Kdrama Podcast: 2020 kdrama in review!

In 2020, Lee Evie watched doctors play tunes (HOSPITAL PLAYLIST), two dramas about small business entrepreneurs, which is a lot more fun than it sounds! (START UP and ITAEWON CLASS). She watched two detectives get sucked into multiple parallel worlds (TRAIN and THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH) and one gothic fairytale about the most gorgeous people on earth (IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY). She also watched precisely one (WTF dramaland????) sageuk Korean drama that aired in 2020. Which is outrageous! Historical kdrama is Lee Evie’s favourite! How could there have been so few new shows in 2020? Blurg. Also, Lee Evie watched a whole boatload of other shows too! Whoah. … More Kdrama Podcast: 2020 kdrama in review!

Kdrama Podcast 41: KINGDOM season 2 overview

Love the idea of the whole world being destroyed by zombies? Well great, because this week Lee Evie is discussing the thrilling second season of the big-budget production 2020 Kdrama KINGDOM, starring Joo Ji-Hoon and Bae-Doona (among a slew of recognisable faces!). This season is exciting, bad-arse, fast-paced and quite short, complete at only six episodes. It’s got action, horror, death, political plotting and super fast scary zombies! Everything a person needs. 🙂 … More Kdrama Podcast 41: KINGDOM season 2 overview