Kdrama Podcast 88: MR QUEEN overview

Be a manly modern day chef, get sucked into the body of a noblewoman in Joseon Korea, married off to a King with a secret, and … fall in love? This week on the show Lee Evie is discussing the absolute gem of a 2020 / 2021 Korean drama MR QUEEN. Starring the glorious Shin Hye-Sun in the absolute mind-bogglingly incredible performance of the female (?) lead, as well as Kim Jung-hyun as the regal king, and many many others, including lovely newcomers Na In-woo and Seol In-ah, and always lovely Choi Jin-hyuk in a cameo role. This historical body-swap kdrama is funny, heartbreaking, exciting, hysterical and swoony, and Lee Evie couldn’t have adored it more (actually she could have, and she talks about that at length, haha). … More Kdrama Podcast 88: MR QUEEN overview