KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: Surplus Princess / Idle Mermaid

This kdrama SURPLUS PRINCESS, also known as IDLE MERMAID, is a 2014 fantasy rom-com starring Jo Bo-ah as the female lead (and a mermaid!), On Joo-wan (as her leading man, who acts like a true second male lead for the first half of the show) and Song Jae-rim (as a handsome chef you almost believe will win over the girl. This show also stars loads of side-characters, including the now quite famous actors Kim Seul-gi and Nam Joo-hyuk, who get their own adorable side romance! 🙂 … More KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: Surplus Princess / Idle Mermaid


Really this whole story boils down to one man’s redemption, all caused by the catalyst of his daughter being his second chance at having a life. It was so much deeper than just a simple man-on-the-run-wrongfully-accused drama. It was so much better than that too, with the first few, admittedly exciting, but also soulless action episodes evolving into an emotional story of love and hope and choices. I LOVED these characters by the end. What an emotional ride! … More KOREAN DRAMA REVIEW: Two Weeks.