Kdrama Podcast: TEMPTED / THE GREAT SEDUCER overview

Become waaaay too embroiled in your parent’s love lives while immersing yourself in completely avoidable misery, and then scream and cry when it all backfires, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the bonkers (yet strangely addicting?) 2018 Korean drama known as TEMPTED or sometimes as THE GREAT SEDUCER (which is honestly the dumbest name ever!). Starring a group of indescribably gorgeous people, including Woo Do-Hwan, Joy, Moon Ga-Young and Kim Min-Jae, this kdrama is about rich broken teens who keep making everything worse by acting like tiny small children. It’s also a weirdly satisfying show! In this episode, Lee Evie talks about what she liked, what she didn’t, and the overall cringe factor of this drama! … More Kdrama Podcast: TEMPTED / THE GREAT SEDUCER overview