little bit of ranting ahead! … More Kdrama Podcast 65: MY MISTER overview