Kdrama Podcast 62: THE CROWNED CLOWN overview

Poke a stick into your ear (it’s fine! it didn’t even hit anything important! don’t even worry about it!) and go completely crazy, before being usurped by a doppleganger who is in love with your wife, because this week on the show Lee Evie is ranting about the 2019 Korean historical drama THE CROWNED CLOWN. Starring Yeo Jin-gu as both the stick-poking mad king of Joseon and his clownish look-alike, as well as the always beautiful Lee Se-young as his very confused queen, this is both a wonderful sageuk filled with secret identities and plot twists, as well as an ethically confusing conundrum. Well, at least that was the case for Lee Evie, listen to her ranty waffle to find out why! … More Kdrama Podcast 62: THE CROWNED CLOWN overview